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the sequeal to (My vacation to england and meeting one direction)....Summary-i go back to school with harry always on my mind...there will be surprise thro out the story!!! Hope you will like it! :) <3


3. 2 days later

        It was 2 days later and Me and Destiny were having so much fun with baking and having movie night. I had to quads and we decided to go ride them so i called Noah and Zack to go quading together. After we came home all 4 of us had a campfire and just talked. It was around 9 when Harry called me and told me that he was heading back to England tonight. Me-"Harry's going home tonight." Destiny-"Niall didn't text or call me yet." Me-"He will don't worry about it." Zack-"So what do yous want to do?" Noah-"It doesn't really matter to me." They decided on playing truth or dare. It was 10 when they left and i had to clean up the mess cause Destiny fell asleep. When she fell asleep we drew on her face and all so tomorrow is going to be hell. I finished up and got a shower and headed to bed.

      I got up at 6 and made breakfast for me. Destiny came down a couple minutes later and made a bowl of cereal. Me-"Good morning sunshine. Did you look in the mirror yet." Destiny-"No not yet i will after im done eating." She didn't even wonder why i asked her. Me-"Well im going to get ready." Destiny-"ok you do that." Me-"I will!!." We both started laughing after i whacked her in the back of the head and ran out of the kitchen. I got up stairs and check my calendar to see what day it was. It has been a week since i saw Harry. He called me last night when i was sleeping so i called him on, put him on speaker and i got changed for another boring day at school. Harry-"Hey!!" Me-"Hey, im sorry that i didn't answer when you called me last night i fell asleep." Harry-"Its ok babe, i just wanted to talk cause everyone was sleeping." Me-"Im sorry" Harry-"So what are you doing?" Me-"Talking to my extrodiHARRY boyfriend in the world and getting ready for school" Harry-"Aww well im talking to my sweet, kind, loving, amazing girlfriend in the world." Destiny-"KYRSTEN IM GONNA KILL YOU NOAH AND ZACK!!!" Harry-"Why is she screaming?" Me-"Cause last night me Noah, and Zack drew on her face when she fell asleep!" i couldn't stop laughing. Harry-"i wish i could have been there and i wish i could have seen her face." Me-"I posted them on Facebook and twitter last night so you can see them and everyone else!" Harry-"ill check it then." Me-"Well i have to go cause me and Destiny are walking today, i love you and ill text when i get out." Harry-"i love you 2 bye.

         After Destiny got all of the writing off her face we got to school with 3 minutes to get to homeroom or we were going to be late. I sat in class three desk away from her cause of what had happened. It was time for lunch and me and destiny texted Harry and Niall the whole time while Natasha gave us dirty looks, and Raven and Sabrina were talking about boys. Today we had a peprally and I sat at the bottom of the bleachers with Destiny and Raven. Nicole would have sat with us but she didnt come. Today was Friday so it went really fast and so did the peprally. When we got out me and Destiny walked to the store and got ice tea and twix bars. I also picked up apple juice.

        When we got home it was about 3:30 and Destiny headed right up stairs. I put my apple juice in the fridge. My cell started to vibrate on the table it was a text from Harry. To kyr:Hey babe!! :) To harry:Hey just got home. When i sent that i was walking upstairs staring at my cell the whole time waiting for him to text back. I got to my door and started to turn the knob when i got a text. To kyr:SURPRISE!! I just kept looking at my phone while i opened the door and put my keys on the desk. I never looked up when i got another text from him saying "Look up babe! ;)" I said what? and looked up to see HARRY with roses sitting on my bed.

         When i saw him i dropped my phone, bag and jacket. He sat down the flowers on the bed. As he stood up i ran to him and tackled him onto the bed so there was no point to stand up. I said into his ear as we still held each other "I missed you so much im so glad i get to give you a hug and see you in person again!!" He said "Same here babe, it feels like a month since we saw each other!" We sat up as we looked into each others eyes that seem like it lasted an hour. Me-"How did you find me?" Harry-"i called your mom and asked. Im off for a week and then i have to fly back to California for another concert. So the boys stayed there and i flied over to see you. Im staying at a hotel for a week to be with you." Me-"I love you so much. You care  for me so much." Harry-"i do and i always spoil you when we go somewhere." Me-"Harry you could stay here for the week if you want to." Harry-"no i cant do that." Me-"PLEASE HARRY!!! for me." Harry-"is it ok? Are your parents ok with it." Me-"Ill call my mom and tell her later cause i pretty much so i invited destiny to come live with me. Now all i have to do is  get you to move in for a week." Harry-"ok i will for you babe" (kiss)

          We watched love actually and fell asleep together. He held me the whole time. I feel so safe when im in his arms. Destiny didn't even bother to come in my room at all to talk or anything like that so she had no idea that he was here and my mom said that it was ok if he wanted to stay at the house for the week.  Right before i fell asleep i toke a picture of me and him. I sent it to Facebook and twitter saying that "My amazing boyfriend surprised me when i came home. Doesn't he look cute sleeping? <3 :)" Then i fell asleep with my head on his chest.....:)

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