I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


15. Hazza. Hazza. Hazza.

Throughout the movie whenever someone curses Harry and I kiss. I have no idea how it started but it did. It was amazing. I loved it. Throughout the movie we'd see how would kiss whom first. I thought it was so cute. We held hands throughout the entire movie. There was no brake. He didn't flinch. He did no such pulling away. The movie finally ended and I finally let go. I got up to change the movie.  "That was actually a really good film!" Harry said. I still couldn't believe he has never seen such a classic. I got up to change the movie while everyone else had went to refill their drinks. "Harry?" I say out loud. "Can we?" I smile holding up the game RockBand. He smiles and asks" Tom. Sam. Would you care to join us?" He gives a cheeky smile. "Here Harry you take vocals. I'd be embarrassed if I sang in front of someone who can actually sing" I say as I handed Harry the microphone. I hand one of the guitars to Sam and I pass the drumsticks to Tommy. Harry pulls out the drum set and I get the other guitar. "Tam. Choose the song!" I say. Whenever I say Tam it means Tommy and Sam. They look through the entire list over and over again. As they can make up their minds on a song, Harry and I get ready and act like rock stars.  "Let's do this poo!" Harry yells. I laughed and laughed! "Well we would be able to only if they pick a damn song!" I say. I take a shot of Vodka and yell out "Hazza!" I was so pumped. I love to play RockBand. I almost get 100 percent notes correct when I play the guitar. Finally they chose Blitzkrieg Bop but The Ramones. Harry took a shot also and yelled out "Hazza!" We smile at each other and put on our determination faces on. They song begins and I start out with hitting every note until I heard so,etching that made my jaw drop. I heard the most beautiful singing ever. I quickly looked over to Harry as he sang and hit every note perfectly. My knees buckled and I kept losing notes. How could this happen? I failed twice and kept hitting the wrong notes. His singing made me speechless. The song ended and I had gotten a 43 percent notes hit while everyone else was around 96 percent. Sam then said "Woah. Stel! What happened?" I started to stutter trying to come up for a reason why. "Umm. Well. I need another drink!" I say so embarrassed. Everyone laughed and started to drink. We drank and drank. "HAZZA!" Everyone was screaming after finishing a drink. We laugh and drink and drink even more. We played music and danced away. We pulled out Twister and as drunk as we were. We kept falling over and laughing. It got really late and Harry and I say good by to Tam. They left and then Harry said "Stella. Hazza is my nickname from the boys. It's because they say I have a big. Erm. Yeah" He looks down to his pants and I say "Well I have to see it to believe it!" I wink and head to the bedroom. Harry comes from behind me and was teasing me. I laid on the bed and Harry closed the door and turned off the lights. 
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