Infectious Kiss [BoyxBoy]

This isn't just your average boyxboy tale of love, this is a slightly above average boyxboy tale of love. I'm not going to get all cocky on you guys.
Michael is a 21 year old man living on his own and not interested in having a relationship. His best friends, Anthony, 23, and Todd,19, think otherwise. Todd's older brother Stephan, 21, is coming to stay with the couple in Toronto until he finds an apartment of his own. Anthony and Todd believe Stephan would make a great match with Michael. Although Michael is uninterested at first, once he meets him, will Stephan's striking good looks and shy personality win Michael over, or will a mistake on a drunken night out ruin their chances at love?


1. The Boys Are Back



This is a boy on boy romantic comedy. If you are disgusted or offended by this, leave your nasty coments to yourself and please know I don't mean to offened anyone. Thank you and enjoy :)

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“Now most of the time, we'd had too much to drink. And we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything. Too young to notice, and too dumb to care. Love was a story, that couldn't compare.”

-Terrible Things, Mayday Parade


“For the last time, Anthony, I am not going to meet this guy. I’m not interested in seeing anyone anytime soon.” Michael ran his fingers threw his hair and dropped down onto the musty old couch in Anthony’s apartment. “You really need to consider investing in a new couch. This saddens me to look at.”

   “You know, if you keep acting so superficial, Stephan will never even take a second look at you. He’s a really nice guy--”

Michael stood up and looked at Anthony sternly, “I’m sure Steven--”

   “Stephan,” Anthony corrected him cheerfully, grinning like a jack-o-lantern.

   “Whatever,” Michael rolled his eyes, “I’m sure Stephan is a wonderful guy but I’m not interested. I have enough going on right now I don’t need some nice guy in the mix, I’d just end up not having time for him.”

   “Like that puppy,” Todd, Anthony’s boyfriend called out from the bathroom with the door open.

   "Yes, thank you, Todd. Just like the puppy.” Michael’s voice had a more calm tone to it now. He laughed slightly at the memory, “He was cute and goofy and fun to play with but I just didn’t have time for him.”

Anthony, defeated, walked over to Michael, “I’m sorry, Michael. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He put his muscular arm around Michael’s shoulder.

Michael sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling stressed, “God, I need a drink.”

Todd spat the tooth paste from his mouth into the sink in front of him, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, take me with you! Take me! Please, please, please?” Todd jumped up and down on the spot in just skinny jeans with his damp hair moving with him.

Anthony turned to Todd, completely disregarding Michael. “Todd, you are not drinking tonight.”

   “Aw, why, Anthony?” Todd said with a pout.

   “Do you remember--,” Anthony cut himself off, “Well, I guess you wouldn’t considering the fact that I had to spend two hours after the bar closed trying to convince you that I was your boyfriend and not John Gayce, who is dead by the way, the last time you drank.”

Todd rubbed the back of his neck, “Oh, yeah. Right...” Quickly, he smiled and jumped onto Anthony’s back hugging his playfully with his neck looking around so he could see his face. “Baby,” he said sweetly, “I’ll be a good boy, this time, I promise.”

Anthony let out a sigh followed by a laugh, “Oh, alright. How can I ever say no to you?”

Todd rubbed Anthony’s loose curls with a grin, “You can’t.”

Michael laughed at the couple and gave a wave, “Well, I better go get ready. I’ll see you two love birds at Out in about an hour. Beauty like this doesn’t just happen, you know.” Michael winked and did a bit of a curtsy. The, la-di-da, type.

Todd jumped down from Anthony’s back, “Wait, wait!” he called out to Michael running into his bedroom, slipping into a tight fitting black v-neck. He was hopping on one foot into the living room trying to get his socks on, still calling out to Michael, “I’m coming, I’m coming! Don’t leave!” He finally caught up to the smiling Michael and found his balance on his small shoulder,

   “Hey! Don’t damage me, I’m delicate.” Michael said brushing off his shoulder.

   “Ha!” Todd let out a one note laugh, “Good thing you’re not going out with Steph then, you know, I heard he likes the wild ones.” Todd sang while thrusting his hips in circles.

   “You can’t leave me alone with this nutcase, Anthony, help me!” Michael laughed as Todd pushed him out the door fixing his grey scarf.

   “Anthony, darling, don’t forget to shower and look gorgeous for me.” He blew him a kiss and wiggled his fingers and pushed Michael the rest of the way out of the apartment.

A few minutes later, they were walking a block away to Michael’s apartment.

   “So, Todd, tell me more about this mysterious Stephan. Anthony talks him up like he’s some kind of Golden God.”

Todd stopped dead in his tracks and grabbed Michael’s hand, launching him backwards with Todd. “Did he seriously not tell you?” Todd looked at him, wide eyed.

   “Tell me what? Is he a drug addict? Masked murderer? A level forty seven dungeon master? What?”

