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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


8. one last goodbye

        I got up to Harry holding me. He looked so cute when he was sleeping. I kissed him on the cheek as I got out of bed. I stepped over the boys trying not to wake them. I got my clothes for the day and then went and got a shower. I came out and went downstairs. Destiny was sitting in the kitchen eating. Me-"He!!" Destiny"Hey are you leaving today?" Me--"Yeah! Im leaving around 5:00 to get to the airport. Then my flight leaves at 6:20." Destiny-"Oh!" Me-"Do you want me to walk you to school?" Destiny-"If you want to but, you don't have to." Me-"I will cause this is like the last time I be walking you to school." Destiny"Ok I have to go get my bag from my room and then we can leave." Me-"Ok" Destiny went upstairs and came back down. We walked to school as we talked the whole time. I got to school with her. I walked her to her homeroom. As i was walking to the to ask  Mr. Smith something my ex boyfriend bumped into me and said bitch. I turned around to say something but he was already in the classroom. I walked into the office and asked if I could do something at the pep rally (you find out later on during the chapter). He said yes. I was so excited.

      I went to the pet store to see the puppy. The lady-"Hey Kyrsten! How are you today?" Me-"Good You?" The Lady-"Having fun with the animals." Me-"Can I see the new puppy that you got yesterday?" The Lady-"Oh someone already toke her." Me-"Awwww..I want her." The Lady-"Im sorry." Me-"Ok well im gonna go home." I saw the donations cup sitting there so I decided to be really nice and donate $150 for the animals. The Lady-"THANK YOU so much!!" Me-"No problem!!"

     I got home and opened the door to a quiet house still. Me-"Harry im home!!" No one answered me. I looked around the house and I couldn't find anyone. I went into the kitchen to the boys outside. I opened the door and went out. Me-"Hey!" Harry-"Kyrsten close your eyes." Me-"Ok why?" Louis-"Just do it for me!" Me-"I will just for you Louis" I heard them moving around but didn't know what they were doing. Harry said open your eyes. I could tell that harry was close to me. I opened my eyes to see the puppy that I wanted at the pet store. I grabbed her from Harry and sat on the bench with her. Me-"thank you Harry!!!!!" Harry-" No problem babe. I knew how you wanted her so bad so I went and got her for you." Me-"Awwww..thank you so much." I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him. Harry-"I'm bored" Me-"What do you want to do then?" Harry-"Well you need to go get packed." Me-"I will after im done playing with the puppy." Harry-"are you going to get destiny after school?" Me-"OMG I totally forgot to ask you's something" I asked them and they said yes. It was around 12:30 when I was done packing and the boys got ready.

      We got to the school at 1:15 and the pep rally didn't start yet. The boys waited until everyone was in the gym. Mr. Smith talked for a little to the kids. Then I got out and talked. Me-"Hows everyone doing?" Everyone-"Great" Me-"Well that's good. Im Kyrsten most of you's know me but some of you's don't  How many people love one direction? If you do come down here and sit on these chairs." Only about 30 kids came down and sat. Me-"Well this summer I went to England and met some great people that sat in front of me on the plane. Boys you can come in here now!!" The boys walked in and everyone started screaming. Destiny was in the front seat. The girls that were sitting in front off me started crying and yelling I LOVE YOU!! The boys stood by me. Harry on my left and Niall on my right. Me-"Ok ready for this. I asked them to come and sing before we leave. The will be singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'One Thing'. A girl yelled 'What do you mean before we leave?' Me-"Well since I'm Harry's girlfriend im going on tour with them." The girl-"Ok" Me-"All the boys are taken if you wanted to know." Someone yelled what about Niall? Me-"Well Niall is dating my cousin Destiny. Come here Destiny" She got up and went over to Niall and held hands with him as I answered questions and so did the boys. Me-"Ok now the boys are going to sing on thing first.' They sang it while the girls cried and screamed and all. Then they sang 'What Makes You Beautiful'. After they did the 30 girls got pics with them and autographs from them. They came over to me and said thank you. We left 10 minutes before everyone else. Harry gave me a piggy back ride. When we got outside the bell rang. I was walking hand and hand with Harry. Larry walked by and bumped me. I stop and let go of Harry's hand and I grabbed Larry by the wrist. Me-"What the hell's your problem?!" Larry-"you broke up with me for no reason and then you go out with him like a week after!!" Me-"Cause it wasn't going to work out and you were to clinging!" Harry just looked at me as I screamed at Larry. Harry-"Come on Kyrsten just leave him go. He ain't worth your breath." Larry-"and look your dating a gay guy. The whole band is gay and re-tarted." I went over and punched him the face. Harry held me close as we walked home. The boys were already there cause they walk fast and left before we did.

