I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


5. Leaving!!:(

Tommorow was my birthday. And that night I was going back home because the day after that I have my first day of school! A tear fell down my face. I wiped it as fast as I could. But of course Harry saw it. "what's wrong love"? He asked. I could hide it from my boyfriend! "I'm leaving tommorow night! And I'm going to miss you so much I love you" I said. Then started to cry. He held me in his arms. He wiped my tears slowly and said "I will find a way for us to be together" he said then smiled at me. I smiled back and hugged him and said "I love you so much Harry Edward Styles". "I love you more Angelina Sharie Gonzales" he said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. THE NEXT DAY. I woke up exited for my birthday. I ran downstairs. No party?!? "happy birthday" my mom said as she was washing the dishes. "uh thanks" I said confused. "Harry is waiting for you out in the beach" she said. I walked outside after I got dressed. Harry was out there. I came up behind him and gave him a giant hug. "hi babe" I said. "hi love" he said. "what would you like to do it is your birthday" he said. "uh anything as long as I'm with you" I said. "well lets go then"! He said. He carried me. We walked to a food place. As we were eating he asked me "so do you have like a job already"? "well no I want to follow my dreams" I said. "and what are those lovely dreams" he asked smiling. "I always wanted to become a singer" I said. "me too" he said. I giggled. After we ate we walked on the beach. He took me to his hotel. He opened the door. The boys weren't in there. I walked in and sat on the couch. He sat fown next to me. "do you want to watch a movie"? He asked. "sure" I said. We put on a movie. I layed on him. He brought me a blanket. I layed on his lap. Then he looked at his watch. "let's go back to the beach" he said. We got up and walked Back to the beach. Then he asked "you ready"? "uh I guess" I said unsure. Then he let me through. My mom and the boys an my dad and Danielle and another girl all screamed "surprise"! I teared up. "I had no idea" I said to Harry. I gave him a kiss "I love you". "present time"! Louis yelled. I sat in a big fancy chair. I grabbed the first box. "that ones from me" mom Said. I unwrapped it. It was a beautiful dress. "I love it" I said then gave her a hug. I grabbed another. "from me" Liam said. I opened it. It was a preatty necklace. "danille helped me pick it out" he said. "thanks" I said. I grabbed another one. "me" Louis said. I opened it. It was four tickets to any conert. I looked at dad. "yay" I said happily. I hugged him. I grabbed another. "mine" danille said. I unwrapped it. It was the exact same top i said was preatty the other day. I gave her a hug. "I love it". Zayn got me a giant gum ball machine. I laughed. Niall bought me a free ticket to home town buffet. I giggled. The girl came up to me. "I'm Eleanor Louis girlfriend I bought you a gift even though we just met" she said then handed me a box. I opened it. It was new high heels. "so beautiful" I said. I gave her a hug. After present we ate cake. Then music went on. I went inside and changed into the dress my mom bought me. And the heels Eleanor bought me. And the necklace. Then Harry took out a small box. I opened it. It was the most beautiful ring ever. I kissed him on the mouth. Not a peck. Then a slow song came on. He reached out his hand and said "may I have this dance this is your last day lets make it count" he Said then took my hand. I got up. He put his hands on my waist. I wrapped my arms around him neck. We slow danced. I kissed him again. 11:00pm. "comon Angie we have to go now" my mom said. I started to cry. "Harry please don't ever forget me I love you so much"! I kept crying. "don't cry love I love you too I will find a way to be with you" he said then started to wipe my tears. I nodded. I got into the car. And we drove away I looked back. All I could see was his beautiful face. I turned around and started to cry.
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