I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


1. The Plane

I was on the plane already to go. I sat there nervously in the middle seat. I wonder as the rest of the passengers I was going to sit next to for another hour or two. A handsome man starts to walk down the aisle. He was blonde and somewhat tall and he had such a sweet smile. I looked at him and he came up to me and said "Excuse me but your bag is in the way. " He kept smiling and I look down to only find my bag and my tampon roll out of my bag! I gathered my stuff as quickly as I can. I faked a quick smile and apologised as he walk to his seat three rows behind me. I practically fell back in my seat and died. "Sweetie can you possibly scooch over a bit so I can get through?" I got up and moved so she can sit right next to me. She carried an enormous bag that she kept in her lap. I thought that was so cute. "Hi. I'm Stella" I smiled and put out my hand. She smiled back and said "Call me Na-na" I gave a slight laugh and asked if she needed any help. "Oh no sweetie I'm fine. What is a young thing from America doing over here?" I smiled and I said "I have a bucket list and the first thing to do in Europe was to go to London and start my new life in Homes Chapel. What about you? Why are you going to London?" I ended it with another smile and she said "Well, I'm going to visit my grandson and his little friend's" I just thought of a little kid jumping to see his grandmother. "I'm guessing it's been a while from the last time you've seen him?" She nodded yes. "Well hopefully if you have any spare time I can show you around to all the exciting places of Homes Chapel." I smiled and said "That would be great but I wouldn't want you to be away from your grandson." Na-na said "Oh no. It's fine. He wouldn't mind. Maybe he'd like to tag along." "That would be great!" I already have a friend and she is so nice and she is so carefree. She reminds me of my grandmother who had passed about three years ago.  *Seatbelt light turns on* I fasten my seatbelt and plug in one of my earphones and pop some gum into my mouth. "My grandson does the exact same thing!" I was confused. "How old is your grandson?" I was curious. "Oh he's 18. He turned 18 earlier this year." I blushed. I had just turned 18 a month ago. "He has curly hair just like you. Except yours is a little bit curlier." I smiled. I had a secret turn on for curly hair. I'm already crushing on her grandson and I don't even know the guy! "Stella. What are you listening to?" I told her " Well I always listen to 'I am the Walrus' by The Beatles whenever we are ready to take lift off in the plane. It keeps me pre-occupied on the song rather than the thought of dying." She looked a bit shocked. Not necessarily about the dying part but about me listening to The Beatles. "You like The Beatles? Oh wow! My grandson seems perfect for you!" I laughed at the thought that she's hooking me up already. "Yes. Well I listen to all types of music. I especially like classic rock." She kept smiling and smiling. "Oh how I wish I had a picture of him right now!" I kept laughing. I found it so cute.  The plane had finally lifted off and I was set to start my new life with my new friend Na-na.
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