I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


6. School

I woke up. I walked into the restroom and washed my face then brushed my teeth. Then I heard my phone ring. It was my BFF. "hey what's up" I said while putting on some jeans. "okay so I heard you asked yoni out he's totally hot"! She screamed happily. "ya but-" I started to say. "talk to ya later got to go bye yoniluver" she said then hung up. I was going to tell her about Harry but she didn't give me a chance. I put on a hollister tantop. Then curled my hair and did my makeup. Then I put on my backpack and walked to school. Of course my best friend Kendra was waiting for me. Kendra was preatty. She had long blonde hair. She had big blue eyes. She had a crikid smile. She wore hot pink lipgloss. Her favorite color was green. Her nails were painted green. Today she wore her hair curly. She pinned her bangs back with bobby pins. So it was poofy at the top. She wore really tight tight jeans. She wore her hot pink lipgloss. She gave me a giant hugg. "I missed you" she said. "I missed you too and about what I had to tell you over the phone" I said. Then yoni came and inturrupted me "tonight at 8" he said to me then winked. I rolled my eyes. KENDRA PROV. my summer was totally sexy. I hooked up with yoni. But of course I can't tell angie. She will kill me! When Angie started to say nonsense. Yoni walked buy and told Angie something. Then as soon as she turned away. He squeezed my butt. I grabbed his hand. "save it for tomorrow night I said. He smiled. I rolled my eyes. He was dating Angie what am I doing.?!?! I walked towards my locker. I grabbed my phone and called yoni
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