I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


7. The Empty Hotel Room. *NIALL'S POV*

          I can't believe I actually had a fling like that. She actually thought I liked her. She was beautiful they was her curls bounced as she walked or how she would laugh. Her laugh. Okay maybe I do like her but I'm here now and I need to focus. Lying in this bedroom hotel empty is really making me feel alone. I flip through my contacts and nothing. I don't want to be alone yet everyone else has a girlfriend other than Harry and I. I pull up Harry's number and it starts to ring. I put it on speaker and lay the phone on my stomach and I lay down. "Hey mate!" Finally. "Hey Harry. I arrived yesterday and", I think I just heard a girl laugh. "Harry? Is a girl with you?" He pauses for awhile and says "Yeah. She's beautiful. Guess what!" Great Harry is with another girl and yet I have no one. "What? What is it?" "She has curly hair and she's from America!" Then he whispers "You know how I REALLY like American accents right?" I laugh because I know how much he likes American accents. "So what's her name?" I ask. I was curious. She was American and she had curly hair. It can't be , right? "Her name is Stella. She told me in Spanish her full name is Estella. Oh yeah she's Hispanic too! Score!" My eyes had opened up like never before. Her name Stella. It's her. It's really her. I smile at the thought her smiling and laughing at my jokes when it hit me. She's off with my best friend. How dare she! "Hey. Niall. Are you still there? Well I have to go. It's Saturday and Stella and I have something planned. I'll see you next week." He said. He waited awhile and I still gave no response so he hung up. "Bye." I stare at the ceiling and only think about her sitting in my lap and me hugging her tightly. Could this mean that I could have another shot? "Hello. Room service? Yeah could you bring some alcohol? I don't care what it is. Just bring it." I wanted it to go away. Room service comes and I drink away. I'm a little tipsy after my 5th drink and I see my laptop. There it is. I wanted to talk to anyone. Face to face. (Or screen to screen) I log on to Skype to only see Sam online. I click on her and after that it all went blurry. I kept drinking and drinking to only wake up with messages on Skype from Sam saying she didn't want to talk to me anymore. That I disgusted her. Why? What have I done? What have I said? It's all because of her. Stella. Could it be Harry's fault also? Did he know? Was he just rubbing it in my face? I called Demi first to apologise but no answer and so I left a voicemail. "Sam. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I said or done. Please. I was drunk and will you forgive me. I'm so sorry I just received bad news but all that matters is that you and I remain friends. Bye. I'm sorry." I layers back in my bed and curled up into a ball thinking of her. Stella. 
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