   “Oh, Michael, dear sweet Michael o’ mine, although two of those things just happen to be true, he’s an amazing guy. He has to be, after all, he is my brother.”

   “Your own flesh and blood?” Michael said in a tone of exaggerated excitement, “Why, gosh then, I’ll just have to marry him if he’s your brother!” Michael paused for a moment, “Just out of curiosity, which two?”

Todd sighed, “Michael, my dear, you ask so many questions. You can wait and see for once.”

Michael walked up to his apartment with Todd. His, unlike Todd and Anthony’s was spotless. Beautiful furniture, stylish area rugs and matching carpets. It suited Michael’s personality well. That, and he worked hard for the money to pay for it.

Todd let himself into Michael’s bedroom, from there, his walk in closet. Todd did two quick claps, “Sweetie pie, come in, I need to dress you.” Todd did a jump for joy. “It was like it was yesterday that I was dressing up my Ken dolls, making them look nearly as fabulous as myself. Now, I can do it again!” Todd turned his head towards the doorway, not seeing Michael. “Please, Michael, Anthony never lets me dress him! Pleeeeeeeease?” Todd called truly disappointed.

Michael walked in with two glasses of red wine, “Sorry, I couldn't help it. Work was crazy.” He handed Todd a glass and took a sip of his own.

Immediately, Todd placed his glass onto Michael’s dresser. “Come dear, tonight will be a ball, so long as you and I look amazing.” Todd carefully scanned Michael’s closet. “Hmm,” he tapped his finger on his chin. Todd pulled out a neatly ironed hot pink, long sleeved, button up shirt. “This would look fantastic with some dark wash jeans. Fetch me a pair, will you?” Todd carefully laid it on the bed. Michael laid the jeans next to it. “Oh. My. Gosh. Why have I never seen this before? Take off your shirt.” Todd instructed with a point of his finger.

Michael hesitantly lifted his shirt over his head. “No. I bought that for no reason like two years ago. I’ve been meaning to return it or give it away. I will not wear that.”

Without a word, Todd nicely placed the black fedora with white pin stripes onto Michael’s head. He adjusted the hat and bushed some of Michael’s reddish brown hair with his fingers. “Here, now put this on.” He said lifting up the pink shirt over his shoulders a bit so he could slip it on.

   “Now change into those jeans.” Michael did what he was told. Todd then undid a few buttons from the top of the shirt exposing some of Michael’s nearly hairless chest. He then rolled up and buttoned the sleeves of the shirt and stepped back. Todd wiped an imaginary tear away from his eye. “Watch out world, here comes Michael Everett, the drop dead handsome king of these Toronto streets.” Todd got all ‘chocked up’, “Darling, turn for me,” He did a spinning motion with his finger. “Turn!”

Michael did a few turns in front of his floor length mirror. “Wow, you cleaned me up good.” Michael and his reflection both had a rather surprised look on his face.

Todd linked arms with Michael, now, to our horse and carriage,” Todd and Michael skipped to the door.

They walked gleefully to their favourite gay bar, Out.

   “Anthony says he’s gonna be a little longer then he expected. Apparently we’re out of hot water. Me and my long showers, eh?” Todd laughed. “Anyways, he said to go on without him. Oh, so dramatic, he is.”

Todd opened the double doors to the up beat music of the bar. “The tide is high but I'm rowing on, I’m gonna be your number one!” he sang loudly to no one in particular. In all general terms, Todd was a fair singer. He could hit the high notes pleasantly and had a very melodic quality in his voice. “I'm not the girl who gives up just like that, oh no!”

   “Hon, I’m lonely, sing with me!” Todd called to Michael, grabbing his hand.

Michael laughed, “I’m fine, Todd. You go ahead.”

With that, Todd made his way over to some friends of his, while Michael wandered over to the bar. “The usual, Mike?” The bartender smiled at him.

   “Hell, I’m not working this weekend.”

The bartender poured his drink and skillfully slid it over to him. He leaned over the bar, arms folded, holding him up, “You know Mike, if you ever get lonely, I’m always here.” He shot a wink at him and an air kiss.

When the bartender turned away, Michael shamefully stirred his drink with his pinky. While licking off the sweet liquid from his finger, he remembered his one night stand with Sam, the bartender.

Within the next hour or so, Michael had drank his shame away with three pina coladas flowing in his system. Sam had no trouble with keeping them coming, in hopes that maybe Michael would want to continue where the had left off.

By the time Anthony walked in the door, Michael was completely wasted. Walking behind him, Anthony tapped on his shoulder, “Hey, Michael, you don’t look so good. Are you alright?” Anthony took a seat next to him.

   “Fantastic,” Michael slurred, followed by another sip of his drink.

   “Um, Michael, this might be a bad time, but I have someone who’d like to meet you.” Anthony stood up.

