Infectious Kiss [BoyxBoy]

This isn't just your average boyxboy tale of love, this is a slightly above average boyxboy tale of love. I'm not going to get all cocky on you guys.
Michael is a 21 year old man living on his own and not interested in having a relationship. His best friends, Anthony, 23, and Todd,19, think otherwise. Todd's older brother Stephan, 21, is coming to stay with the couple in Toronto until he finds an apartment of his own. Anthony and Todd believe Stephan would make a great match with Michael. Although Michael is uninterested at first, once he meets him, will Stephan's striking good looks and shy personality win Michael over, or will a mistake on a drunken night out ruin their chances at love?


5. Truth or Dare? Are You Naughty? Or Nice?

"Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation."
--Mason Cooley 


Michael looked at Stephan disappointed. “Do I have to?” He groaned.


“Duh! It’s truth or dare! You picked truth, you answer truth.” Stephan said smugly. 


“Can I get a drink first?” Michael asked. 


“Yessir.” Laughed Stephan


Michael walked over to the freezer and pulled out a bottle of tequila. “Can I get you a shot, Stephan?” Called Michael from the large, open kitchen, with two shot glasses on the granite countertop, one tinted green, the other pink. 

“Naw, I’m good, Hun. You go ahead, I don’t drink.” 


Michael stood there, completely embarrassed. ‘Here I am, about to do shots with somebody who doesn't drink. Way to fuckin’ go, Mike.’ He thought. 


‘To hell with it,’ he reasoned, pouring a shot and chugging it back. 


Michael grabbed a Vex, pink lemonade, his favourite, and sat down next to Stephan lazily, leaned back comfortable on the couch, knowing that for the rest of the night, he wasn’t responsible for his actions. “Yeah.”


“Yeah, what?” Stephan said with a chuckle, sounding confused. 


“Yeah I’ve had sex.” He looked straight ahead. “A lot of sex.” Michael dragged out the ‘o’ in a lot, in a sexy, husky voice that almost mimicked Stephan’s. 


“Someone’s been naughty,” Stephan teased with a wink. 


“Who? Me? NEVER.” Michael cocked his eyebrow and smirked, something that was uncommon for Michael to do. “Have you?” He asked curiously. 


“That’s for me to know and you to find out, mister.” He winked and flicked his hair. “I pick dare by the way.” He grinned. 


After Stephan spoke, there was a knock at the door. “Strip.” Michael said with a teasing grin. “Answer the door in just your boxers.” 


“You can’t be serious!” Stephan said, blushing, which made Michael’s smirk more prominent.  


Stephan stood up and raised his arms as if to argue but lowered them and sighed making a ‘hmmph’ sound and pulled down the sweat pants Michael had lent him and they fell to the ground around his ankles. While Stephan was tugging his long sleeve shirt up over his head, Michael’s jaw dropped, swooning over Stephan’s body. It was just as flawless as the rest of him. Soon, Stephan stood in only black and dark purple checkered boxers, with no shame. The two looked over to the door as they heard another knock. Michael took a sip of his drink while pulling out two twenties from his pocket. He held them out to Stephan, waving them urgently. “It’s for you.” Michael giggled, slowly becoming more and more intoxicated. 


Stephan  groaned and walked over to the door, took a deep breath, leaning against the door frame as he opened it. He cocked his eyebrows and tipped his head as he said, “Hey...” in a seductive voice. he held out the money between two fingers, like a cigarette, gesturing towards the pizza girl.


“Oh... hi. That’ll be $35.05,” the woman, no older than twenty-three stated. “Huh, I didn’t know Michael was seeing anyone. Hey Mikey!” The woman called into the condo. 


Michael jumped up, recognizing the voice as his friend, Bridget. 

“Bridget!” Michael called has he ran over to the door, pushing Stephan out of the way, who was laughing hysterically. “Hi!” he stepped out the door and stumbled over the door frame, a little tipsy. 


