I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


4. Tea for 3 and Coffee for 1

"Well Stella are you going to be riding with us or do you have your one ride?" Na-na asked. "Oh we'll I was just going to wait for a taxi. Maybe we can meet up later for coffee or tea?" I still had my bags in my hands. "Nonsense! Harry get her bags. She's coming with us!" he reached for my bags and we touched hands for a little bit and it felt nice. He smiled and put my bags in the truck along with Na-na's. Harry went to the driver's seat and Gemma helped Na-na into the passanger's seat. I got into the backseat to only find Harry looking at me through the mirror. He pretended like he was adjusting it but he really wasn't. I giggled and he stopped. We finally left the airport and quickly went out for some tea and coffee. They all ordered tea while I ordered coffee. Things are different here but I like it. "So Harry. When are the rest of your friends coming over?" Na-na asked. "Well. A couple of them are staying at a hotel for about a week or two so that I can get the place all cleaned up." Harry replied. Gemma kept trying to eye Na-na to finish up. "Well I'm tired from the long trip. I'm going home to take a quick nap. Will you be coming with Gemma and I?" Na-na asked looking at both Harry and I. "Well I was hoping to get another cup of coffee and then I'm going to check into my hotel while I start to look for flats." "I'll help her. She's going to need help right? You can't go all alone now." he smiled at me. "Okay. Have another cup of coffee but Stella I don't want you sleeping at some random hotel. You are going to stay with us!" Na-na was being really serious. I nodded head yes. Then she left smiling and she kept turning around to see us looking at her. She finally left and I was stuck with such a gorgeous guy. He kept sipping his tea as I held my coffee in between my hands. "So. What part of America are you from?" He asked. He had these beautiful green eyes. I kept gazing into them getting lost in them. "I'm from Texas. Houston Texas. You've probably never heard of it." I was so caught up with his curly hair that I didn't hear a word he said. "What?" I said. "I just like your curls." I smiled shyly drinking the last drop I had left. "I said I've been to Houston Texas before. There's a lot of traffic." He smiled and he had such a great smile. He had this perfect smile that I can't even describe. "So you have been!" I replied. Wow. I am really starting to like my new life! We talked and talked. I told him about my life as he told me about his. Except he told me more of his childhood more than anything else. As if he missed it. He then held my hand and I was in bit of a shock. "I'm sorry," he quickly let go. "I know I had just met you but it's like I already know you." I smile and take his hand and I lean over the small table and kiss his cheek. I start to go back into my eat as he reached over and kissed me. LIKE REALLY KISS ME! I didn't want to stop but I did. I thought of Niall. 
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