Infectious Kiss [BoyxBoy]

This isn't just your average boyxboy tale of love, this is a slightly above average boyxboy tale of love. I'm not going to get all cocky on you guys.
Michael is a 21 year old man living on his own and not interested in having a relationship. His best friends, Anthony, 23, and Todd,19, think otherwise. Todd's older brother Stephan, 21, is coming to stay with the couple in Toronto until he finds an apartment of his own. Anthony and Todd believe Stephan would make a great match with Michael. Although Michael is uninterested at first, once he meets him, will Stephan's striking good looks and shy personality win Michael over, or will a mistake on a drunken night out ruin their chances at love?


2. Don't Sleep With Strangers


Here's chapter two! Incase anyone is wondering, his name is pronounced, Steffan. I just thought it looked more mystical with the 'ph'. Lol. Please enjoy!


"Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting."                                                                  

-Albus Dumbledore



   Michael awoke in a haze. His eyes felt heavy and were hard to open. With each breath he felt sleep trying to drag him back under. He felt a tickle under his nose and went to scratch with his hand but realized his arm was wrapped snugly around someone sleeping in front of him.  Worried that he might have just had yet another one night stand, he tried desperately to remember the events of the past evening. Coming up with nothing, he pulled away from the stranger and stood up, realizing he and the strange man were both just in boxers. Upon further inspection, he saw that the other man had a shirt on. 


Desperate to know who he had slept next to, Michael tip toed around to the other side of his bed. While turning the corner, he stepped on something fuzzy. Immediately following with a very loud, very angry hiss from his cat. With that, his cat had scratched his foot leaving a painful mark. 


   “Fu--!” he began to scream, but stopped him self with a hand to his mouth,  remembering the sleeping man. On one leg, holding his other foot, he bit his bottom lip until it began to hurt. He began to tip toe once again to see the mans face. Michael crouched to the strangers sleeping side seeing his young face. Suddenly, he remembered seeing him but not knowing his name.


   “What’s your name?” he asked in a low whisper only he could hear. He moved his head closer to the strangers, squinting trying to remember who he was. Michael suddenly felt that this man was not strange to him at all. Just by his face, he had felt as if he had known him all his life. 


   “Meeeeow,” Michael’s cat was rubbing against him making rather loud sounds.


Without looking at the cat and staying focused on the man, he tried shooing the cat away. “Away with you, you retched beast!” He said trying to be quite threw gritted teeth. 


Eventually the cat walked  out the door, saddened by Michael’s sudden lack of affection. 


Still looking at the man, Michael glanced at the clock to check the time to see that it was two o’clock in the afternoon. “Shit,” he said under his breath, looking up at the clock. He returned to stare at the man some more, only to see that his eyes were wide open. 


   “Whatchya doing?” He said in a sexy sleepy voice, eyes squinting in confusion. 


   “Oh, God, why’d you have to talk?” Michael thought to himself, feeling butterflies developing. 


   “Michael?” Stephan was a little worried as to why Michael had been starring at him.


   “Oh, God, he knows my name.” Michael thought again. 


Stephan looked at him very confused about Michael’s lack of speech. He began nervously spinning his lip ring.


Michael saw his face sensing his confusion. “Come on, stupid, say something!” 


   “Did we sleep together?” Michael finally spat out. He mentally face-palmed himself. Repeatedly. With a frying pan. Covered in llama piss. 


Stephan’s pale cheeks turned a dark shade of red in embarrassment. He was now biting his lip wishing he could cover his face with the pillow, wishing that when he looked up, Michael would be gone. Stephan looked up at him and shook his head, ‘no’. 


   “Oh, thank God.” He said, relieved. Stephan looked away embarrassed. “No. No, no. I didn’t mean it like that. I just,” Michael sighed, not having a clue as to what to say. “I’ve been in this position before.” Michael’s mental face palming frying pan was now in flames. “Oh, Jesus. I’m so stupid. Oh, boy,” Michael said with a sigh, running his fingers threw his hair, still on his knees by Stephan’s side. 


To Michael’s surprise, Stephan giggled. “It’s okay, I think you’re cute, too.” He gave a sweet smile. 


Michael’s face flushed with relief. Then self consciousness. Then a name popped into his head. Stephan. “Oh my God,” he thought to himself. I just met this guy and I slept with him. Great. i just spelt in the same bed as Todd’s brother. Michael rubbed his forehead, wiping away imaginary sweat. 


   “I’m sorry if I scared you,” Stephan spoke up. “You made me lay with you.” He giggled. You were drunk. it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” he said still sounding a bit sleepy. 


   “I made us sleep together?” 


Stephan tried to hold back his laugh but failed. His cheeks turned a soft pink. “Yes. yes, you did.” He said with a goofy smile. “You’re silly.” With that, Stephan sat up, raised his long arms above his head and let out a long awaited yawn. He dropped his arms and scratched his chest. He then rubbed his eyes and got out of bed. 


