I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


11. Biggest twit cam ever

Harry passed me back my phone and I was medianly all smiles. I watch Harry as he was unlocking his phone to obviously look at the picture again when I noticed some thing. Was that a picture of me asleep? Why does he have that picture?? "Harry why is there a picture of asleep on your phone?" He looked up and showed me the phone. "Cause look how beautiful you are!" He said. "Hey guys is there any wifi up here?" Liam said Zayn nodded his head. "There should be I have been using it for the whole trip!" He said as Georgia giggled to herself. "Okay thanks!" Liam said. "Hey how about we do a twit cam?" Harry said " how about we get some food?" Niall said. Everyone agreed. Harry and I forgot about them not having breakfast.

Everyone got their breaky and Harry and I were about to start the twit cam. Harry went on twitter and said

Starting a twit cam in five min! Hurry! Lou and I have an important announcement to make!!!!!

The five minutes ended and we started the twit cam. There was billions of people watching us. I didn't even know that there were that many people alive!
"Hi everyone can you see us?" He said to the camera. Millions of girls replied in seconds YES!!!!
"Okay cool um... We are still on the plane to London and it is taking FOREVER!! But you know Georgia the girl who won the trip with us over to London well... We are now together as in boyfriend and girlfriend!! Can you believe it?!!!" Harry said Louis then shouted in the background "and I'm taken too!! By the lovely Melissa!!" We past the laptop around to Louis and Melissa as they were talking non stop! Then it was Niall's and Lilli's turn, Georgia and Zayns and then Alycia's and Liam's. the twit can lasted about an hour or two bit then we were told to turn our wifi off and that we are coming into landing. We waved to the camera and turned it off and sat in our seats and watched carefully out the window to see beautiful London our new home.
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