Buried Deep

Blades, scars, self hatred, suicide. These are things that Alexandria thinks about all the time. Shes Anorexic and she cuts. Only one thing can drive a person to this point. Bullying.


5. Alexandria's Panic

(Alexandria is writing the journal as she lives. Its for after she dies)


When I got home I went to write in the journal. I couldn't find it. I'm freaking out. What if someone reports me? I don't wanna go to rehab. I want out. I can't die until I finish the journal!!! Crap! I dropped it when I ran into the cute boy in the hall. What if he reads it? I have to get it back. ASAP!!!!!!!!

****Boy's POV****

Well I figured out that Alexandria is in my math class and art class. I'll give it back today. On the bus I opened it to see if it was a diary or something. Its a journal. I read the first entry "I started this to document what bullying can do. That way when I die they will find this and see who caused me to do what I've done." I read on panicing. This isn't just any journal, its Alex's suicide journal. I read on and she is a cutter and is an ana. This isn't good. She's amazing! As I read the part about her first cut I feel anger rising up in me. Baylee has no right to make Alex feel like that! The bus stops. Everyone piles out. Josh and Baylee walk by me. Baylee takes Alex's journal out of my hand. She hands it to Josh. "Oh so now we are writing a diary. How gay is that?" says Josh. He and Baylee are laughing. I'm not sure what came over me but I punched Josh in the back. The laughter stops. Josh turns to face me. "Did you just touch me?" He asked with visable anger showing in his eyes. "Yeah, why not? You have no problem doing it to me everyday. Does Josh not like it?" I ask taughting him. I'll get beat up this afternoon why not deserve it for once. Josh lunges at me. I move which causes him to fall flat on his face. The crowd starts laughing. Josh stands. I motion him forward. He comes to me. I punch him square in the jaw. He staggers backwards clutching his jaw. "Kid you are dead! This is going to bruise! I have football pictures today." Josh yells at me. "Hey guess what? I don't care. Everyday I look ten times as bad as you. You get hit once and cry about it. You and your stupid friends beat me up nearly everyday. Never seen me cry once have you? Grow up!" I scream at him. I walk up and shove him over. I take the journal from a shocked Baylee. Before I walk away I slap her across the face. I realize I shouldn't have fought back but I feel better. A year of this can do that to you. I shove the journal into my jacket pocket. I take off in the direction of art class. Time to talk to Alexandria. I have a plan. Hopefully it will work.  


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