I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


23. Santa's been!

I don't really believe in Santa. Just putting it out there!

Georgia's pov:

I woke up the next morning to find Harry staring at me. WAIT!! HOW DOD HE GET IN?!? he went into his apartment lastnight not mine. I shook it off. When my eyes focused on his he wispered "Merry Christmas love" "thanks Merry Christmas!" He smiled and kissed my fore head and got up. I checked my phone. 8:00am it read. Along with a text from mum ad a missed call from dad. I read the text first.

From mum:
Hey mertal turtle! Merry Christmas! Can you get up any slower we are all in my apartment waiting for you. And Harry. And Lilli. Oh and Niall. HURRY UP! ;)

Sent at 7:15
Well they have been waiting a while. I got up and went to the bathroom to hae a shower and got changed into a Christmas shirt that read 'All I want for Christmas is Harry' I put on a pair of jeans and a jumper and walked out to the bedroom. Harry was waiting for me to come out. We made to bed and Harry ran to the Christmas tree I put up in my room an got a preasnt from it and gave it to me. When did he put that there? I took the preasnt and went and got his. "We can open it at the same time." I said. I gave the preasnt to him and sat on the bed. It was a small box which got me worried for a secound there! I am not old enough to get married! I opened the lid and sighed of relief when I saw a necklace. I took a closer look at it and it was a infinity necklace that had Harry and Georgia written on it. I loved it! "Awww thanks hazza I love it!" "It's okay love! Here turn around I will put it on you!" He said I turned around and he done it up for me. I turned around and and said "COME ON SLOW POKE OPEN IT UP!!" He laughed and opened the box ad was shocked when he saw the pair of keys in the box. He smile grew huge. "OH MY GOD GEORGIA!!!!" He said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door and then to the stairs and then to the lobby and then to the front door. When we reached the doors a car was pulled up. He ran to it and said "Georgia? How much was this?!? You really shouldn't have spent that much on me!" I laughed and said "for me to know and for you to NEVER find out!" He opened to car door and was in heaven. I laughed at all of his reactions!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 hour later

I hoped out of the car and headed up to the apartment. This time I took the elevator. I wasn't bothered to take the stairs. Harry followed. " Harry if this elevator stops again on us it is official you are my bad luck in elevators charm!" He laughed and pushed the button to our floor. We were moving that was a good sign. Then we stopped the doors opened and we stepped out since it was out floor. We both walked into my apartment to wake Lilli and Niall up. When I walked in and turned the lights on all I saw was bug Santa sacks planted all over the room with different names on them. Then when I went to the kitchen mostly everyone was there. I laughed and turned around and found everyone else here as well. Louis shouted "SANTA'S BEEN!!! TOLD YA I WAS A GOOD BOY HARRY!!" We all laughed and hazza said "I stand corrected" We all gave each other hugs and dug into the preasnts. We had a big day ahead of us now!
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