Moments!! :D <3

the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


1. school

      My alarm went off around 6. I got up and went got a shower and all. I found my i love harry shirt, my pants that the boys wrote all over and my signed shoes that i got from them. Then my phone went off. I ran over to it, i didn't even get to see who it was i just answered it. Me-"hello?" Harry-"Hey babe i just wanted to wish you good luck today in school i miss you so much!!" :) Me-"i miss you to babe i wish i could be with you right all i will be thinking about is you and when im gonna see you again" Harry-"Me to. I have a concert in two weeks in California so i might be able to fly over after it to see you." :) Me-"hope you will be able to..." My mom cut me off as she screamed up the stairs that breakfast was done to come down and eat. i told her i would be down in 2 minutes. Me-"im sorry harry i have to go and eat ill call you right when i get out of school i love you with all my heart!!" ;) Harry-"OK good luck and pay attention instead of thinking about me and what im doing..Love you 2 kyrsten!!" ;) I hung up, grabbed my bag and headed down stairs. My mom said that there was cereal in the cabinet but i reminded her that i don't eat with a spoon cause Liam has a fear of them. She just gave me a look. Me-"Ill just have a pop-tart and did you pick up a bottle of apple juice and twix for me?" Mom-"yeah the twix is on the counter and the apple juice is in the fridge." She walk out of the kitchen as i yelled "Thanks mom!!" I grabbed my twix apple juice and pop-tart and met up with Natasha at the bus stop. Even tho i was 16 and she was 17 we rather to take the bus instead of walking or taking a car. We weird for not driving but that was just us and we didn't care what people thought.

      We got to school and got our schedules. We had all the same classrooms and sat together in everyone even lunch which was the best part off the day. I was sitting there with my 2 cousins raven and destiny, My friends Natasha, Shawnna, Nicole and Sabrina. The big thing was that my cousins didn't like my friends so they didn't really talk to each other allot. People came up to me to ask about the boys but usually Harry. Shawnna-"Doesn't that bother??" Nicole-"Yeah that has to get on your nerves that they don't even know you that good and they just start asking you all these questions??" Me-"No! Im use to it because they did that over the summer when i was with harry." Sabrina hated one direction so she didn't really ask me anything but she made comments and i just ignored them like i have always did. Me-"Natasha are you still with Niall?" Natasha-"No. I didn't think it was going to workout so i broke up with him." Me-"Aww poor Niall. Now i will have to find him a new girlfriend." Natasha-"I guess so." I guess she was mad cause i was going to find him someone new but i didn't matter to me cause i knew someone who would love to go out with him in a heart beat.

       the last bell rang and i was finally free. Today i was going to walk home so i got out my phone and dialed my favorite numbers in. the phone started to ring and when they picked up i screamed "I MISSED YOUR EXTRAORDIHARRY VOICE!!" Harry-"SO DID I!!" We both started laughing. Harry-"So how was your first day of school go for you??" Me-"I was ok and i  didn't know that Natasha broke up with Niall cause it wasn't going to workout?" Harry-"Yeah,the same day after yous two left she called him and told him. He was a mess, he didn't leave his room, he didn't even eat like he always does." Me-"Well i know someone who he will like and she will be just perfect for him." Harry-"ok i trust you." Me-"Tonight when you video chat with me i will have her with me and you get Niall with you." Harry-"ok, so what are you doing?" Me-"walking home. i wish you were walking with me!" Harry-"So do i" I was 2 houses away from my house when i saw a different car in my driveway. Me-"Harry can i call you back then." My voice was a little shaky cause i never saw that car before so i didn't know what was going on. Harry-"Yeah, is everything ok kyrsten?" Me-"Yeah, everything's alright. I love you talk to you in a bit." Harry-"I Love You kyrsten, talk to you in a little bit." 

         I opened my front door and walked in. I herd a familiar voice in the kitchen talking to my mom and dad. My dad was only home for a couple of days cause he goes on bushiness trips a lot and is rarely home. I walked slowly  to the kitchen and peaked in to see my uncle Brian standing there talking. I dropped my stuff and ran over to him and gave him a big hug. Me-"I missed you. Its good to see you again." Brian-"i missed you to kiddo. I have the baby if you want to hold him you can?" I haven't see my baby cousin yet and hes already 6 months old. They called him x short for Xavier. Me-"Hell Yeah i do." I ran over to the car seat that he was in and started to cry. I picked him up and held him for about 10 minutes and then realized i needed to call harry back so he doesn't think something bad happened. Mom-"Kyrsten!" Me-"Yes?" Mom-"baby x is going to be staying her for awhile." Me-"ok can i take him up to my room cause i need to call harry back?" Mom-"yeah, don't forget to take his stuff up with you then." Me-"i wont!" I just went upstairs and brought the car seat. I would bring the stuff up later on. 

       I put 2 blankets on the floor and laid him down next to me while i got out my laptop and cell. I texted harry to video chat with me and in a matter of 15 seconds he was on my screen with the biggest smile like it was Christmas time. Me-"Hey im so sorry i didn't call you back right away!" :( Harry-"Its ok babe. Can i ask why do you have a baby??" Me-"O im sorry this is my 6 month old cousin and we call him x." Harry-"O he so cute. Him and lux should have a play date." Me-"Well he will be staying here for awhile." Harry-"Why?" Me-"I don't really know." Harry-"O well at least you get to see him all time!" :) Me-"Yeah and im going to see if he could see in my room with me." x started to type to harry on the computer while we were talking and the funny part was harry was typing back to him like he could read. We talked for an hour. It was around 5 and my cousin was coming over. I toke x down to my mom while i toke his stuff up to my room. I was going to be video chatting with Harry and Niall in an hour so i had get everything don that i needed to.  After my mom feed x. I put him down for a nap. Destiny came over in 10 minutes after i called her. She was going to stay over walk with me to school tomorrow and then come home with me. Destiny got drinks and snacks for us while i set up my laptop.

       I texted Harry and told him i was ready. He popped up on my screen with Niall. I introduced Destiny to them and she kept staring at Niall. I Knew those 2 would like each other. We told jokes and toke snapshots of us and then we were posting them to Facebook and twitter. Niall gave Destiny his phone number so that they could text each other when they were bored or needed to talk. How cute. We got off with them around 8. Destiny went for a shower why i tended to x. When he fell asleep i got out my pj's for my shower. Destiny got out and i gave her a pair of clothes to wear. We always shared clothes cause me and her fit in the same size. When i got out she was sleeping so we didn't get to talk about Niall like i wanted to.  So i called Niall to talk about Destiny. He picked up on the fourth ring like usual. Me-"Hey Niall whats up." Niall-"Nothing much just thinking." Me-"What ya thinking about??" I sound nosy but he knew why i was asking. Niall-"Someone" Me-"Can i guess?" Niall-"Of course Kyrsten!" Me-"Destiny!!!" Niall-"Yes you got it right." Me-"Do you like her Niall?" Niall-"Yeah shes really nice, funny, she likes FOOD, and shes amazingly pretty!" Me-"Aww Niall your always so sweet." Niall-"Thanks. Can i ask you something?" Me-"Anything for you?" Niall-"Would it be weird if i asked her out like i just met her and i don't think she even likes me that way..." Me-"It would seem weird but she likes you a lot and she would say YES if you asked her." Niall-"Thanks Kyrsten for all your help and i guess that's why you called me?" Me-"Yeah" Niall-"I know you so well. Well im gonna head to be kyrsten goodnight text me tomorrow!" Me-"I will goodnight" I went back inside  laid down on my bed cause i was sitting out on my balcony. As my head touched the amazingly soft/warm pillow I fell asleep.


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