Only One Can be the Winner

Briana, Zoey, and Paris are best friends. They have been friends since 3rd grade - and now they're sixteen. They love to go to the mall all the time so when they won a trip to London the first thing they did was shop! When they go to the mall they run into a famous boy band and when Zoey faints they're tempted to go to the boy band's house. They spend a lot of time with the guys. Will they fall for the same guy? Will any of the guys develop feelings for the girls? Well i guess you will just have to read to find out.


2. get ready for the Bee

Briana's POV-    

      "Hey guys, you ready?" I asked Zoey and Paris as I walked into Zoey's house ready for school. "Yea," Zoey said. We headed out the door and to the bus stop.                                                                                                                                         "Did you get the tour DVD?!" Zoey yelled at me.

     "Yes!" I screamed. Paris rolled her eyes at us. We climbed on the bus when it pulled up. 

     "Look!" Paris pointed at Colin across the bus. "What?" I mumbled.

    "Why is he on our bus? Zoey asked but I shushed her so I could hear what he was saying.

    "Yea, I moved," he bragged to his friends, "to this huge big house."

    "But now you live near that psycho girl who used to like you," his friend said, looking at me. I slumped down in my seat. We pulled up to the school and we piled out of the bus. When we walked inside I pointed at a sign on the wall, "Hey, look!" There was a sign on the wall saying, Spelling Bee: win a trip to London and bring two others. "BRIANA!" Zoey nudged me. "What?" Paris gave me the look telling me I had to go into that stupid spelling bee and win for all of us "fine" I mumbled, because I really wanted to go to London too. "It's tomorrow," Zoey said. "Yaay.." I mumbled.

     The bell rang and I headed to class... and sat right next to Colin. "Hey," he smiled but I knew it was as a joke so I looked away. "Briana," the teacher said. "Yes," I answered. "Your outfit. I looked down I was wearing a black shirt with no straps at all. my shorts were super short and I had leather, ripped heels. "Principal's office." "uuughhh," I groaned as I walked out of the room. My school was so strict!

     "Hey," I groaned as I walked in the office. The principal made me "explain why I was there." He was so annoying. "And how will we sort this out?" he asked. "Ummm..." I mumbled and than the idea hit me! "I'll enter the spelling bee!" "Alright." The principal let me leave and I walked back into the classroom and all eyes were on me. I didn't care though I just sat back down.

Paris' POV-

      The bell rang again and I went to my second class. It was my favorite class because it was the only class Briana was in with me. Zoey wasn't in any classes with me. "Hey," I said to Bri as I sat in my seat which was right next to hers. "The principal signed me up for the bee," she told me. I just smiled because Mrs. Vice was talking. She said we had to pair up for this stupid project and of course Briana was my partner. After that class it was lunch.

Zoey's POV-

     I ran over to Briana and Paris at lunch. It was the only class the three of us had together. Usually we have a table to ourselves but this gay kid who spits sat right in front of us. We ignored him in the beginning but he didn't ignore us. "Hey guys! Nice Forever 21 shirt Zoey." when he said the 2 in 21 he spit all over my food. "EWW!" I screamed accidentally. I got up and threw my food in the trash and soon enough it was the end of the day. I took the bus home with Briana and Paris as usual and they came home with me. Paris and I started helping Bri practice for the bee... and we figured out it was a lot harder then we thought. It was going to be a long night.

A/N Sorry the chapter was bad but I promise *spoiler* when they go to London it will be 100% better. Please keep reading it WILL be better, I promise.










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