Buried Deep

Blades, scars, self hatred, suicide. These are things that Alexandria thinks about all the time. Shes Anorexic and she cuts. Only one thing can drive a person to this point. Bullying.


1. How it all started.

September 8th, 2012

Im starting this to document what bulling can do. That way when I die someone will find this and they will know exactly who caused me to do what I've done. So all entrys will be started with the date and dear finder of this book.

September 9th Dear finder of this book,

You probaly already know me. Quiet, shy, smart Alexandria. What you dont see is my scars. My pain. You notice I don't eat lunch. You watch as the "populars" pick on me and hurt me. But you don't do anything. So person one on the list of people who could have stopped me, saved me, is you. All ypu had to do was stick up for me, hug me, say hi. But you didn't. So if you read this feel free to visit my grave. Write one thing you remember about me. Put in a box and leave it on my grave. This box will have more meaning later.

September 9th  Dear finder of this book,

Today is a good example of why I have become the person I am.A girl who despises herself. Today in the hallway Katie and Baylee decided I looked to happy. So they took matters into their own hands. They took one of the five people I'm staying strong for. My boyfriend Josh. Baylee and him are now dating. He broke up with me before lunch by text. He had the nerve to to that by text. Now im watching him walk by with his arm around her. I want to cry. I refuse to give her that. My pain is her power. Back to Josh. Congrats Josh you broke my heart. So as I write this I look at the latest cuts on my arms. It says JOSH. Thats right you hurt bad enough that I carved your name into my skin. Enjoy sleeping tonight. Remeber you caused me to do this. So number 2 on my list is Josh.  

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