I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


21. The Mistake I've Made

     "Harry! Listen! Harry!" I ran to him. He swung open the front door. He was furious. "Harry! Please!" I still shout. I cry and cry. I still follow behind him but he kept pacing. He swung open the back door. He still walks fast. He hasn't turned to me at all. He hasn't said a word. I follow him still. There it was. I told him I've always wanted one but since I'm a little grown I'd like my kids to have one. A tree house. It was enormous. It even had a slide. It had lights. It was beautiful. He climbed inside it and I still followed. I climbed up not necessarily getting inside. He was in the corner of the tree house. There was a tree trunk right in the middle of the tree house. There was a carving. 'HARRY AND STELLA'. I teared up.  
        "Harry. Listen. Please. It was before I met you!" I said. 
        "I wish you would have told me before. Before any-everything else happened." He kept his head buried in his knees. He was more mumbling than anything else. "Just. Go" With that 'go' I left. I left to the room and gathered up all my things. I look over at a notepad. I grab a pen and started writing. 
     'Harry. I never meant to hurt you. Niall and I were nothing. It was a fling. It was in the airplane. I shouldn't have though. I never actually hard a boyfriend. I'm an awkward person. I make mistakes. We all do. Understand that I will always love you even though you will stop loving me. I won't say anything to the press or anything that would ruin your status. I love you. Please Harry understand it please. I'm going to a motel right now if I can find one. I'm sure you are going to want space but I want to work it out. I love you. Please don't leave it like this. I love you -Stella.'
         I called a cab and it drove me away. I cried and cried. I re-read the texts Harry and I had. I didn't know if I should call Sam or not. Instead she calls me. I tried to pull myself together but it didn't really work. 
      "He-Hello?" I say choking on my words. 
       "Honey. Come on over. Stay with us for the night." Sam said. I needed someone to cry to. I know she'd be there. 
       "Okay. Text me the address and I'll have the cab take me there." She texts me the information and again the can drives off. I look out to the streets and lights but I find it scary and so much different without Harry. I love him and I made a mistake. 
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