I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


1. Vacation

ANGIE PROV. I sat there. Then we stopped at the beach house. I got out of the car. I grabbed my bags. And walked to the beach house. A sat on the bed. I don't want to come here! I walked up to the window and saw the beautiful view of the beach. I heard my mom walk in. "what do you think"? She asked. "it's beautiful but not better than just staying at home" I mumbled. She rolled her eyes and said "Angie just don't do this". I grabbed my bag. I changed into shorts and a tantop. "where are you going missy" she said. "just on a walk on the beach" I said. "okay" she said. I grabbed my cellphone and slipped into my pocket. I walked outside. I started to walk on the beach. I called yoni (my crush). That's Why I wanted to stay home so I can flirt. And maybe he would like me. But now I couldn't! "hey yoni" I said. "hey Angie whats up" he said. I could hear party music in the background. A tear fell down my face. He was at a party! I wish I was there! "uh nothing just wanted to say hi and uh if you wanted to uh go out when uh school starts over uh we could like go to a movie or something" I said. "uh sure" he said. "got to go bye" he said. "okay bye I guess" I said then hung up. I started to cry. Then I heard someone walk up to me. "uh you okay" they said. I started to wipe my tears fast. "uh ya uh thanks" I said. I turned and saw his face.
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