I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


4. Summer goes by way too fast!

I smiled this was the best date I ever had! Everyday I would go somewhere or do something with him. We would do about everything together! We like a COUPLE! We're we a couple? I guess I don't know?! Well today he's going to finally see if his friend will approve of me. He led me to his little beach house. Wellllll it was not little! I walked up the steps before he knocked I said "what if they don't like me"? "trust me they will you beautiful, smart, and the greatest girl in the world" he said. I smiled. Then I have him a kiss on the cheek. He opened the door. I saw a giant couch. Four boys were sitting down watching TV. They wouldnt even turn their heads. "hey uh guys I have someone here that I would like you all to meet" Harry said. I smiled big where you could see my teeth. They all turned their heads. One of them had a chip bag in his hand. He put it down. "Harry who is this" one of them asked. "well I hoping will be my girlfriend I just want you guys to approve of her" he said. They all smiled. Finally I was now getting really nervous! "I'm Liam" one of the boys said. "I'm Angie" I said. "zayn" another boy said. "hi zayn" I said. "I'm Louis Tomlinson also known as superman" another boy said as he ripped his shirt and under it was a superman shirt. I giggled. "I'm uh Niall" the boy said as he grabbed his chips again. "so what are you guys watching" I asked them as I sat down on the couch with them. "uh we're watching the videos this group of fans gave us" liam said. "cool what are they about"? I asked. "you know them singing our songs to us an they saying that they love your boyfriend" louis said as he nugged Harry's should and winked. I giggled. Niall just kept munching away. And zayn was very quiet. "I love your hilights zayn" I said. "thanks" he said. "I want to get hilights too"! I said. He didn't talk much. I was the talker to him. Niall was finally finished his chips. He grabbed another bag. "is that your favorite kind of chips"? I asked. "all of the chips are" he said. I giggled. Harry's friends were so funny. I like them that we're all just so nice. Then a girl walked through the door. She had brown curly hair. And a great big smile. "bye babe" she said to liam. Them she saw me. "hi I'm danielle" she said then shook my hand. "I'm Angie its very nice to meet you and I love your top" I said. "thanks maybe we can go shopping some time" she said. "cool" I said. "well I have to go bye everyone" she said and waved then walked out the door. "is that your girlfriend"? I asked Liam. "ya" he said smiling. "she's really preatty and nice" I said. Then I realized tomorrow I'm leaving!
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