Buried Deep

Blades, scars, self hatred, suicide. These are things that Alexandria thinks about all the time. Shes Anorexic and she cuts. Only one thing can drive a person to this point. Bullying.


3. Baylee

Now onto my next person. Reader if you've given up at this point I'd understand. Lots of people give up on me. Baylee is a perfect example. In Preschool and elemantary we were best friends. We would laugh joke and hang out all the time. I would spend the night at her house alot...for reasons. Anyway all of 5th grade we were friends. Then we went to 6th grade orentation. She wouldnt speak to me or even look my way. She hung out the the "populars." They girls we had sworn to never be like. When we finally did talk she told me I didnt fit in the reputation she wanted. I was no longer "good enough" for her. She walked away from me. She was one of the first people to do that. She was the first of a chain of people who would leave me in their dust. I thought Baylee would let me go. Forget about me. She didnt. Everyday from 6th to the current day she bullys me. I gave her a CD of me singing christmas songs once. Her and her new "friends" prank called me and played them to me. Baylee and her group even gave them out to people at school as a joke. That really hurt me. I dreamed of becoming an inspiring musican. Baylee had been my #1 supporter. I lost my biggest fan. I know friendships end all the time but just because this happens doesnt make it hurt less. So reader question yourself, Did you take a CD and laugh along? Or did you refuse and in a way stand up for me? Bet youll think twice next time.

Dear Finder of This Book,

Congrats you made it this far into my book. Time for another activity!!! Im gonna give you directions from our school. Walk from locker 454 down the hall a right and head outside. Walk down the sidewalk and turn right. Go to the third trailer. Enter it. Its mainly empty. If it's locked I hide the key under the mat. So go in and look around. Its was an ok place to sit and clear my head. I went there alot. The janitor gave me the key. I think she understood that I had anxiety problems. Sometimes I'd go and cry when things got bad. Open the little filing cabnet. It has a ton of paper. Look through them. It has sheet music and drawings. In the big draw it has a violin. I played it sometimes. Its going to be the thing i'll miss the most. I played it well and wanted to play it pro. Thats never going to come true. Oh well. Thanks for visiting. Keep the violin. Take care of. Keep the drawings too. Oh, and the music.

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