I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


2. Meeting him

I turned around and saw my dad. My mom and dad are divorced. So I haven't seen my father in like forever. "oh my gosh dad what are you doing here"? I asked. "well I wasn't going to miss my baby's birthday" he said smiling. I gave him a giant hug. We walked down the beach. "so where are you staying"I asked. "I'm staying at a hotel and I did bring you a present comon" he said. He drove me to his hotel. He unlocked the door. I called my mom " hey mom I'm at dads hotel he has a present for me I will call you when I'm back at the beach" I said. Then hung up. I walked into his hotel room. There was a lot of wrapped boxes. I picked up one. "that one is from aunt Sally" dad said. I started to unwrap it. It was a box of my favorite perfume. "omg I love it" I said. I grabbed another box. "that one is from grandma" he said. I unwrapped it. It was about 5 cute hollister shirts and tantops. I smiled. I grabbed another. "that one is from me" he said. I opened it. It was 2 tickets to an any concert. I smiled and hugged him. "thank you thank you dad"! He smiled "your welcome". He said. After many other presents he finally drove me home. It was about 8:30pm. I walked towards the beach house. Then I slipped. My sandal had broke! Then somebody ran up to me. "hey are you okay" he asked. "uh ya" I started to get up. My knee was bleeding. It was a lot. I touched the blood with my fingers as I said "ouch". "no your not okay" he said. He started to carry me. I have bandaids. I looked at him. He didn't have a shirt on. I looked up at his face. He had brown curly hair. He also had beautiful green eyes. He had a British accent. "I'm Harry by the way" he said. "Angie" I said. He smiled. He layed me on a chair. He grabbed a bandaid. And layed it on my cut. "thanks" I said. "uh tomorrow Will you like to go get something to eat" he said. "I would love too" I said smiling. I got up and walked towards my beach house.
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