Break Even

I didn't know I would fall in love. That I would get my heart broken. That the person who loved me was right there. But now that I do I wish I hadn't, because my heart wasn't ready and when it broke it didn't break even.

( this might have sounded cheesy but please give it a chance:)


1. Hi, I'm Jane

Hello, I'm Jane. Life story? Alright I've lived in Texas the majority of my life and Mexico for the minority. I'm 17 and about 5'7 I've got dark almost black hair and skin on the darker side. I love to play the guitar and drums. I also love to draw and take pictures, I applied for a college where I could take my photography skills to another level and become a professional. I hope I'm accepted,I really need to get out of here.I'm getting a letter soon and I'm so nervous it hurts I mean a chance to live in London? Maybe I'll meet some famous people like Taylor Laughtner or Selena Gomez. Dont get too excited it could still be a rejection letter. I'm sorry I'm rambling now bad habit. This is me Janet Garcia.
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