I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


16. Getting Intimate.

        It's Sunday and I woke up in bed naked. With Harry next to me. Also naked. It all started to come back to me. We had sex. It was glorious and I was still sweating. I'm guessing we didn't stop not to long ago. I smile looking over at Harry whose hair was all over the place. I couldn't imagine how mine would be.  I got up slowly from bed and head to the bathroom. It was hard for me to walk. My legs were red and so was my stomach. 
      I look at the mirror in the bathroom and I find my makeup smeared across my face. I give a slight laugh and wash up. There was some sunlight seeping through the window. It was such a beautiful day. I fix my hair into a ponytail and I feel the sunlight calling me. I walk towards the window and find an enormous backyard with a pool! I ran to the sleeping Harry. I practically sit on him and start shouting "Harry! Harry! Wake up!"
        "Babe. What?" Harry practically whispers still half asleep. 
      "I'll make you breakfast if you get up."
       "Babe. I'm tired. You wore me out last night," Harry says giving a smirk. "Stella please I need rest." I lowered to his lips and kissed him. He kissed back. I started to kiss his chest and moved lower and lower. I can feel him moving up a little. I kiss his abdomen and I can still feel him anticipating for more. I felt something hitting my chest. Something hard. I went down to kiss it but instead I looked up at him. 
         "Oh. Sorry babe. You should get some rest." I laugh. He had such a serious face on. I kept apologising but at the same time I kept laughing. He then tackled me and pinned me on the bed and started pecking me with kisses. I kept laughing because it tickled. He was laughing at the end of it too. I laid in his arms once we stopped laughing. 
          "Should I make breakfast or what?" I ask Harry. 
            "Do you know how to make croissants?" Harry says. 
           "No. I don't."
           "Well babe. Let me show you." He got up and picked me up. He took me to the kitchen and placed me on the counter. He pulled out all these ingredients. I just looked at him as he placed everything together. 
           "Harry? How do you know how to make this?" I ask him still paying close attention to what he does. 
            "I used to work in a bakery when I was 16," He tells me. " I moved here when my mum remarried and I've liked it here." 
           "I moved here because I wanted to prove to my parents that I didn't have petty dreams. " I told him. I watched him put the croissants in the oven. He came over  and looked me straight into my eyes. 
           "Dreams shouldn't be petty." He kissed me. I knew it wasn't lust or his looks but who he truly was. I kept kissing him. I thought of when I first meet him. I couldn't believe that was a couple of days ago. We kept kissing passionately and Harry picked me up and placed me on the kitchen table. He kissed my chest and kissed my breast. He moved down kissing my stomach. It wasn't just sex. He was actually making love. As I moan and hearing him groan I think to myself how much I love him. *Beeeeeep* The oven went off and I felt Harry's climax. He kissed me. We were both sweating. He gets up and takes out the burnt croissants. We both laugh. 
            "I'm not that hungry but can we go outside? Into the pool?" I ask him. 
             "Ummm. Maybe another day. Please?" Harry responds. I nod my head and smile but in my mind I thought what was he hiding?
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