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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


2. living together

      I woke up to my alarm. It was only Harry singing one thing. I Shut it off as i rolled over to see that x and Destiny were still sleeping. I sat up and shook destiny until she screamed at me that she was a wake and sat up. Me-"Come on we have to get ready" Destiny-"But i don-.." I cut her cause i knew what she was going to say. Me-"Do you want to borrow clothes our do have your own." Destiny-"I have my own but thanks for the offer kyr." That's my nickname that most of my family calls me. Me-"k" I was in the closet looking for clothes when she got up off the  bed and stumbled to the bathroom and shut the door. I wore my one direction shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of high tops. Destiny wore ripped jeans and a shirt that said 'Center of the Universe' with a pair of regular shoes. Both of us straitened our hair and did our makeup. Me-"Im glad that we got to hang out yesterday and chat with the boys." Destiny-"Im glad to and the boys are really nice. When they popped up on the screen I thought i was going to pass out right then and there." Me-"At least you didn't and i saw that you got Niall's number tho!!" Destiny-"YEAH i did." Me-"Well now that you have his number you cant give to anyone." Destiny-"I wont." Me-"So do you like him??" Destiny-"Yeah but i cant tell him cause he might think im crazy" Me-"Just tell him how you feel. He just might feel the same way." Destiny-"ok i will text him then and tell him how i feel"

          We got to school and met up with the girls. Me and Natasha went to our lockers and headed to class. I sat in class and watched the clock and doodled on my papers. At the end of 3 period i had 4 pages filled with boys and me and Harry all over them. It was 2 more periods till lunch and my stomach was growling. The teacher-"The rest of the period is yours just don't goof off. You could listen to your iPod or whatever you have your music on i just don't want to hear it or you'll have to turn it off!" Everyone-"ok thanks" Natasha-"So kyrsten, Whats up?" Me-"Duh the Sky!!" Natasha-"Im not that stupid" Me-"I know i just love screwing with you." I grabbed out my iPod and headphones and i told Natasha that i just want to listen to music and draw. She said ok and she read a book or something. I didnt care what she was doing i was just made at her for dumping Niall and then she didn't even tell her best friend who hooked them up. The rest of the period i drew Harry and me. I finished it next period as i listened to harry singing one thing.

        I went to my locker and put my books in it that i didn't needed and then wait for raven (my other cousin, Destiny's sister) at her locker. When we got our lunch I sat next to Destiny who was texting Niall with the biggest smile on her face. When all of a sudden she jumped up out of seat saying OMG YES  and then sat back down and played on her phone again. Me-"Why did you just do that?" Everyone at the table looking at her. Destiny-"You know had you told me to tell him how i felt?" Me-"YEAH!!" Destiny-"Well I did." Raven-"Your such a freak Destiny!!" Destiny-"Shut up! you don't even know what we are talking about!" :P Raven-"Well-.." Me-"Well what did he say???" Destiny-"HE ASKED ME OUT!!" Me-"Well...What did you say." Destiny-"I said NO WAY....No i said YES!!" Both of us jumped up and down and hugged each other. The Teacher-"Sit down lads or you will be written up." Destiny/me-"Yes" :P Natasha-"Who asked you out??" Destiny-"Niall Horan!!" Natasha-"What the Hell..Your suck a lier!!" Destiny-"No im not we talked last night and today he asked me out." Natasha looked starlight over at me and said "you find out we broke up and all of sudden he needs to have a girlfriend and the biggest thing is that its your cousin!!!" She grab her tray and dumped it. She came back grabbed her bag and before i could  say anything she said "Fuck you Kyrsten!" and stormed out of the cafeteria.

       After the last bell rang at 2:30 I went to my locker and Destiny met me there. We walked to my house with out making a sound. Usually when you put me and her together all we do is talk like crazy. When we got to my house Destiny went into the kitchen and i went to my room. My mom toke the baby and my 2 sisters Alivia and Brylee over to her friends house. She was almost always over there and Alivia went to 2 grade with her friends daughter. So i was like always home alone. I put on sweat pants and t-shirt and went down stairs. I toke my laundry and started the wash. Destiny was sitting at the island text. Me-"Are you hungry?" Destiny-"Yeah" Me-"Im making tacos do you want some?" Destiny-"Sure..About today im sorry kyr i-..." Me-"Destiny look its not your fault! I should have known that when i set them up it wasn't going to work out. That's why when i found out that they broke up it was my fault and i knew that you would make a better girlfriend for Niall then Natasha ever would!!" Destiny-"Your so sweet kyr. wonder why Harry loves you so much and will never let you slip out of his finger tips." She came over and gave me a big hug. I finished making 4 tacos for us and rapped the stuff.

