Infectious Kiss [BoyxBoy]

This isn't just your average boyxboy tale of love, this is a slightly above average boyxboy tale of love. I'm not going to get all cocky on you guys.
Michael is a 21 year old man living on his own and not interested in having a relationship. His best friends, Anthony, 23, and Todd,19, think otherwise. Todd's older brother Stephan, 21, is coming to stay with the couple in Toronto until he finds an apartment of his own. Anthony and Todd believe Stephan would make a great match with Michael. Although Michael is uninterested at first, once he meets him, will Stephan's striking good looks and shy personality win Michael over, or will a mistake on a drunken night out ruin their chances at love?


4. Dreams Become A Reality


I'm so sorry that this ttok so long :3 Wroters block... Lol But the good news is that I have the next chapter alllllllll planned out lol ;) ENJOY




"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

-Walt Disney


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

-Eleanor Rooseavelt




Threw his haze, a tall, dark figure sauntered over Michael. Each second was tauntingly long. He awaited for the man to grab him, pull him close and crash their lips together in a passionate blur. Michael could feel the strain against his jeans. Just by the man being so achingly close to him, made him feel the need to release. When the figured leaned over him and rubbed against his bare chest, his senses went wild. Every feeling heightened. Then it happened. The man started sucking on his chest, rubbing his hands against him. With each wet kiss, Michael gripped the bed sheets tighter, biting his bottom lip to keep any moans from escaping. As the figure advanced closer towards Michael's face, his patience became increasingly low. He needed to know who was making him feel this way, who knew such amazing ways to get him hot. The figure then began liking his neck and finally, sucking on his Adams apple. This sent Michael over the edge. His back arched, in sync with each nibble, lick and touch. On instinct, feeling the mans breath so close to his face, Michael looked wide eyed at him. The man was Stephan. 


With a gasp, Michael awoke on his couch. Startled, he kicked the first thing that was in front of him; his glass coffee table. The table didn’t break, but it was loud enough to awake Stephan who was leaned back against the couch. Michael, who was breathing heavily, rubbed his head, running his fingers threw his hair. 


“Are you okay?” Stephan asked with concern. 


Michael looked up, not knowing he was there. He shot a glance at him. He was nervously spinning his lip ring with his brows furrowed. 


“Did I... Did I scare you? I’m sorry. Maybe I should go. You look like you--”


“No, stay!” Michael exclaimed. Stephan began to sit back down. “I just you should stay. It’d be great to have some company.” Michael gave a weak smile.


“Uh, sure. That’d be great.” Stephan smiled. 


“So how long was I asleep? You weren’t bored or anything were you?”


“Oh no. No not at all,” Stephan assured. “Let’s see, we got here around  four or five and you fell asleep at around five it’s like, nine o’clock.”Stephan giggled. “You little sleepy head.”


“Woosh.” Michael mumbled. “You must be starving.” Michael said shaking his head. “I am a horrible person.”


“No you are not.” Stephan smiled. “I’m a little hungry. But I don’t eat very much anyway, so don’t worry about me.” 


Michael smiled at Stephan and stood up. “How about I order a pizza or something?”


“Mmmmmmmm, that sounds good.” Stephan giggled. “Large? I’ll pay ten, you pay ten?”


“Stephan, you are a guest in my home, let me pay.” Michael laughed.


“Oh my Finnick, fine. You pay. This time and this time only.”


Michael picked up the phone and called. “Thirty minutes or more and it’s free.”


“I do that, too!” Stephan laughed, “Do you mind if I take my shirt off? I dislike clothes.”


“Is your plan to seduce the pizza man?” 


Stephan fell off the couch laughing. “oh my Finnick, yes!” He managed to get out before he laughed again. 


Michael looked at Stephan, leaning against his couch on the floor, breathing heavily from laughing so much. Michael wished his dream had of been real. The only thing he would have changed would have been for him to be on top of Stephan. Michael wanted Stephan to need him and to moan at his touch. To grip the sheets under him and moan louder then he ever had. 


Stephan’s laugh began to die down a bit and he sounded like Wheezy from Toy Story. “Hey Michael, we should play truth or dare!”


“Okay!” Michael said excited. 


“You first.” Grinned Stephan. 




“Boo, you whore.” Stephan laughed. “I joke, I joke. Sheesh, tough crowd.”


Michael laughed.


“Hmmm...  Have you ever had sex?”


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