Moments!! :D <3

the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


7. Leaving!!! :D

      I woke up to someone bouncing on the bed. I look up to see Harry above me with his beautiful eyes and cheeky smile. Harry-"Good morning beautiful." me-"Good morning" He leaned down and kissed me twice. I pushed him off of me and got up off the bed.  When i was walking to the closet his hand grabbed my wrist as he pulled me into him. Harry-"Do you have to leave me?" He made a puppy dog face as he said it to. Me-"Yeah but i could call my mom and tell her im staying hone with you today if you want?" Harry-"No you need to go to school and besides ill have you starting Wednesday." Me-"True!" I kissed his cheek as i slowly let go of his hand and walked to the closet again. Niall knocked on the door and came in. I was in the closet and Harry laid on my bed with his hands behind his head. Me-"Hey Niall whats up?" Niall-"I needed to ask you a question...WOW...your room is really, really...PINK...and BIG!" Harry-"Yeah it is." Me-"Yeah my favorite color is pink which you tell by my room and clothes." They laughed! Me-"So Niall what was your question?" He walked over and came into the closet to talk instead of yelling through the room. Niall-"Are we still going shopping like we planned." Me-"Yeah just me and you" Harry-"Can i go with yous?" Me-"Im sorry babe its just gonna be me and Niall." Harry-"Ok then ill just play games on my laptop until yous get back." Me-"ok" Niall-"Ill met you after school then" I got my cloths and got dressed while, Harry and Niall talked. I came in and gave Niall a hug and a kiss on the cheek and i gave Harry a hug and a kiss. I knew that he had feelings for me from the first time we hugged. He would always try to sit by me and talk to me as much as possible (flirting). But when me and Harry got together he didn't talk to me for like a week or two. Then he got over it. Still to this day i know he has feelings for me from the hugs and how he gets that sad look on him when me and harry kiss. I went downstairs and said good bye to the boys and headed out the door off to school.

        I got to school and toke all my books to class and gave them back to the teachers since i was leaving. In class i didn't need to anything so i sat and drew on destiny's book. I wrote notes to everyone saying that i'll miss them and that i would send letters etc... It was lunch time already. I got myself an ice tea and a bag of chips. I sat by Zack and Noah. Destiny, Raven and Sabrina on the other side of the table.Me-"Ok i have to tell yous something really important." I had a sad face on while they were all looking at me. Me-"Well im...leaving." Noah-"Your moving?" Me-"No im leaving." Before i could finish Raven said "When are you going?" Me-"Im going on tour." Zack-"what do you mean tour?" Me-"im going with the boys on tour." Sabrina-"Well at least your not leaving for a little." Me-"No im actually leaving on Wednesday" Destiny-"Well what are you going to do about school? Your moms not going to let you just quiet school for your boyfriend!" Me-"No im gonna finish school online and Harry will be helping me with it." Noah-"WOW Don't you think this is going to be a big change for you?" Me-"Yeah but it will be amazing to see them in concert all the time and i get to be with my love of my life. Besides i get to visit different places." Raven-"Well at least you'll have fun!" The last bell rang and i grabbed my stuff and left.

       When i got out i saw Niall with a BIG smile on his face. I ran over to him and gave him a hug. Destiny didn't even acknowledge that he was waiting for me outside. Me-"Did Destiny even know that you were going to be waiting for me?" Niall-"Yeah i told her but she didn't even see me. I think she might be mad at me for some reason." Me-"Wait i might know. I think it's because im leaving with yous and she's not." Niall-"Well there wont'be any room for her. The other girls wont even fit. Your special." Me-"i feel bad that the other girls cant come." We were walking why girls kept taking pictures and pointing at us. Niall-"Well none of the girls wanted to." Me-" It feels so weird to be staying with yous all the time and watching yous sing at every concert." Niall-" you'll be all right Kyrsten." Me-"Im glad i could talk to you about situations like this and all." Niall-"Kyrsten i will always be here for you no matter what." ME-"thanks Niall. Your the best." I stopped walking and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Niall-"No prob. Ready to go shopping?" Me-"Hell yeah!"

