I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


26. Harry!

"We all agreed and left to go home. Harry walked me over to the car and hopped in. "Harry?" I asked. "Yeah?" He said popping his head up on the car roof. "I wanna walk home so I can stop by the park. And you know just relax." I said shutting the door. "Okay then the park is not as close as you think so I can drive you there and we can talk and stuff!" He said. "Okay and isn't there one around the corner?!" "Ha ha yeah BUT do not i repeat DO NOT go there. ALOT of criminals go there and you know do criminal things!" He said with a stressed look. My smile faded. "Oh really! Gosh wait couldn't the police go arrest them there then?" I said as I hoped into the car. "Nup they can't unless they see them doing something bad. The criminals act normal when they recognise a police man." He said as he started the car. "Wow okay!" I said. Drove a while before we stopped at a park. "Harry we passed like 20 parks and you stop at the one the fairest away! Why?" I asked. "Well this is the best park there is!" He said as he hopped out. He walked around to my side and opened my door. "Thanks!" I said and hopped out. The park was beautiful. Flowers were in small gardens and trees towerd over us. Harry took my hand and walked me to a footpath. It stopped at a huge tree with leaves and vines reaching to the ground. "Harry where are you taking me?!" I said. He looked at me. "Can't tell you!" He said. He walked into the tree and pulled me with him. I was about to run into the tree when Harry pulled me to the right. I thanked him and turned around to see what he had achieved by pulling me into the bushes. "Do like the veiw..... Even though it isn't much!" He said. We were in the middle of a garden with beautiful flowers planted around and green grass with a large pond with tiny little fish in it. "Wow!" Was all I said. "No one ever comes to this part of the park. I don't think they even know it is here! All the entrences have been sealed with plants, trees and bushes" he said as he sat on the grass just infront of the pond. I sat down beside him. "This is beautiful!"I said. It truly was. I attempted to catch a fish. Harry laughed and joined in. "OH I CAUGHT ONE!" I said to Harry who was crouched down in the middle of the pond. "Show me!" He said. "Haha we are such kids. Most people dot jump into ponds trying to catch tiny fishies!" I said. He laughed and I put the fish back in the water. I hopped out of the pond and crouched down on the grass. I was inspecting the ant crawling over the price of grass. I have no idea why. Harry hopped out and sat beside me. "I love you" he said. I turned to face him. He turned his head and faced me too. "Aww thanks haz I love you too!" I said.

It was getting pretty late. We had been here for about 4hours and it was almost dark. I hopped up and pulled Harrys hand scince he put his hand out. "Ready to go home?" I said. "Yup" he said. I started walking towards the tree to get out. Harry was behind me as I steped out. We walked towards the road. Out of no where a car came for me. "GEORGIA!!" Harry said. I froze. I felt something push me out of the way and I heard a loud scream. I hoped off the floor. My arm felt broken. I looked down and found Harry on the ground with tears in his eyes.

Harry's pov:

We walked onto the road. And out of no where this car came for Georgia. "GEORGIA!!" I screamed. I ran for her. She was completely frozen. I pushed her away from the car and before I knew it I was hit by the car. I was on the ground screaming for help in pain. I think Georgia heard and got up. And found me. That's when it went all black.

Georgia's pov:

His eyes closed and he didn't move. "Harry are you okay OH MY GOD HARRY WAKE W-W-WAKE UP STAY WITH ME!" I screamed. I screamed for help. I pulled out my phone and called the hospital. "Harry c'mon wake up!" I wispered under my breath.
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