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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


5. surprises

      It was sunday and i woke up to Harry on the phone. Harry-"ok so i need to come get you?" "What time?" "ok see you there" When he hung up he turn around and looked up to that i was awake. Harry-"Good morning love." Me-"Good morning. Who was th-" He cut me off before i could finish my sentence. Harry-"Go and get dressed for the day." Me-"ok should i where anything or something specific?" Harry-"Something that you will be comfortable in and that you wont be really hot." I went into my closet and picked out my short shorts, sneakers  and my shirt that says 'I Love Harry' with a pic of us on the back. He got it made for me and got himself one to. I came out to see that he had the same shirt on but it said Kyrsten instead of Harry. Harry-"Destiny are you gonna come with us or are you gonna stay home alone?" By then everyone left that stayed last night. Destiny-"I guess ill go with yous. Where are we going?" Harry-"its a surprise." Me-"i honestly have have no idea where we could possibly be going." We got in the car. Harry drove because i only had my permit and i was still scared to drive but the biggest reason why is cause i have no idea where we are going.

        We got to the airport and i had the biggest smile on my face cause i missed my best friend and now i get to see him since the summer. Destiny-"Why are we at an airport? Harry are you leaving so soon?" Harry-"No im not leaving well not yet." :'( Me-"I Love You Harry. Thanks you so much." Harry-"your welcome but this isn't your surprise." Me-"Well whats is and this counts as a surprise." We walked in and sat to wait for him. Destiny-"Im so bored." Me-"Just wait you'll  be so happy!" Harry whispered to me in my ear "Here h comes tell her to close her eyes and don't let her peek." Me-"ok! and i get to give him a hug first" Me-"Destiny close your eyes." Destiny-"ok but why d-" Me-"because its a surprise." I saw Harry walking back over and Niall was right behind him. From my excitement i screamed and didn't mean to. Destiny jumped and yelled WHAT!! I hopped up out of my seat and ran to Niall as she sat there with a confused face. I missed getting Horan hugs so i gave him the biggest hug ever but he was better at giving them. Me-"Niall i missed you so much!! Tomorrow just me and you are going shopping like in the summer." Niall-"I missed you more and ok. So wheres Des-" He didn't even get to finish his sentence cause he made eye contact and new it was her right away. Just by the look they gave each other that you knew they were in love from the first time they said hi to each other. Niall-"hi Destiny." Destiny-"Hey Niall." Niall-"im glad i finally get to see you in person instead of the video chat that we always have." Destiny-"Your so much cuter in person and your tall." Niall-"Well your more beautiful-er in person." Destiny-"your so sweet Niall. Can i have one of those amazing Horan hugs that everyone wants so bad?" Niall-"Anything for my most amazing girlfriend in the world." While they were hugging he whispered in her ear "By the way I Love You Destiny." Destiny-"I Love You to Niall!" 

         We got in the car and went to a fancy restaurant and ate. Harry toke us to the fair that was in town. He won my a big stuffed animal like he always want to do for his girlfriend. Harry dropped off Destiny and Niall at the house cause he was tired and they just wanted to watch movies and cuddle together. Me-"Where are we going now." Harry-"You'll see when we get there." Me-"ok how long is it going to take to get there?" Harry-"about an hour why." Me-"Can i take a nap util we get there?" Harry-"Anything you want my love." i fell asleep about 10 minutes from talking to him. 

       I felt the wind through my hair as ig i was in a convertable. I woke up to harry holding me. There was a BIG balloon above me. I jumped and looked around to see we were in the air. I started to hyperventilate cause i was scared of heights. Harry stood up and put his arms around me. Harry-"Are you going to be ok Kyrsten? You look like your going to die." Me-"No im just scared of heights and well we are in a hot air balloon way up in the sky and all." I was trying to get the words out without sounding terrified for my life. Harry-"Well i wanted to show you something and if we were on the ground you wouldn't really be able to see it." He had a shy smile on his face. Me-"Well its ok and at least you have a guy to keep control of the balloon." Harry-"Yes i did cause i have no idea how to work a hot air balloon." Me-"I would have never expected you to do this as a surprise for me." Harry-"Well i am the greatest boyfriend ever that will do anything to make his girlfriend happy."  Me-"Aww harry you are. I love you with all my heart." Harry-"i love you to Kyrsten with all my heart." Me and Harry were watching the clouds and all the people below. I was looking at and open field and it had something written in it. Harry-"Kyrsten close your eyes!" Me-"Ok but why?" Harry-"wait for it." When he told me i could open my eyes i saw in the field 'Harry + Kyrsten = 4ever' right below that it said 'I LOVE YOU'. Me-"OMG Harry i cant believe you would go all that way just for me!" Harry-"Well Kyrsten i did because i love you and i always will no matter what happens." (kiss) We toke pictures of us and of the writing  he had gotten done in the field and watched the sunset. The sunset was more amazing tonight then other night. We landed and i toke a nap on the way home while he listened to music and sang to me.

       He carried me in the house, up the stairs, and laid me on my bed. Harry kissed me goodnight. He toke a quick shower. While he was in there i opened my bedroom door and quick ran to destiny's room before Harry got out of the shower. He toke quick showers they lasted 20-30 minutes. Mine lasted 30 minutes to an hour cause that was the only time i got to have peace and quiet. I always had people over but since destiny came to live with me she invited people over 24/7. But anyways i almost fell running to her room. I quietly opened the door to see that she was sound asleep but Niall was sitting there on his laptop. Me-"Dame it shes sleeping." Niall-"Yeah she fell asleep about 20minutes ago. Did you just get in?" Me-"Yeah. I fell asleep and Harry carried me and tucked me in. when he kissed my check i woke up. He went for a shower so i decided to come tell Destiny how it went but ya know." We both looked at her and smiled. Niall-"Well how did it go?" Me-"It went great. i couldn't have asked for a better night then tonight." I told him everything that happened and what Harry did for me. Me-"So what did you do?" I sat on the bed quietly on Niall's side trying not to wake Destiny. Niall-"When yous dropped us off we went swimming and watched the clouds and sunset. When it started to get a little chilly out we came in and order pizza. Destiny picked a movie from Netflix. When the movie was over she kissed me. Kyrsten i seemed like it was forever until we broke apart. I have never felt more in love with Destiny then i ever did with any other girl!" Me-"Well that seems like a great night. I love how you and Destiny fell in love the first time yous looked into each others eyes." Niall-"Thank you Kyrsten for setting us up.Your just like Harry...A match maker." Me-"I know. So what ya doing?" Niall-"Im on twitter like usual." Me-" Well im gonna head back before Harry gets out of the shower and sees me missing." Niall-"Goodnight Kyrsten." I kissed Niall on the cheek and before i could get to the door i forgot to ask Niall something. Me-"Hey Niall!" Niall-"Hey what" Me-"Don't forget that we are still going shopping tomorrow when i get home from school. Just ME and YOU!!!" Niall-"Ok goodnight Kyrsten!!"

        I went back to my room i was quiet when i opened the door and shut it. When i walked in Harry was still in the shower. I went into my closet and picked out a tank-top and shorts. I put them on and hopped into bed. Harry came out 5 minutes after. He just smiled at me and laid down beside me on the bed.  We just laid there and looked into each others eyes as we just drifted off to sleep. He Held me the whole night.

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