I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


2. The Mile-High Club

"Well I'm going to take a little nap is that alright?" Na-Na asked. I said "Yes. That's alright." She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. She held tightly to her purse and I kept smiling. Then all of a sudden the empty chair on my left wasn't so empty. "Hi. I'm Niall." I knew he had looked so familiar. He was sitting in the first class so I knew he had money.  He had a cute Irish accent. Has an accent another secret turn on of mine. I'm starting to like my new life. I smiled. "I'm Stella." "Woah. You were from America!" Niall said. I smiled and nodded my head yes. There was no sound coming from Na-na. I looked over to see if she was still asleep. She was. "Is she your grandma?" I shook my head no. "Well. Stella. Tell me. Why are you heading to Homes Chapel if you were from America?" "Okay. I have my bucket list and it involves going to London which I checked off now. And I'm on my way to Homes Chapel to live for about a year  Another part of my bucket list which I will cross off.  What about you? You're obviously from Ireland." He laughed. He had a loud yet cute laugh. I loved it. "Well. I'm in a band. I'm in One Direction and I'm visiting the rest of the lads at one of their houses." then he whispered "but I'm not supposed to tell anyone." I giggled. "One Direction? You mean X-Factor?" I knew he looked familiar. He looked so much older. More mature. "Yes. From the X-Factor" We kept talking and Na-Na was still asleep. "Hey. Are you a part of the Mile-Hugh Club?" Niall asked. I was shocked but yet I wouldn't mind being with Niall. It's a one time thing considering that he is a huge star and I'm just a girl from Texas. "No but umm. I'm heading to the restroom right now. Maybe you'll be there" I whispered. I winked at Niall and stood up to head to the bathroom. I got there and made sure I had no stubble. I tossed my hair around making it look messy. I take my clothes off and sit on the toilet with the cover down trying to pose. I stood up to only get a wedgie. I tried reaching it but I couldn't. I was so uncomfortable. I sat on the sink hoping it would come out. I kept squirming around until Niall opened the door and hits me by accident. "I'm sooo sooo sorry babe!" He kept rubbing me head and kissing my forehead paying no attention that I was half-naked. I kissed him. I kissed Niall Horan's lips! He grabbed me by the waist and took me away. I was then a part of the Mile-High Club. 
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