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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


6. The fight

       I woke up and went down stairs. I made me self pancakes. I ate them in no time since i was really hunger and i didn't have time to waste since i had school. On way to my room i realized that i needed to get Destiny up. I went a opened the door slowly and walked over to her. Niall didn't move when i was shaking Destiny to get up cause if i just yell to her she would just turn over. She got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. 

    When i went into my room i headed straight to the bathroom and got a shower. When i was in the shower i started crying cause i had to leave Harry but then i was coming home to see his amazing face and to be in his arms until he leaves again. I finished up and put on my clothes that i picked out. Its a hot pink low cut shirt with skinny jeans and a pair converse's. I blow dried my hair, straightened it and put on my makeup. When i came out Harry was sitting up playing on his phone. I ran over and jumped on the bed and kissed him. Me-"Im sorry did i wake you up?" Harry-"No i heard you leave and i just laid here with my eyes closed." Me-"Well i just got done from getting ready and i was gonna come out and jump on you until you woke up." Harry-"Where are you going that you need to get ready?" Me-"Don't forget im still in school Harry." Harry-"oh yeah i forgot. Do you want me to walk you to school." Me-"If you want. I hope that Destiny's up." Harry-"is she hard to get up in the morning?" Me-"Yeah!" Harry-"Her and Niall really do make a perfect match. Niall never wakes up for us on time." Me-"wow." Harry leaned and kissed me. We were kissing when Destiny came in and yelled ready! I backed away from kissing Harry and said i need to go or im gonna be late. Harry-"ok i will come get you from school if you want?" Me-"Why not!" Harry-"ok text me when you get out and ill walk down for you." Me-"ok love you!" Harry-"love you!" He kissed me again as i hopped of the bed and grabbed my bag, keys and jacket.

       We got to school with 20 minutes to spare. I went to my locker and hung pictures of me and Harry in my locker. I went to homeroom me and Natasha still aren't talking cause of the Niall situation so i sat buy Noah, Zack and Raven. It was the longest homeroom/1st period in the world. The rest of the day went sort of fast. When it came to lunch i sat buy Destiny and Noah. Natasha didn't sit at our table and Sabrina was sick so it was only me, Noah, Zack, Raven, Nicole, and Shawnna. Destiny-"I miss Niall sooo...much." Me-"Well text him then!" Nicole-"Im so happy for you Destiny that you and Niall are together." Raven-"Im surprised that Niall even went out with you. Just joking Dest im happy for you." Destiny-"Thanks everyone." Me-"So what is everyone doing after school?" Nicole-"Going home and study for all my test tomorrow." Raven-"Going home and probably sleeping cause there is nothing better to do." Noah-"Me and Zack are going out on the quads." Shawnna-"babysitting for my sister." Destiny-"Im going home to hang out with my boyfriend and study." Me-"Well who all has tests tomorrow never mind we all have the same class together witch that was luck but anyways why don't we have a study night?" everyone said sure why not it will be easier. Me-"We could have it at my house at 5:00 and stay over if you want. Yous could come over early if you want to hang and go swimming and all." Of course the last to periods had to take for ever cause i wanted to see Harry so bad. The bell rang as i ran to my locker, grabbed my stuff and met up with Destiny that was waiting outside for me.

      I got out and texted Harry and told him i just got out. We were allready 3 houses away from the school when someone grabbed my ass. I turned around to see Ryan a kid that quit school. Me-"Don't fucking touch me!" Ryan-"Why?" I couldn't hear what he said because i was trying to met Harry so that i could see his amazing face and hear is extraordinary voice but he did it again. This time i turned around and yelled a little bit louder "This is the second time im going to tell and it better be the last STOP fucking touching me!!!" Ryan-"Why?? I like you" Me-"One cause i have a boyfriend and two i just don't want you touching me no matter what!!" Ryan-"Yeah like you have a boyfriend." Me-"i do and he is on his way to met me." Ryan-"o well he is standing right next to you." He was such a smart-ass. He pretended to shake a guys hand. Destiny walked to the store so i was all by myself. Me-"Shut up and go hit on some other girl!" I turned around and started to walk away for the like the 3rd time. Ryan-"Even if you did have a boyfriend hes probably the biggest scumbag ever." Me-"His name is Harry and he is from an amazing band for your information Ryan." Ryan-"o i know that group there called one direction. There all fagots!" Me-"What did you just say about my boyfriend and my friends?" Ryan-"You heard me, don't play stupid with me." I looked at him as he got closer to me i just had that urge to bunch him in the face but i didn't cause i was better then that until he made another comment about Harry. That was the last straw i just punched him, he fell and i punched him about 2 more times and i walked away. I was walking away when he grabbed my hand. Harry came over pushed me away. They started to argue and all. Next minute i know Harry punched Ryan in the face and Ryan went to punch Harry missed an d then did it again but this time he hit him straight in the face and made him fall. I ran over to Harry to see that his nose was bleeding and all. I got up went over to Ryan punched him in the face, he fell, and i just kept hitting him until Harry came over and had to pull me off of him. I just couldn't stop hitting him for some reason. I guess all that anger built up from Natasha and him i just lashed out.