       We got to the mall and we ate first cause you know Niall and how he loves food. I had fries and chocolate shake Niall had fries, cheese burger, chicken wrap, and a large soda. After we ate of course now Niall had to go to the bathroom cause of his soda and to make it worst he got a refill! We bought new clothes and shoes. I got jewelry while i was there but i bought belly rings when Niall wasn't looking cause i want to get my belly button Pierced with raven tomorrow before i leave. I finished buying jewelry when i turned around i found Niall gone. I looked for him about 20 minutes until i realized that i could just call him to see where he was. i sat my stuff down on a bench as i got out my phone. Someone came up behind me and put there arms around my waist. i jumped as i turned around to find Harry standing there with a cheeky smile on his face. Me-"What are you doing here?" Harry-"i needed to get stuff!" Me-"ok then. Where's Niall?" Harry-"A the pet store." I grabbed my stuff and Harry'd arm as i drugged him over to the per store  I saw Niall playing with the puppies. Me-"PUPPY!!" Harry-"Wait Kyrsten!" Harry got over to me when i was holding a dalmatian  Me-"Harry look how cute she is." Harry-"Aww shes so adorable. OMG she's $250!" Me-"i know." I had a sad look on my face when i had to leave her.

        We got home and i put my stuff in my room. I sat out on the balcony thinking about the puppy. I heard my door open but i didn't look to see who it was. Harry-"Kyrsten are you ok?" Me-" Yeah i just miss the puppy so much." Harry-" You'll be ok." We went down stairs  to hang with the boys. I sat by Louis on the small couch, Harry sat on the chair next to me on the couch, Niall, Zayn and Liam sat on the bigger couch. We watched some kind  of show. Every 5 minutes not even, Louis kept poking me in the cheek. Me-"What are you doing?" I couldn't help but laugh as I was saying it to him. Louis-"  I have no idea Im just bored and you are sitting next to me so" Me-"Ok" Louis-"Can I keep poking you then?" Me-"Sure do what ever you want." Louis-"Ok" Everyone fell asleep except for me and Louis. Me-"Hey Lou do you remember when we were sick over the summer?" Louis-"Yeah, that was so fun!" Me-"Well I have baking stuff!?" Louis looked at me and we both jumped up ran to the kitchen. Me-"The backing pans are in that cabinet and ill get the icing, cake mix, ans stuff to decorate it." We got all the stuff for it. We made three different cakes 1st-had a British flag on it, 2nd-Me and Louis's names on it, and 3rd-It said sick buddies on it (sick buddies was in the first book). We toke pics of the cakes and of us because we had flower all over each other and icing. Next minute I know someone had there head on my shoulder. Me-"Hello Niall!!" Niall-"I smelt cake!" Me-"of course you did! Niall-"Can i have a piece?" Me-"Yeah the flag one first." Niall-"ok. Yes I get cake." Niall kept saying that the whole time he got his cake and while he ate it.

         I finished cleaning up our mess while Niall and Louis played with their DS's and the rest of the boys slept. Destiny was at her mother's for the night. I headed upstairs and laid im my bed with my music blasting. All i did was sit there and thinking about leaving. I dosed of but then i heard my door open. I looked up to see who it was and it was Harry. Me-"Are you coming to lay down?" Harry-"No im going to the mall with Louis." Me-"But we were just there." Harry-"yeah but Lou wanted to go get something." Me-"oh ok." Harry-"Did I wake you?" He came over and sat on the bed and laid back. Me-"No why you ask?" I said that as I crawled over to him. Harry-"Cause you were laying down when I came in." Me-"I was thinking." Harry-"Is it ok if I ask about what?" Me-"It was about leaving." Harry-"What's wrong?" he said it as he sat up looking at me. Me-"nothing im just going to miss everyone." Harry-"Well you don't have to come with me if you don't want to." Me-" But I want to so I am." Harry-"Well as long as you will be ok with going and all." Me-"I will." We kissed and as I was kissing him Louis yelled up the stairs to Harry that it was time to leave." Harry-"coming!!!" Me-"Ill be here when you get back." Harry-"you better be! :) I love you" Me-"I love you to." He kissed me again as he left the room. I went into my closet and got out my riding clothes and put them on. I went downstairs and found the boys watching TV. I whispered in Niall's ear "do you know how to ride a quad?" Niall-"No! Why?" Me-"Liam do you know how to ride a quad?" Liam-"No?" Zayn-"I do!" Me-"Do you want to go quading cause i have three?" Zayn-"Sure lets go!!" Niall-"I wanna go!" Me-"ok" Liam-"Can i come?" Me-" So we're all going?" Zayn-"Yeah." Liam-"Who's going with who?" Me-"We'll see who fits with who." Niall whispered in my ear "can I sit with you?"  Me-"If we fit" Niall-"I hope so." We went and saw who fir with me and it was Liam. Niall went with Zayn. You could tell that Niall was pretty upset. We got all ready and we left.

