Only One Can be the Winner

Briana, Zoey, and Paris are best friends. They have been friends since 3rd grade - and now they're sixteen. They love to go to the mall all the time so when they won a trip to London the first thing they did was shop! When they go to the mall they run into a famous boy band and when Zoey faints they're tempted to go to the boy band's house. They spend a lot of time with the guys. Will they fall for the same guy? Will any of the guys develop feelings for the girls? Well i guess you will just have to read to find out.


4. London

Zoey's POV-

      The shops were gigantic. The mall was huge. And the restaurants were super nice. London was amazing. "What about that one?" I asked pointing at Nando's on the list of restaurants. "YES!" Briana yelled. "You know you will NEVER meet One Direction," Paris put on a moody face. "Oh come on," I made a failed attempt to cheer her up, "It also sounds really good. "Fine," she gave in. We started walking across the street from the mall to Nando's. On the way over I was complaining about the school making the London trip in the summer. "It's so unfair," I whined, "We could've just gotten out of school, the Spelling Bee was two months ago." We opened the door and walked into Nando's. "Table for three?" The waitress asked. We nodded our heads. We sat down. I pointed to the Peri Peri chicken, "I heard Niall ate that!" I squealed. 

Paris' POV-

         And Niall EATS CHICKEN! And LOUIS LIKES CARROTS! I didn't think they would ever shut up until I saw them look at the doors, stunned. "What?" I stared at the doors and there was Liam? Louis? who knows leading the rest of the boys in. Zoey rolled onto the floor, off her chair. "Get up!" I thought it was a joke. "She's bleeding!" Briana yelled. As I ran over to Zoey, the dark haired guy ran over to us yelling, "WHO!?" "ZOEY!" Briana yelled. Zoey's hole arm was cut and bloody, it was scratched from the chair. The back of her head was bruised and her blond hair was scattered all over. She would've have hated me forever if she found out i let her look like this in front of One Direction. "Oh my god," the curly haired one ran over. Liam or Louis lifted her up. "Liam," Briana gasped felling his muscle. She told me Liam was her favorite. He laughed but only for a second before looking back at Zoey. "You come with us," Curly said pointing at me and Bri. WE have to take her to our house. "OKAY!" Bri hopped up and hurried away with them. I slugged behind. I was in no mood to meet One Direction.

Zoey's POV-

         I woke up and screamed. Niall Horan leaned over me with a grin. "SCORE! SHE LIVES!" I really wanted to make out with him but i knew that was unnecessary. "Hey Niall," I stood up casually flipping my hair over my shoulder. I must've looked like an idiot because he laughed. "You a fan?" he asked. "DUH!" I yelled covering my mouth. "Paris and Briana told me all about you guys. They are at the place you are staying at has two beds, one of you can stay here." "I WILL!" "Sorry Briana already claimed the spot." "Oh," I mumbled. "Sucks..." Just so you know... I think Liam likes you." I screamed, covering my mouth again i said, "Well one you're sure tell him i think he is cute. Niall chuckled and left the room.

       "You think he is cute?" A head popped out beside the bed and scared me half to death and I screamed again. "ZAYN @#*($(@%(#!" I apologized for my swearing right away but he really creeped me out. "You are all cute," I said. Zayn smiled. "Including you," I said. "Do you all want to stay here just tonight?" he asked. And then go to your room tomorrow?" he asked. "YES!" I yelled. "OK," he smiled.

Paris' POV-

        I walked in to the stupid you-know-who's house and headed straight to Zoey because Briana told me she got a text saying she was up. "WE ARE ALL STAYING HERE TONIGHT!" she startled me as i walked in. I gasped, "You scared me! And great..." "I know right. Briana is staying in a guest bed and we are going to sleep in sleeping bags. There is three huge closets in Zayn's room and only one has stuff in it so we will be in each of those." "Great..." I said again. Not AT ALL looking forward to that night.






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