I'm Angie. I met this amazing guy on vacation. Then I go back to my last year oh high school. Then I hear there is this new guy in school.


3. Best summer ever

The next morning. I woke up with a smile on my face. I took off the bandaid slowly. The cut was gone. Not even a scab! I threw it in the trash. I walked to the kitchen. "good morning mom" I said. "why are you in a good mood" she said. "what do you mean I'm always like this" I said. "uh I don't think so did you get something AWSOME! Did you meet a boy?" she asked. "maybe" I mumbled. "which one" she said as she put the food on a plate. "both" I said smiling. As I took my plate. I grabbed a fork and started to eat. Then I change into some jeans. And one of the hollister tantops grandma bought me. "walk again"? Mom asked. "ya bye" I gave her a kiss on the cheek then walked out the door. I put my hair up. It was warm. I just sat there on the beach. No one was really there. I got up an started to walk around. Then I heard someone running up to me. It was Harry. "so you ready to go get something to eat" he said smiling with a little charming smile. He had a pull over sweater on. "sorry just ate" I said. "it's okay we can go do something else" he said. "where did you come from" I asked. "oh me and my buddies are over there at the hotel" he said. "and why are you wearing a sweater its kinda hot" I said. "they said it was going to rain today" he said. I giggled "so where do you want to go" I said. "uh let's go get some ice cream because it is hot right" he said. I smiled "right" I said. He held my hand. But I didn't pull away I liked it. We walked towards the ice cream thing. "what kind" he asked. "vanilla" I said. He ordered two vanilla's. We started to walk I the beach. "so who are you here with" he asked. "oh just with my mother" I said. "what about your father"? He asked. "well my parents are divorced but my dad is here in two days it's my birthday so he came to come for my birthday" I said. He had his arm around me now. "so what's your story" I asked. "uh I'm in a band and were here to perform" he said. "so are you famous"? I asked. "ya kinda I guess were one direction". He smiled with his cute cheeky smile. Then he dropped his ice cream onto the sand. I giggled. "awwww man"! He said. He kinda chuckled. I giggled. Then I dropped mine. "awww" I said. Still giggling. He started to laugh. "stop laughing" I said laughing. He smiled. And looked into his eyes.
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