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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


4. only a dream?? I dont think so.....

       The next morning I woke with out Harry holding me like last night. I searched around my room for flowers shoes or anything that he might have had here. Everything was gone, it was like a dream of some sort. I ran downstairs and searched every room and even outside. Destiny watched me as i looked like i was going insane. Me-"Destiny wheres Harry??" Destiny-"He's over in England..." Me-"WHAT?? He left?" Destiny-"He was never here Kyrsten. What are you talking about?" Me-"He brought me flowers last night and hes staying here for a week and then leaving to go back to California." Destiny-"I think you dreamed that cause i didn't see him last night or today." Me-"I guess. i don't know. It seemed so real like he was really here." Destiny-"Well i don't know but is it ok if Zack, Noah, Raven, and Ashley?" Me-"If you want go ahead im gonna go back upstairs and lay down I have a headache from running around." Destiny-"Ok well if you want you come and hang with us then so your not bored." Me-"I prob will be out of my room in an hour." As i started walking back upstairs i could hear destiny talking to someone so i guess she started to call them.

      I was upstairs for an hour and i still didn't feel like going outside with them. I just kept thinking about the 'dream'. I kept hearing footsteps up and down the stairs and doors going yet i didn't look out my bedroom door. I was sitting on my bed facing the wall. I was playing all different kinds of games and listening to one direction, Justin Beiber, Austin Mahone, Taylor Swift and Breathe Carolina. All of a sudden someone came up from behind me and  put there hand over my eyes so i couldn't see and then kissed me. I had no idea how to react. All that kept running through my head was is it Zack, Noah, or Josh. When they leaned away and toke there hand off my eyes it was the most amazing site ever. Harry was standing right in front of me.

      Me-"Harry, What, How, When...." Harry-"You look so happy but yet so confused." Me-"Yeah im confused cause i woke up and you were gone. There was no trace that you were here." Harry-"The flowers are out on your balcony and i cleaned everything from last night." Me-"Well that explains it but where did you go?" Harry-"I went the store and got food and all." Me-"o i would have went with you if you woke me." Harry-"i didn't want to wake you cause you looked so peaceful and cute while you sleep there." Me-"so do you! Do you want to go outside to hang with my friends and meet them?" Harry-"Sure if they don't freak out over me." Me-"They wont and you get to meet my cousin which is Niall's new girlfriend. You'll be able to tell him how she acts and all that good stuff!" Harry-"She seem really nice and funny but Niall's gonna be upset that i got to see her in person before he did." Me-"Well why don't you call him to fly over here to spend the time he has off with his awesome new girlfriend." Harry-"That's a good idea. Hell be so excited." Me-"But you cant tell Destiny cause well surprise her." Harry-"Destiny will love it. Your so amazing Kyrsten!!" Me-"So are you Harry. Lets go outside." Harry-"Well you can go out and i will check up with you cause im gonna call Niall and tell him to get a flight out to night so that maybe he can get here tomorrow." Me-"ok well ill be out back with my friends and soon to be your friends." I Kissed him goodbye as i left the room.

       i got outside and saw Josh which i haven't seen i 9 yrs. He moved when we were like 7 and haven't seen him until now. I guess Destiny new that i wanted to see him again. We talk online and hes pretty much my big brother. Me-"Josh!!" Josh-"Kyrsten, you got so big. It seems like i haven't seen you in 20 years." Me-"i know. Hold on ill be right back. DESTINY!!!" Destiny-"What?" Me-"o it was prob only a dream cause hes over in England!!" I said it sarcastically. Destiny-"What do you mean?" Me-"When i asked about Harry well..." as i pointed over at the door Harry walked out. I walked over to him while he put his arm around me and i did the same. Me-"This is Harry Styles. MY boyfriend." Harry just smiled and looked down at his feet all shy like. Destiny-"OH MY GOD!!! it harry styles." Me-"Yes it is and he will be staying here with me for a week until he needs to go back to California." Raven-"Well that's cool." They all went back to what they were doing as i toke Harry's hand and toke him over to the trampoline. We laid there looking up at the clouds while all my friends talked and blasted the music. Harry-"That cloud looks like a heart." Me-"that cloud looks like a dragon with flames coming out of its mouth." Harry-"you have an amazing imagination Kyrsten. That's another reason why i love you so much and ill never let you go." Me-"i love you to Harry. If you weren't here right now i would prob be in my room staring at your poster on my ceiling." Harry-"Well im glad im here with you and i get to stay at your house and hold you in my arms as you fall asleep." Me-"Aww....."

      It started to get dark so they started a fire. We sat around it and talked about everything and anything in the world. The whole time sitting there Harry held me and started at me. Destiny gave the suggestion of camping out. Everyone went home and got there stuff to camp-out the only thing that they didn't need was a tent cause i had 5 of them. Me and Harry went inside cause it started to get cold out. I went upstairs to put in a movie while he made popcorn. I came back down and got our drinks we both then went upstairs. We finished the movie and still weren't tired so Harry decided that he wanted to do a twit-cam. He set everything that he needed. Harry-"Are you ready?" Me-"I guess, but i look bad?" Harry-"Well you look amazingly beautiful to me. Kyrsten it doesn't matter what other people think of you." Me-"ok Harry" He leaned in a gave me a passionate kiss that seems like it lasted forever. Now we were on air and i was so scared of what people were going to say about me and all. Some people don't like me cause im with Harry and they wish it could have been them.Harry-"Hey everyone!!" Me-"hi" Harry-"usually Louie's with me on here but hes not here. Im with Kyrsten for the next six days." A couple of people wrote and said hi to me, that i was pretty, me and Harry make an amazing couple, etc... People on there were so nice to me and i wasn't expecting that at all.

       I fell asleep after awhile while, Harry kept talking to the fans. He was so dedicated to his fans. He loved them so much and he is always telling me about them. It was around 12 and Harry was passed out and the camera was still going so i talked to the fans for awhile and gave them tips on things. I also told them that i would follow some of them on twitter and would add them on Facebook. Some of them told me that i should start doing my own twit-cam. Me-"Well guys im tired and all and it was really nice to talk to all the directioners that i talked to tonight." I shut the laptop and tucked Harry in and then fell asleep next to him. I was a very fun night and cant wait for tomorrow cause Harry called for Niall to fly here and stay for the next 5-6 days to hang with his new girlfriend. I missed Niall alot to cause me and him would always go shopping when in the summer....


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