I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


8. Best question ever!

Georgia's pov:
I sat down in my seat and put my bag away. There was a flight attendant there giving Harry a menu. When I sat down she kindly handed me a menu and said "I will be back to take your orders later." And then she was off. Harry turned to me "Ello again! Don't you look lovely" said while looking at me up and down. "Aw thanks harry" I said. But I wondered to myself how I really looked. There was no mirror in the bathroom and i forgot my phone do I couldn't see myself at all. I looked at my menu as the flight attendant came back. "Can I take your order?" She said. Harry spoke up first. "We will have two egg and bacon rolls with two hot chocolates" he said. I looked at him confused for a minute. How did he know I wanted that? Oh well I guess he got lucky. The lady smiled a little then left to take our orders.

"Harry how did you know that I wanted that?" I asked. "Lucky guess?" He said back. I just laughed a little to loud. I turned around to see if I woke anyone. Nup no ones awake. I turned back around and found Harry just staring at me. " your food!" A lady said behind me. Harry quickly came back down to earth and took our good of the flight attendant. She smiled yet again and left. I took a big bight and moaned a little. It had been ages since I had eaten this. Harry laughed a bit and took a bight from his. He moaned a little too. "Best egg and bacon roll ever!" He said looking up at the sky. " *Ha Ha* I know right?" I said. I felt my phone buzz and knew it was gunna play an extra loud embarrassing ringtone. "YOUR MUM IS CALLEN BACK! FOR NO GOOD REASON BUT JUST TO CHAT!" It screamed. I quickly pulled it out and found out it was just my phone reminding me that I had to call mum when I landed later today. Harry laughed at the ringtone. I quickly turned around again to see if it woke anyone. But some one pulled me back. I turned back to face Harry. Our faces were inches apart. I could feel his breath. My stomach was full of butterflies. Then when I least expected it he leant in and softly kissed my lips. I could see fireworks. And then Gary pulled away. "I have been wanting to do that ever since I first laid my eyes on you" he said in a soft whisper. "Me too" was all I could say. A smile grew on his face. "Georgia. I know I only met you yesterday but will you please be my girlfriend. Please" he said.
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