       I finished the wash and dishes. I felt like going to the store and for a walk. Me-"Destiny do you feel like walking to the store with me?" Destiny-"I guess and i have a question for?" Me-"Go ahead and ask away" Destiny-"How long can i stay here??" Me-"As long as you want!!" Destiny-"really??" Me-"Why don't you just move in? Nan lives with us but mostly stays at aunt loris, my dads always away, my mom and sisters are usually with my moms friend so i practically live by myself in this rebuilt house. You can even have your own room. It was a guest room but there's never anyone here so you can have it, if your mom lets you??" Destiny-"Shell let me or ill make her let me." We both started laughing that we almost peed our self. Destiny-"your the best cousin ever kyrsten. I don't know what i would do with out you here for me!" Me-"I know you would prob die with out me!

      We just got the store and i always go over to the magazines and i havent done it since i went to England. I got over there and picked up the first one i saw and me and Harry were on the cover that said in BIG BOLD letters 'HARRY STYLES IS NO LONGER SINGLE'. My mouth dropped open to see the three other magazines there had all most the same pictures of us on them with different stories of how we met and all that good stuff! Of course me i bought the 4 of them. Me-"Destiny get whatever you want!" Destiny-"ok that's fine with me!" :D I went and got ice tea, twix, apple juice, clothes, shoes, stuff for my room and destiny's room, and food for the house. Destiny got stuff for her new room to and food that she wanted. Me-"Did you get everything that you wanted and needed??" Destiny-"Yeppers!! Thanks kyr!!" As we were walking home i saw my ex out of the corner of my  eye. I  broke up with him cause he was way to clingy. He was still in love with me and want to get back together and he had no idea that i was with Harry cause he absolutely HATED one direction. He just looked at me and kept walking. I was glad that he didn't come over and ask me out again for the 10th before i left to go to England. 

      Destiny opened the door as hurried up to the kitchen to put the bags down. We put everything away and destiny went outside and called her mom and told her about staying here to live with me. Destiny-"Kyr my mom said YES!!!." Me-"YAY lets go get your stuff from your house." Destiny-"Ok im so excited to be living with my cousin." Me-"i kn-.." My cell started singing one thing by Harry. Me-"Ill be right back i have to take this...can you put my stuff on the counter and put the rest away??" Destiny-"Yep no problem!" Me-"Thanks" I answered it as i was closing the back door and went and sat on the trampoline. Me-"Hey whats up?" Harry-"hey nothing i didn't here from you at all today so i didn't know if something happened and i missed hearing your voice! and i will be heading over tonight to California for a concert." Me-"Im sorry Destiny's moving in with me and all. I was so busy today. I honestly really really sorry babe!!!" :'( Harry-"i understand Kyrsten. Its been busy over here to we cant find anything cause we are so use to you helping everyone packing for a concert cause you knew where everything was now its all hell!!" :) Me-"Well do you have everything now?" Harry-"Yeah babe. I have to go i call you tomorrow then I LOVE YOU KYRSTEN!!" Me-"I LOVE YOU 2 HARRY!! be careful babe!" Harry-"I will" Me-"ok babe bye" Harry-"bye"

        Destiny-"Kyrsten i put everything away and put your stuff in your room" Me-"Thank you so much. The boys are flying over to California tonight for a concert over there. I don't when there concert is over so ill ask him when i talk to him tomorrow." Destiny-"Niall just texted me that when you were on the phone with Harry." Me-"Well at least they both are amazing boyfriends to tell us all this." Destiny-"well im going up to MY BEDROOM to watch TV if you need me for anything." We were gonna go to get her stuff but it was already 9 so it was way to late to walk to her house and back with her stuff. I decided to get a carton of ice tea, twix and head upstairs for a nice hot/quite bath and then head to be afterwards. I went up put all my stuff on my hot pink desk near my one direction laptop and went into my bathroom and started the tub. I went into my walk in closet and picked out a pair of pajama pants and a tank top. Then i went and toke a 20minute bath got out did everything else and headed into my bedroom. I grabbed my twix and ice tea turned one my music on the TV which was one direction, Justin beiber, and  Austin mahone. As i laid there staring up at my ceiling that had a HUGE picture of harry before i met him hanging and listening more than this. I slowly drifted off to sleep.....:)

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