Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


9. The announcement

"oooh I love this song!! Can u turn it up please?" you say to Paul you grab Harry's hand and sing "god gave me you for the ups and downs, god gave me you for the days of doubt" and Harry goes "and for when I think I've lost my way there are no words here left to say its true, god gave me you" he look in you're eyes the whole time you started crying and Harry says "babe you need to know that I love you, you're my world my everything and god he gave you not the other way around." you started crying even more and Harry wrapped you in a hug. The next morning you were getting ready for a concert up in town that the boys were doing nothing really had happend after the beach. You were sitting backstage listening to the boys sing one of their older song "Another World" and after they finish Harry says "Priscilla may you please come out here" so you thought hmmm this is odd, but you got up anyways and headed there. When you arrive onstage the crowd went wild! Harry grabs you and pulls you in front of him "Priscilla I have an announcement okay see we've been dating for quite some time and I love you, you're my everything I would do anything for you..now remember how I didn't want you in the picnic basket yesterday?" you nodded. "well this is why I had something in there for you an tonight right now I'm gunna give it to you" he looks down "hold on my shoe is untie." you shake your head and laugh but then notice his shoe isn't untie and he was diggin in his sock. "now Priscilla I love you and I always will but I wanna take this realtionship farther..now for the question." he takes your hand and pulls a lil black box out of his sock. "Priscilla Elizabeth Reed..will you marry me?" he opens the box and you're stunned by the big diamond staring back at you it was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. You were such in awe that you forgot were you where an you zone back in to the crowd screaming and chanting "SAY YES, SAY YES" and you look at Harry with tears in your eyes and you nod your head yes. He pulls the ring out of the box puts it on you and spins you around in a circle. Your crying and laughing and all you can hear this the crowd cheering and then put of no where Louis says "SHE SAID YES!" and the crowd cheered even louder. You wipe the years out of your eyes and all the boys go backstage to get ready for the next song. You turn to Harry and kiss him. "I cant believe this just happened" you say "well u better believe it because it just did" harry answers back. "it's beautiful" you say lookin at the stone on your finger "ya but I know of someone that beats its beauty and her name is Priscilla Elizabeth Styles." "Awwww" you say wrapping him in a hug "what song are you performing next" you ask "Everything about you.. And I'm dedicating it to you." Harry replies you smiling and give him a hug an watch your fiancé walk out go and perform. After the concert you all went out and celebrated and then went home this time you went to Harry's house. "so babe what did ya think?." Harry ask "what I thought was you were hiding something from considering you wouldn't let me have the picnic basket." you say. "Ya I was gunna do it at the beach but decided to do it at the concert were millions of people can see." you smile at him and climb in bed you give him a kiss and do this lil strech. "ahh it's been a long but amazing day." you say. "yes it has" Harry says in agreement you lay your head on his cheast and quickly fall asleep. That day could not have been beat not for anything in the world.
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