I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


7. New student

ANGIE PROV. I had to tell Kendra I found summer love. I walked up to her locker she was on the phone. "hey uh Kendra I have to tell you something" I said. She hung up the phone. "yoni wants to meet you at the lobster resteraunt tonight I will pick you up and take you there" she said. "but kendra" I tried to say. Then the bell rang. "bye" she said then have me a hug. I walked to my first period. I sat there already falling asleep. Then the next bell woke me up. Next class was math! I walked towards the math room. Then I saw yoni. I sat right next to him. As I sat down I put my bag down. I didnt make eye contact with him at all. Then the teacher said "okay let's get started". So now he was my partner for the rest of the year! After all my classes. I walked toward Kendra. "hey we need to talk about tonight I can't go" I said. "wait why not"? She asked. "because I" started to say. Then yoni came and said "so ready to go"? "I'm not going I'm sorry I have to do uh homework" I said. I had to lie! He drove away. Kendra gave me a wierd look. "wow" she said. Then she walked away. I walke home and did my dumb homework. Then I got a call from Harry. "hey babe I'm kinda doing homework I will call you tomorrow" I said. "I understand I love you love" he said. I giggled. He hung up. The next day. I walked to school again. It was now math period. Yoni didn't say anything. He didn't even look at me. I was kinda sad. Then the teacher said "I guess we have 2 new students". I turned to look at yoni. "we do have to do this project I'm sorry for what I did I just couldn't I'm sorry" I said. He turned around. "it's okay I'm sorry let's just do the project" he said. I smiled "okay" I said. I started to write down the numbers. Them I heard my name. From a beautiful voice. It was HARRY!!! I looked up. He smiled at me. He walked up to me and gave me a hug. "what are you doing here"? I asked. Then I saw zayn. "hey zayn" I said then gave him a hug. I gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. "so are the rest of the boys here"? I asked. "ya they are just in other classes" he said. I smiled. We sat together on a other table. So yoni was sitting alone. I couldn't believe Harry came all the way over here for me! "I love you" I said. After school. He held my hand. We were walking home together. Then Kendra came up to me. "hey who are you"? She asked harry. "I'm Harry" he said. "your cute" she said. "he's taken" I said. "by who"? She asked. "me" I said. "oh cool..... Angie I need to tell you something it kinda important" she said. "okay you can tell me anything" I said. " okay so uh I went out with uh yoni over the summer and uh last year when you guys were uh dating" she said.
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