          We got back about 2 hours later. Me and Liam were black, Niall and Zayn weren't as much. I hosed everyone off while Harry came out. Me-"Im sorry i left my phone in the closet when i was getting my clothes to go riding." Harry-"Its ok. I just missed you ALOT!" Me-"Aww...I missed you to babe. Ok you boys are cleaned off! Now its my turn!" Harry"I will spray you down."  He had a big cheeky smile on his face. Me-"ok" The boys went in and Harry cleaned me halfway off. All of a sudden he pushed me into the pool.Me-"Why would you do that!?" Harry-"Cause now i get to hold you even more cause your colder!" Me-"wow really Harry?" Harry-"o god Kyrsten i love you so much. My life wouldn't be complete with out you!" Louis came out with a towel for me and said "I made mac-and-cheese for you if your Hungary " Me-"Thanks Lou." He helped me out of the pool. Harry came over and picked me up and carried me into the house. I went straight upstairs while I dried myself off. Someone came in my room right after me. I turned around to see Liam he asked if he could use my shower cause Niall was in the other. me-"Sure Liam the towels are int eh cabinet in there that you can use." Liam-"Thanks Kyrsten your so nice." Me-"I know Liam." Why he got a shower I played games on my laptop. When I checked my twitter I had so much hate from people. It was about 3 pages long. Some people stuck up for me. Niall even stuck up for me the rest of the boys didn't yet cause they weren't on yet. I was upset and a tear came down my face as I read the hate. Liam came out of the bathroom as i quickly whipped the tears away. Liam-What wrong?" Me-"Nothing. I am fine." Liam-"I could tell your not." Me-"Im fine." He came over to sit by me as I quickly shut my laptop. Liam-"Whats wrong? and why did you shut your laptop when I came over?" Me-"Nothing I was done on my laptop." Liam-"If you tell me i won't tell anyone. I swear!" Me-"Ok pregnant!" His eyes lite up as he said "Are you kidding with me?" I slapped him in the arm and he said "What did you do that for?" Me-"Now if I was pregnant you would have been the first to know cause you would know what i should do but, im not pregnant " Liam-"Then tell me what's wrong?" Me-"Nope" Liam-"Well then Ill just have to tickle you so you'l tell me." He tickled me until I told him. Me-"ok i give up. People are sending  me hate and all that's why i'm upset. I did ignore it but it's even more. People tell me that Harry could do way better and all." Liam-"Your amazing the way you are and you are the best thing that ever happened to Harry." Me-"thanks Liam I feel so much better that I could talk to you. Do you want to watch toy story at 8:00 with me?" Liam-"Yes I would love to. well Im gonna head downstairs to have some cake!" Me-"ok"

           It was around eight when i got ready for bed. I came out of the bathroom to find Harry sitting on the bed playing with his phone. Harry-"Hey were you online yet?" Me-"Yeah why?" Harry-"Cause of all the hate. I went on to see it so I toke  care of it for you!" I went over and gave him a kiss and said thank you babe. Me-"O I forgot to tell you that Liam is watching toy story with me in like 10 minutes" Harry-"Can I watch it with you to?" Me-"If you want to. You don't have to?" Harry-"I guess" Someone knocked at the door and in came Liam and a couple minutes after Louis, Zayn, and Niall. Me-"So we are gonna have sleepover?" Louis said "yes" as he jumped on the bed. We were 20 minutes into the movie and I said "Im going to get snacks and drinks. I was half way down the stairs when my bedroom door opened and shut I turned around to see Harry. Me-"What's up?" Harry-"Nothing I just wanted to help." Me-"Ok Harry" Harry-"I thought I was just going to be me and you tonight?' Me-"I know but I thought it would be nice if we hung out one more night at my house." Harry-"Well its ok cause when we get to California we can spend time at the beach and all the fun things there." Me-"I can't wait to see everything." He gave me a piggy back ride to the kitchen. Harry put me on the chair. I got popcorn and chips while he got the soda. We went back upstairs and we all passed around 10:00.

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