As Stephan walked into the living room, Michael couldn’t help but notice how skinny Stephan was. He looked at him thinking that he couldn’t weigh more then one twenty, if that. Not only was he skinny but he was tall. Taller then Michael, by at least a couple of inches, and he was five eleven. 


Stephan grabbed his neatly folded jeans from the couch and held them by the waist. “You know,” he called out to Michael, “I really don’t want to wear jeans. Blah,” he stuck his tongue out in disgust. 


   “I have some jogging pants that I work out in. you could try them, if you’d like. They might be a bit short on you.” Michael looked over him again once more, smiling, “And big,” he laughed.


   “Honey,” Stephan raised his brows, “Everything is big on me.” He chuckled and walked over. “Are you sure I can wear these? I’d hate to take advantage of your hospitality. letting me stay the night, sleeping in your bed. Now wearing your pants.” Stephan giggled at himself.


   “It’s really no trouble at all, I promise.” Michael smiled sweetly.


   “I just feel like such a mooch,” Stephan took the jogging pants from him, “please don’t hate me.” He pouted, putting on the pants. “Oh my gosh,” Stephan exclaimed, putting his thumbs in the waist band and letting it snap back. “This must be heaven,” He sung the Queen lyrics, smiling, just as harmoniously as his brother, maybe even better. “Thank you so much,” he smiled, “For everything.” 


   “Stop the press!” They both turned their heads to the direction of the living room, confused. 


Todd walked into Michael’s bedroom in a tight, park purple hoodie and khaki shorts just below his knee, hands on his hips. “You know, I’ve always wanted to say that and I thought, ‘What the hay?’, YOLO, right?” He said with a toothy smile.


Michael rolled his eyes.


   “Jesus, Michael. You know I wouldn’t say that. Do I look like a negligent, preteen douche bag?” 


   “You look like something alright.” Stephan said with  a joking smile. “I didn’t get a hug from my darling brother yet, have I?” Stephan gave Todd a big hug. 


Todd hugged him back, “Aww, I missed my gorgeous brother, too. Now I get to brag about of devastatingly handsome you are.” 


   “Todd, we look almost identical.” 


Standing side by side, Michael noticed the uncanny similarities they shared. Both tall, skinny, (except Stephan was still skinnier by far) dark eyes, black hair,  Snow White complexion, red lips and all. Both looked impossibly flawless. They only had few differences; Todd’s hair was much, much thicker then Stephan’s and Stephan had a flat mole under his eye, which looked adorable when he smiled. In short, they both seemed to have minimal, if that, imperfections. 


Todd did a quick, two time clap. “Come my beautiful people, we’re going out to lunch as a welcome meal for my darling brother.” Todd grabbed his arm.


   “Oh, Todd, you don’t have to do that. You’ve already been so generous--”


   “Honey,” Todd started, “You are undoubtedly kind, I’m not saying this in a bad way, but please just let me take you out to lunch.” Todd smiled.


Michael caught up to them. “So, where are we going?” Michael asked jogging to keep up.


Todd stopped dead and turned around on his heals. “Who said you were invited?” he asked smugly, arms crossed.


Michael was speechless, “Uhh...”


Todd cracked up, “You!” he laughed pointing at Michael, “Your, your face,” Todd looked down, laughing uncontrollably. “I’m kidding, just kidding,” he laughed. 


   “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Michael said in a robotic voice. 


Stephan smacked Todd. “That was mean, Todd.” he flashed a grin and a wink at Michael. 


Michael blushed. “So, for real this time, where are we eating?” 


   “Stephs favourite,” he smiled, “The Tulip.” 


Stephan looked at Todd sternly. “Todd, you know how I feel about that place.”


   “You’ve always loved it. Don’t lie to me. You still do.” Todd  assured. 


   “Not anymore. It makes me sad to go there, you know that.” stephan looked down.


Todd placed both of his hands on Stephan’s shoulders and looked at him. “Don’t be that way, the place makes me sad too.” he said in a hushed voice. “But that’s no reason to not want to go. all day breaky, your favourite.” 


Stephan grinned, “It is.” 


   “Good.” Todd smiled as they approached the street light.


Michael had never seen Todd so serious. The topic must have been a very sensitive one, not only for Stephan but for Todd, too. You could tell by Todd’s tone it was nothing to be joked about. michael had been starring at Stephan the whole time they were walking. Although they had only just met the night before and barely talked that morning, Michael felt himself falling for Stephan. Not an adolescent crush, just thinking he’s cute, (not that that wasn’t a part of it) he  couldn’t help but feel butterflies when he spoke. He had such a sweet, smooth voice that Michael adored. This feeling, although pleasant, wasn’t one Michael was comfortable with. He hated rejection and feared it as much as a person may fear wasps or the dark or closed in spaces. Unknowingly to him, Stephan was feeling the same strange feelings for the man he had just met. 


They both were just to shy to admit it. 


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