At first, Michael was confused, then, as his fuzzy head cleared things up, he realized what was going on. Although suffering from a terrible hangover the next day, the one thing he could remember from that night and for the rest of his life was the angelic figure Anthony was walking with.

Suddenly, Michael felt very embarrassed and self conscious. Stephan looked amazing. His tall and very skinny figure wore black skinny jeans that elongated his legs further then they were, a bright blue t-shirt that showed off every dimension he had, and cherry red Chuck Taylor’s, all laced up making him look sweet and juvenile. As he further examined his face, he saw a floral looking tattoo creeping up his neck and around the other side. He had dark hair, matching his younger brothers, except his was thinner and straight. He had a lip ring to the left of his lip which he was turning with his tongue in a nervous fashion. That’s when Todd realized he had been starring at the poor guy for over three minutes straight. His almost black eyes glistened each time he nervously looked between Michael and the floor.

Anthony cleared his throat grabbing both of their attention. “Um, Stephan, this is Michael. Michael, this is--”

   “My gorgeous brother!” Todd called out, a little drunk, rapping his arm around Stephan giving his a big kiss on the cheek. “How’s my big brother been doing? Excited to be staying with us?”

Stephan nodded, occasionally glancing at Michael but never for more then a few seconds.

   “Steph, Hon, don’t pout, you look so awfully sad. Here, let me buy you a drink. Sam, darling, I need two beers, please.” He called, keeping his balance by Anthony holding him up.

   “Todd, I don’t drink.” Stephan said sternly with an obvious tone of worry.

   “Nonsense, brother of mine. We used to get drunk together all the time in high school, remember? I was a wee little grade ten and you were in grade twelve buying me beer--”

   “I’ve given that up, Todd. Now, can you tell me which bus I get on to take me back to your place?”

   “Oh, Stephan, you can’t leave yet! The night has only just begun.”

   “If he wants to go home, I can take him,” Michael spoke up, “I need to get home anyways.”

Anthony jumped in, “We don’t have an extra bed and our couch is too little for you, Stephan. We were expecting you next week. I’m sorry that we’re so unprepared.”

   “He can stay at my place, I have a big couch.” Michael offered, without thinking. Right after he said it he regretted it.

   “Are you sure, Michael?” Stephan asked unsure, “I’d hate to impose.”

   “It’s, um, it’s no problem.” Michael smiled sheepishly.

   “Excellent, thank you, Michael, now please take me home.” he laughed slightly.

   “Steph, you don’t really wanna leave, do you? I miss my big bwother.” Todd said in a cute, small voice.

   “I promise we’ll do something together tomorrow, Todd. Goodnight, Todd, love you.” Stephan said walking out the door with Michael.

   “Goodnight mon frere! Je t’aime!”

They left the bar and ventured off to Michael’s apartment. Occasionally, Stephan had to help Michael when he lost his balance, but other then that, the walk to Michael’s was pleasant.

   “Ugh, which fucking key is it?” Michael mumbled under his breath while trying to unlock his door.

   “Do you need some help, Michael?” Stephan asked sheepishly.

Michael threw his hands up, dropping his keys, “Yes, please...” he said a bit embarrassed.

Stephan giggled at Michael’s frustration. He picked up the keys and picked a random key. He bit is tongue at the side of his mouth and fidgeted to get the key into the lock and finally did, resulting in an open door.

   “Finally,” Michael exclaimed, stepping into his cool, air conditioned apartment.

Stephan followed, shyly. “Um, I don’t have any jammies...”

Michael chuckled, “Jammies, you’re cute.” Michael disappeared into his bedroom and started digging threw a drawer, “Do you want pajama pants or are you more of a boxers kinda guy?”

   “Um... boxers are fine. I’ll wear boxers.” Stephan shook his head ‘yes’.

   “Same, dude.” He then took off his jeans and t-shirt and tossed them onto his bed, followed by his hat. He laid on his back.

   “Hey, Stephan!” he called out, “Get in here, man.”

Stephan slowly walked into the room scratching his arm. “Yes?”

   “Come here,”

He walked over and crouched beside him to see him better. He looked at him curiously.

   “Well? Come in, I’m tired.” Michael’s words were slurred, “Oh, can you get the light?” He rolled over under the covers.

Stephan walked to the light switch and flicked the light off. He then stood debating on whether to go sleep on the couch or sleep in his bed like he had told him to. Michael was drunk so he probably didn’t mean anything he said and might be a bit weirded out that a man he just met is laying next to him in just boxers. He decided just to sleep in his bed and explain to him why if he couldn’t remember.

Just as Stephan was falling asleep, Michael grabbed him from the waist and pulled Stephan closer to himself. Stephan feared that if he moved, he’d wake up Michael so he laid motionless. Secretly, Stephan enjoyed being held by Michael. He felt safe and warm although he was in the hands of an intoxicated stranger. He drifted of to sleep hoping to see more of Michael in the future.


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