Only One Can be the Winner

Briana, Zoey, and Paris are best friends. They have been friends since 3rd grade - and now they're sixteen. They love to go to the mall all the time so when they won a trip to London the first thing they did was shop! When they go to the mall they run into a famous boy band and when Zoey faints they're tempted to go to the boy band's house. They spend a lot of time with the guys. Will they fall for the same guy? Will any of the guys develop feelings for the girls? Well i guess you will just have to read to find out.


1. Paris, Zoey, and Briana

      I'm Zoey. I have long blond hair and brown eyes. I only wear mascara and foundation. I wear lip gloss but not lip stick. The only subject I get an A in is... lunch... the rest are B's and C's. But I am not a dumb blond. Even though I get C's in Science, I am smarty as a person. I'm near the end of the year in 10th grade. I''m not in any classes with my BFFs, Paris and Briana. I live in Ohio which I guess is good but I've always wanted to go to a big shopping city, like London. I'm obsessed with boy bands and male singers. I love One Direction and Justin Bieber! I am a pretty good singer myself and I play guitar. This is kind of embarrassing - but when I have free time I sing and play guitar in front of one direction and pretend I am on stage with them. I don't go on a real stage ever though because I have stage fright. I am an only child and my mom is a single parent. My dad died in an earthquake when he visited California for a week when I was 12. It was a whole year when I stopped crying myself asleep and waking up to those awful nightmares every night. My mom still writes in her "memory journal" before she goes to bed but I think she should just get over it like I did. When I was 15 I auditioned for chorus and got in. I thought I could face my fear of stage fright but when i got on the big stage I froze. People still call me "Freezer" today. When I was 16 I got in a fight about a "which show is better" (it was really stupid) with Paris and Briana so became friends with this bitch, Madison for a week. I realized she was a bitch when she told everyone I drool in my sleep, which I told her. It was true, but I denied it. And now... well I am still sixteen and I am just waiting for something interesting to happen in my life.

      I'm Briana. I have brown hair and Hazel eyes. I wear a lot of make up to make me look pretty I get straight As but I am NOT a nerd. I ditched my dark frames in middle school and I have contacts now. All of a sudden when i got contacts 3 guys got crushes on me. And then 5 more. And then 8 more. And so on.... I used to be shy to but after being so liked I started being so much more outgoing. That made me more popular. All of a sudden I was that pretty popular girl - but not snobby at all. I still got good grades and great report cards! Then I thought about my love life. I had a crush on this guy, Colin since the 6th grade and it was 8th grade when I actually thought of him again. I was cool now and i could have any guy I wanted but i wanted him. I thought since i was popular now he would say yes so I finally worked up the guts to ask him out... and i was rejected. He told all his friend and everyone found out. When I walked in a room everyone laughed but that eventually faded away after tear by tear. In the end of 9th grade I became obsessed with this band One Direction. Their posters covered my walls. I've always wanted to be as great of a singer as them and i am an OK singer. Some say I am great and others say I suck - that is of the people I have actually sang in front of. In the beginning of  10th grade I decided to sign up for soccer after school. I had never been really into sports, actually i have always been afraid of balls but practice makes perfect. On the first day - of course - I had to be goalie. As a bull flung at me i realized i couldn't face my fear but it was too late i had to act now. But I didn't act then , it hit me right in the stomach. i couldn't breath for a little under a minute because it knocked the wind right out of me. And now I am sixteen. Going to the mall with my best friends, Paris and Zoey every weekend.

      I'm Paris. I'm sixteen. I have black hair and turquoise eyes. I wear the average makeup, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush, eye shadow, and that is basically it. I am not to smart or to stupid. I get As and Bs and every once and a while a C. My BFFLs are Briana and Zoey and they are great to hang out with when they don't gush over One Direction who i don't even like. The only crushes I ever had were in 3rd grade on Zachary Miller and Keith Newton who became fat and ugly in 5th grade. I never really like anyone else except for like Cory Monteith and some other famous people. When I started seventh grade I spent A TON of money and nobody but fat Keith, Briana, and Zoey came because the most popular girl in school threw a back to school party too. I discovered my interest in hair and fashion in 8th grade when I was 13. I bought really cute outfits and did my hair really adorable from then on. I became more popular a bit from that. When I was sixteen Briana, Zoey, and me got in a fight about shows. We all went on our own for a little while and I was friends with this guy Tom. I was friends with more guys than Briana and Zoey because Briana absolutely hated sports and Paris was SUPER girly - more than me and Briana. I did have a fashion sense though so I made Tom go to the mall with me. Our relationship almost ended then but it ended completely when I made him try on this dress that I thought would look adorable on him. It ended up looking awful anyway. He didn't even look gay he just looked like a weirdo. Well anyway, now I'm 16. I have nothing big going on I am just enjoying no drama for once.








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