         We got home and the boys asked why we toke for ever to get home. I told them as we toke for ever to get home. I told them as Harry cooked tacos They were shocked that little Kyrsten can actually hurt someone. I also told them about the other fight with Ryan when Harry first came. They were even more shocked about it. Harry yelled in from the kitchen 'Yeah I thought that my girl was quiet and all but when you mess with her friends or family your are sure to get hit in the face.' Liam-"WOW Kyrsten I didn't think you would do soothing like that.l" Me-"I  know. I just got sick of everyone picking on people or talking about them behind there back so I confronted them. When they said something to me about someone that care for I just exploded." Harry-"Supers done and on the table for who ever is hungry ' Niall almost knocked me over as he ran to the dinning room. Me-"Thanks Niall for almost knocking me over." I said that to him as I sat down across form him. Harry came over and sat down in between me and Louie. Across from Harry was Liam and then Zayn across from Louie. We talked and ate. It was the first time eating at my new table. We finished eating and Liam and Zayn cleaned up while Niall went and watched TV. Louie played on the trampoline. I went up to pack a couple of other things that I forgot to pack before and it was around 4:00. Harry came in when I was getting out another suite case. Harry-"Are you excited to go on tour with us?" Me-"Yes and now I get to see you everyday!" I went into my closet and got my favorite one direction shirts and a couple of other clothes that I didst get before. Harry-"You don't need alot of clothes because I will buy you stuff." Me-"Are you sure I don't want you to waste your money on me." Harry-"Kyrsten your the love of my life. I will do anything for you no matter what the problem is." Me--"I love you Harry. I want to spend the rest of my life with you!" Harry-"I love you to Kyrsten!!" Me-"Im going to take lily for a walk if you want to come with me?" Harry-"Of course I would love to." I finished and sat by Harry. I laid my head on his shoulder as he played on his phone. My cellphone beeped on the table next to my bed. I got up and read the message 'Hey honey before you leave come over to see us!' I messaged my mom and told her I would when I went for my walk Me-"Harry is it ok if we stop over to see my mom when we go for a walk with lily?" Harry-Yeah babe. No problem and I get to see your sisters and mom again so it  should be fun." 

      Me and Harry walked down the street hand in hand and walked lily. I was 2 houses away from the house when I saw Alivia and her friend Miranda sitting there drawing with chalk. I gave lily to Harry as I ran up to Alivia and gave her a huge hug. Miranda came over and also gave me a big hug and then Brylee ran over to. Me-"I missed you's so much. I love you's!: Harry came up behind us and said Awwww!  I stood up and introduced Harry to Miranda. Me and Harry gave the girls a piggy back ride into the house. We sat them on the couch. I gave my mom a HUGE hug and so did Harry. I showed her lily and then the girls played with her out back. I sat on Harry's lap as we all talked for about 20 minutes. Harry went out back to get lily so we could leave. We got home around 5:00. As soon as we got there we ran upstairs and grabbed our stuff. The boys already had there stuff put in the car and waited at the door with lily yelling to us 'LETS GO!!!' I ran down with my stuff and put it in the car. I came back inside to see Harry almost falling down the stairs with his stuff. We all helped him put his stuff into the car. Louie, Harry, lily, and me went in one car and Liam, Zayn, and Niall went in the other one.

      We got to the airport 2 minutes before 5:30. We toke our stuff over to the seats. I was so excited to be going with the boys. Me-"Niall did you say goodbye to Destiny?" Niall-"I tried to call her and text her but, she didn't answer." Me-"Why??" Niall-"I don't know. I didn't do anything to make her mad at me." Me-"Do you want me to try and get her to answer you?" Niall-"No, Ill just wait until we get to California to try again and if she don't answer then you could try." Me-"Ok" I didn't listen to him. I texted her and then I called Raven to talk to her. I didn't get my belly button done cause I was busy so when I get there Im getting it done. Harry got me a hot choclatte and got a twix to share. Me-"Do you remember the first time we met and ate twix together?" Harry-"Yeah that was fun." It was 5:50 while we were getting on the plane. Louie and Liam sat in front of me and Harry and Zayn and Niall sat Behind us. I sat by the window. I looked at Harry and gave him a kiss. I smiled at him and said I Love You. I looked out the wingow one last time and smiled as we toke off.......

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