More Than This

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2. Reconnection

I couldn't believe my eyes. "Hi, I'm Harry," I guess he really didn't recognize me. "I think I know who you are Haz," I said. "Do I know you?" he eyes clouded with confusing. "Yeah you do, we were best friends Haz. Remember?" "You look kinda familiar," "Its me, Gabrielle," his face changed from confused to surprised. "You've changed," he smiled. "Just a tad," I opened my arms, "Welcome home," He hugged me tightly, "I've missed you," he whispered. We sat on the couch catching up for hours. I wanted to tell him how I felt, but I wasn't brave enough anymore. He told me about the Xfactor, One Direction, the boys,they're coming in third. It was about 9:00 in the evening when I said I had to go. It hurt to leave but I wasn't sure I could handle being around him much longer. I got home and sank into my bed, crying.

Harry's POV:

As soon as Gabrielle left mum came into the living room, a big grin on her face. "So she told you?" She sat down. "Tell me what?" The smile immediately turned into a frown, "If she's going to keep torturing herself like this I'm going to have to tell you." "Torturing herself? What?" "She loves you." I had always loved Gabrielle, but when she come over today it sent me over the edge. I had always thought she didn't love me, so I'd never told her how I felt. Her personality lit up a room, and I loved that. "After she lost the weight, and changed, she had boys knocking on her door nonstop. But she turned everyone away because she told me she was waiting for you. She told me that before you left she cried over you because she could never tell you how she felt, because you didn't love her. She's waited long enough Harry, you need to tell her how you feel." "I love her, I've loved her before she changed." "Then go tell her Harry."

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