I fight for you (Harry Styles love story)

Georgia a 18 year old moves from Australia to London with her Best friends Georgia, Melissa, Alycia and Lilli to start a new life. When they get to the airport they realise that they are in first class with One Direction for the next 25 to 30 hours. Later on Georgia (first one mentioned) falls in love with Harry while on the plane to London. Harry has the same feelings for her. Later on in their relationship someone gets hurt from all the drama this relationship caused.
Read more to find out what happens. I can't tell ya everything! He he he!


17. A date to remember!

Georgia's pov:

I was in a rush to get out! I did not want to be worm-a-fide. I hate worms. I got to te elevator and pulled harry in with me. He was laughing so hard at how I reacted to the situation. We reached the elavator and I playfully slapped his arm and stood in the corner while I poked my tounge out at him. He fake cried and rubbed his arm. He saw that I didn't budge so he came over and gave me a hug. I hugged him back. All the studded the elevator stopped and so did that anouing elevator music. I looked up to Harry who was looking around the small elevator we were in. "Harry please don't tell me the elevator has stopped!" I said worried. Tipical me always worrying. Harry looked down to me and calmly said "babe I think we are" he hugged me tighter. We both sat down by the wall. We decided to call for help. Just as I pushed the button says 'HELP' the power went out. Harry took my hand and pulled me down to the ground. I pulled out my phone for light when it hit me I can call Lilli! I speed dialled her and thankfully she picked up. LILLI HELP WE ARE STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR!!! What? You met an alligator? That's great! WHAT NO!! WE. ARE. STUCK. IN. AN. ELEVATOR. After I said that the line was dead. Damn! I leant on Harry's shoulder as he sung little things to me. He knew that singing always calmed me down. He kissed my head and kept singing until eventually I fell asleep. I woke up to a few lights. I opened my eyes and saw Harry lighting candles. "Harry where did you get them?" I said sitting closer to him. "I found an EMERGANCY cupboard. And these were in it along with a lighter and a few books." He said. I came over to him and helped light them all. He shaped them into a love heart and we had enough to put our enishals in the middle. We didn't touch the books they looked to dusty and I think I saw a spider in there. We played on our phones and played a few games until we were bored again. It had been 3hrs now. And I was so board so I decided to look at the books. I pulled one out and blew all the dust off it and then checked for spiders. Nup. No spiders. I opened the book and I noticed something about the title that seemed like it could help us out. The book read HOW TO GET OUT OF A BROKEN ELEVATOR. I smiled and looked to Harry who was looking pretty excited to get out. A/N HEEEY wow do you think Georgia and Harry will ever get to there date? I will update pretty soon calm ya farms! Hope you have enjoyed the story so far!

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