I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


29. Harry... Please....


Hi peepz! So baiscally I went to go do some homework and got bored as soon as I looked at the first question so I am like "What can I do?" and then I checked my emails and found yet another Movellas email. And then it hit me! I can Do a chapter or two on one of my stories! Sorry Georgia....... I will update your some time maybe tomorrow. Maybe...... I REPEAT MAYBE! Okay goodbye =)

Georgia's POV:

"AHHHHH!" I screamed as my eyes shot open. I sat up on the hospital bed and grabbed my heart. "GOSH!" I sighed "Talk about a fright!" The doctor laughed. "That is probably the firsdt time in the 30 years I have worked here that anyone has woken up to such a fright ha ha" he said walking to the end of my bed. He grabbed the clipbored and scribled things down. "Georgia?" he asked. I looked up. "we are going to run a few tests about your head injuries. Just icase you lost any memory that we diddn't catch in your last test about an hour ago." He said. I nodded my head. "WAIT!" I said. "Did you say head injuries? And memory loss???" I asked. "ah yes. I will explaine it all later when I come to check you next but inn the mean time, how would you like to see some one?" He asked. I looked up. "Harry" I wispered. "Harry? Sorry is that what you said?" He asked. I nodded. a tear fell down my cheek. I had a gut feeling that he stilll wasn't awake. "are you okay?" He asked. Let me find that Harry for you love" he said patting my back. I nooded and started crying harder. The doctor walked back in. "Oh my!" He said running to my side. "can you please bring in Alycia, Melissa, Georgia and Lilli? I need them to come see Harry with me." I looked up to him. "yes. Here do you want some help up?" He asked while passing e a sling for my arm. I nodded. He grabbed my arm and soon enough I was up. I walked into the Hallway and found the girls on the floor. I sat down beside Georgia and Melissa. They all had the head in their hands crying. I cleared my throat. They didn't even notice me. I started coughing and thats when Lilli shot her head up. "DO YOU MIND WE ARE-- GEORGIA!" She jumped up and ran for me. They all jumped up and did the same. "God your alright!" Georgia said to me. "Yes I am fine! I hope! but where is Harry?! I need to see him!" I said. Alycia looked to the floor. she grabbed my hand and pulled me to a Hospital room. Thats where I found Louis and Liam. Niall and Zayn came out with a woman with red puffy eyes. It looked like they just had to clean her up. WAIT! thats Harry's mum! She ran into my arms and cried. It was weird at first since we had never met. "It is okay!" I said rubbing her back. She pulled back and smiled a half smile. "I am sorry.... I am Anne. Harrys mum" she said holding out her hand. I shook it and replied "Hi I am Georgia."


Anne and I were pretty close now. It had lituraly only been 5 minutes. "So what is wrong with harry?" I ask. "He is....." "What? What tell me?" I ask Liam who was looking to the ground. "He is in a coma" Anne told me rubbing my arm. My mouth drops.

"Who would like to see him? Two people at a time." Anne and I stand up and walk to the doctor. "This way and shhh..." He said as we walk in. He closes the door behind us and walks to the end of his bed filling out a clip board. "Hi Haz" Anne says. I walk to the side of his bed and hold his hand. "I won't leave your side Harry." I say. The doctor puts the clip board down and walks to Anne "Are you okay?" He asks. "Yes.....No" A tear rolls down her cheek. "Come out to his friends and we can talk about it." He looks down to me. "Are you his girlfriend?" I nod. "You can stay the night. "I already am. I was in a room down the hall. Could I stay in here with Harry and the doctors can come and check me in here?" I ask. "Ah I will have to get some permission from your doctor first and then I will tell you." He says and walks out with Anne. The door shuts and it is just me and Haz. "I love you Harry! I love you so much. I would prefer this to me then you. You didn't have to do that for me." I said. "But thank you...." I say. I lay my head on his bed and start crying. My hand feels a squeeze. I look up. "Harry?" I say.

Harry's POV:
I can here her crying. I try to move. It hurts so bad to though. I try to squeeze her hand. I did it! "Harry?" She asks. "Do it again! C'mon!!" I try it again. "Oh gosh! Harry!!!!" She says. I can sense the smile on her face, my eyes flutter open and I stare at the roof before I see her standing beside me, our hands still interlocked. "Hey babe" I whisper. "I love you so much!" She smiles tears rolling down her cheeks. "I love you more." I whisper. I see the door open. "Harry?!" I hear a familiar voice. "Your awake!!!" I look down "Mum?" I say. "Yes I am here. She comes over to kiss my forehead. "Okay guys we need to do some tests so could you leave?" They both nod and wave to me as they walk out. I start to wave when Georgia runs back and gives me a quick kiss. "See you soon" she says. They walk out and close the door. I smile as the doctor starts asking me questions. 

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