       When we got home we went right up stairs to my room. I sat Harry down on the bed. I went into the bathroom and got him a warm wash cloth. I went out to Harry and sat next to him. He looked at me in the eyes as i whipped the blood of his face. Harry-"You know Kyrsten i thought you would never hurt a fly until today." Me-"i guess all that anger from everyone and all just caught up to me." Harry-"I would have never expect my little Kyrsten could fight like that. Im just so surprised." Me-"I actually never fought someone before." Harry-"Then why did you do it today?" Me-"Cause they were talking bad about you and the boys. I didn't think it was right and i love yous guys to death and would do anything for yous." Harry-"Your the greatest girlfriend any guy could ask for." I had the biggest smile on my face as he did to. I finished up wiping his face off and i went into the bathroom to wash the washcloth out and put it away. When i turned around i walked right into Harry. I put my arms around him as we kissed. All of a sudden Destiny came in and ruined it again. We separated but i could tell that Harry didn't want to but neither did. Me-"What ya want?" Destiny-"Everyone is coming in about 20 minutes. They said that they wanted to come early just to hangout." Me-"ok ill be down then. When they get here go around to each one of them and make them vote on what kind of food that they want." Destiny-"ok. I can tell you know that it doesn't matter what you get cause Niall will eat anything you give him." All three of us started laughing! Niall-"What are yous guys laughing about?" Harry-"You and how you will eat any kind of food." Niall-"Hell yeah i will! Im Hungary now!" Me-"ok go think of what you want and i will make it or order it if you want fast food but harry will have to go pick it up." Harry-"On one exception." Me-"Whats that?" Harry-" You have to come with me." Me-"Sure anything you want babe!!" 

      When everyone got here and they decided what they wanted which was McDonald's.  Me and Harry went for the food. I was looking out my window when i felt a warm hand on my leg i looked over to see Harry smiling. I put my hand over his and kissed him on the cheek. Me-"I love you babe!"  Harry-"I love you to." Me-"Thanks for sticking up for me today. No one would ever do that for me." Harry-"Your welcome and Thank you for almost killing a kid for me." We both started to laugh when WMYB came on, on the radio. We both started singing along but when it was Harry's part of the song i let him just sing it to me. Harry order the food and i took for ever to get. When we got out Niall literally ran to the car to get the food. Of course he got the most food but the funny part was he wouldn't share any with Destiny or even Me his best friend.

      We all ate and I cleaned. Everyone went outside and study for a little and then made a fire to sit around. I cleaned up the living room and move furniture so that there was enough room for everyone to sleep. Someone knocked at the door and i answered the second time they knocked. Harry would have got it but he went up stairs to use his phone. Me-"Who's there?" I yelled it loud enough so that the person could hear me but they didn't answer so i just opened it. When i did i thought i was going to die right then and there. Me-"O MY GOD!!! I cant believe you flew all the way over here." Louis-"Yeah we thought that we would come and see you." All 3 boys were standing there. I missed them so much so i gave them all big hugs. Me-"WOW. Please come in?" Liam-"Still the little lady that we met for the first time in England." Zayn-"The girls miss you to." Me-"I feel so loved!" Louis-"So Wheres MY Harry at." Me-"He went upstairs to use the phone. Hold on ill go get him." I went up stairs and found Harry just sitting there on my bed. Me-"Whats wrong Harry?" Harry-"Nothing babe i just need to tell you something." Me-"I need to tell you something to." I sat down next to him on the bed as i put my hand on his knee. Me-"Well i wanted to tell you that the BOYS are down stairs. They came to see me until your concert. Im gonna let them stay here! Ok what did you want to say to me." Harry-"The boys are here...down stairs...right now...this minute?" Me-"Yeppers." Harry got up and was about to run down stairs when i grabbed his hand and shut the door. Harry-"Why cant i go down to see them?" Me-"Because" Then i kissed him. Me-"because i want to know what you were going to tell me." Harry-"Are you ready to hear what i am going to say to you?" Me-"Yes" Harry-"Just don't start screaming and jumping up and down." Me-"Ok will you tell me now." Harry-"I called my manager to see if you could tour with us and he said YES!!!" Me-"Really!" I was so excited but i knew that i couldn't go. Harry-"You seem a little bit up set about it. Whats wrong?" Me-"I wont be aloud cause i have school." Harry-"Well you can do school online and ill help you. I can be like a tutor." Me-"Yeah but you will have to talk to my mom for me cause if i do i don't think she will let me." Harry-"Of course i will. I will do anything so that i can have you in my arms all the time." Me-"Ok I hope she will say yes to you. Your amazing voice will convince her that i should go with you." He leaned down and kissed me passionitly. 

