I'm pregnant.

Stella is starting in her new life in Homes Chapel and she meets a very special person on the plane that changes everything for her. But then she catches up with another person on the plane. Could this mean that she starts her new life with giving birth to another life? Would he accept her and the baby?


6. Drunk

"I feel like I can really connect with you." He moved in closer. "I really like you" He moved in a little bit more. He kissed my cheek but I was just so surprised. "Harry. When are the rest of the members coming?" He was kissing my neck. "In about two weeks." Ne kept kissing my neck. I got up. "Harry I need to freshen up and it's a lot to take in right now. Where can I change?" He put his glass down on the little coffee table. "In my room straight down the hall. There is a drawer and the very last one you should find a shirt that would fit you." he smiled and there were his dimples again. I'm starting to really like him. He took his time. I go into the bedroom and look for a drawer. "A-ha!..oh." Right on the dresser you found a picture of Harry and the rest of One Direction. He stood right next to Niall. Perfect. I quickly grabbed a shirt and changed. I had only my underwear under the huge shirt and I walked outside to see Harry changed also, kinda. "Umm. Harry? You're only in your underwear." He looks down as if he didn't know. "Oh. I'm sorry if you're not comfortable with that. I'm usually naked." He said. I was in shock! "I love being naked too!" I said. He stared at me for a little bit. I think I said it a little too enthusiastically. He started to walk closer to me and grabbed me by the waist. "You know-" I cut him off by saying yes. That's when we both undressed and felt at ease. We were comfortable. He kept staring at me. "What? You've never seen a girl before?" I asked. "Yes but not a beautiful one." He kept kissing me. We headed to the bar in the living room. We both ended up drinking more and more. More and more. I can't even remembered what had happened when I woke up. I got up to find myself on the kitchen counter with Harry under the table. That must have been a strange night. I slowly got off the counter and tip-toed around Harry to use the bathroom and get myself dressed. I toss my hair around making it a little messy and I fix my smudged eyeliner. I put on my clothes and head out back to the living room. "Are you leaving?" I turned to Harry. He looked sad. He only had his briefs on and he had his shirt in his hand. "Because I don't want you to leave. " I walked towards him and kissed him. "I wouldn't leave you. C'mon let's make breakfa-...," I look at the clock,"Never mind lets make a late lunch." Harry laughs and he heads to the kitchen and I walk behind him. I turn on the radio that's in the kitchen to only find 'what Makes You Beautiful' . I laugh but then once again I thought of Niall. 
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