“First, you’re drunk. Second, your boyfriend is a little hottie.” She gave a toothy grin. “I’d tap that.” She smirked in at Stephan, giving him a little wave as he was rolling on the floor laughing, but Bridget's comment didn’t help much. Stephan let out another wail. 

Michael quickly slammed the door but Stephan’s laughter still filled the hall. “I am not drunk.” Michael slurred. 


Bridget patted his shoulder. “Honey, yes. Yes, you are.”


“Yeah. Yeah, Bridget, come over later. We can hang out after your shift.” Michael slurred.


Bridget laughed, “Will do, Mikey. But, only because you sound like Ozzy Osborne when you’re drunk. Have fun, Michael!” She called out handing him the pizza, taking the money and walking off down the hall. 


Michael went back inside. Stephan was perched, now dressed again, on the couch like a pigeon, still grinning.


“You want some pizza?” Michael offered. 


Stephan shook his head ‘yes’ and took a very thin slice. 


Michael then reached into the box and grabbed 3 slices. Still stuck together and took a bite without breaking them.  

Stephan giggled, covering his mouth as to hide the chewed food in his mouth. Michael glared at him oddly as he chewed with his mouth partially open, not worried about his bad manners. 


“So,” Stephan smiled, scooting closer to Michael, crossed legged, facing him, “Truth or DUM, DUM, DUM, DUM! Dare?” Stephan said in a goofy, narrator fashion voice, stretching out ‘dare.’


“Dare.” Michael smirked Michael, looking suggestively at Stephan. 


“Okay... um...” Stephan said with a deep blush. “Um... give me a strip tease.” Stephan gave him a wink.


Michael stood up and sauntered over Stephan, giving him his seductive eyes. Michael then pulled himself back and took off his shirt, scrunched it up into a ball and tossed it at Stephan, who caught it with both hands, at an attempt to block his face. “Ooh, you smell good.” Stephan purred, teasing Michael. 


Michael winked again. Michael tugged at his belt and pilled it threw the loops slowly, trying to drag out the moment as long as possible. 


Stephan giggled, forming a light blush on his cheeks. “Put those hips to work, hot stuff!” Stephan called out jokingly, unaware that Michael would interpret the request as sincere, in his drunk state. Michael began to do just as Stephan had said, sending Stephan into a fit of giggles. 


After a few short minutes, Michael plopped onto the couch beside Stephan, exhausted. Michael sat low on the couch, still shirt and beltless. Stephan moved closer to Michael, leaning on him slightly, tracing his finger on his chest. “Well, you gonna ask me or what?”


“Huh>” Michael replied, confused.


“Truth or dare?” Stephan helped. 




“No, I mean you ask me truth or dare, silly.” Stephan giggled. 


“Oh,” Michael yawned, “truth or dare?”


“Hmm... dare!” Stephan smiled. 


“Ever given a hickey?” Michael asked.


“What? No?” Stephan raised an eyebrow, confused.


“Well, you’re about to.” Michael smirked. 


“Okay.” Stephan giggled and leaned over Michael and sighed, a bit nervous. Quickly, Stephan planted his mouth on Michael’s neck. Not knowing what to do, Stephan began kissing his neck roughly. Deciding that wasn’t enough, Michael rubbed his hands on Stephan’s back, encouraging him to suck harder. Successfully, Stephan was sucking Michael’s neck harder, and more hungrily. 


In need of air, Stephan pulled away, panting, looking down proudly at the faint, yet prominent purple-blue mark he had left on Michael’s neck. Puling back further, looking into Michael’s pleased eyes, Stephan leaned in and kissed him. Slow and sensual, the kiss lasted well over five minutes. Michael’s hand running threw Stephan’s dark hair. The two exchanged light moans, suiting the moment perfectly. In an undetected moment of passion, Michael leaned over, straddling Stephan, and began kissing his harder and with more lust than before. Startled and not knowing what to do with his hands, which laid awkwardly on either side of him, Stephan ran them over Michael’s bare back, causing an obvious moan of approval. 

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