     By the time we went down stairs the boys were making themselves something to eat. Me-"I see yous found the kitchen." Liam-"Im sorry, I tried to stop them but there like animals when there Hungary." Me-"Its ok. Liam you can have what ever you want if you want." Louis-"Well im surprised you found the downstairs." Me-"Louis you always make me laugh even if want you say doesn't make sense." Harry went and hugged each one of the guys for about a minute but Louis was special and his lasted two minutes. Harry-"Guess what guys!!!" They all said what at the same time with excitement in there voices. Me-"Can i tell them... Never mind you tell them...i cant wait!!"  Harry-"Ok ill just tell them. Kyrsten can come on tour with us!!!" The boys were so happy that they were giving me hugs and jumping around well pretty much on Louis was jumping. 

    After we were done celebrating i toke them out to meet everyone. Niall pretty much trough Destiny off his lab and ran over to the boys. Me-"everyone this is Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Now we have ONE DIRECTION! But  the boys all have girlfriends so don't ask them out or anything like that." My closest friends new that but Destiny invite a couple more people to come hangout so i had to say it. Me, Harry, Louis and Liam went and sat on the trampoline while Zayn sat next to Niall and made new friends (Noah and Zack). Destiny-"Kyrsten can we turn on the music??" Me-"I guess." Destiny-"Does it matter what kind?" Me-"Well for me no. I don't know about anyone else." Destiny-"Does anyone care what kind of music i put on??" Everyone said no. She turned on the music and some on the radio request one direction 'What Makes You Beautiful' When there song came the guys started singing there parts and all so when the song went over i ran in the house and got my iPod and speakers. i hooked everything up. I got the boys to stand on my deck. When i started playing music they knew what to do. I put cameras around so that i will always remember this day. They sang their song while everyone was dancing. Everyone got them to sing one or two more songs for us but then they were done. The extra people that Destiny invited left while the other ones stayed.

       Everyone went to bed. The boys stayed in my other living room that i had. Me and Harry play on our DS's together. We played Mario. I won most of the time. I made him call my mom and ask about going on tour with them and said YES cause Harry asked her, if it was me it would have been a big fat NO! Im one of the five luckiest girls in the world to be in the one direction family. Me-"Thank you Harry for calling my mom and asking her." Harry-"No problem babe." Me-"I cant wait to see you in your concerts and now we don't have to be a part anymore." Harry-"I know i cant wait. Now every time i finish a concert i now can look forward to coming backstage and seeing your beautiful face instead of looking at my phone and only hearing your voice." Me-"I know. Instead of watching you on the computer i could actually see you live."

         We laid there watching TV for a little until he turned to me and said "I have something for you." Me-"You didn't need to get me anything." Harry-"Well i love to spoil you." He grab a little box from the side of the bed. All i thought is what if its a cant be its to soon...right?? He gave it to me as i hesitated to open it.l When i opened it mouth literally dropped open. It was a necklace. I was a heart that opened up. When i opened it on the one side of the heart it had me and him, on the other side it had me and him kissing. Me-"I love it Harry thank you so much." Harry-"Your welcome. I thought you would have like it, well loved it." Me-"o look it says something on the front of the heart. 'Harry + Kyrsten = 4ever' Aww that's so sweet. I love how you had it engraved on the heart like that." Harry-"Look on the back now" Me-"Aww...June 6 2012." That was the day we got together. Hes the only one that i know that would do something like that for me. I kissed him. After we kissed he turned on the music, he raped his arms around me as i laid my head on his chest and drifted off to sleep......

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