Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


6. The accident

You wake up and Harry's still asleep so you roll out of bed and grab his shirt and put it on then you grabbed some panties and slid them on and went downstairs. Went you got down there you realized you forgot to call your friend. So you pick up your phone *ring, ring* you look at the time it's probably about 7:00am she's awake. "Hello?" "sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday i was busy" you wouldn't dare tell her about Harry. Speaking of which he comes up behind you an wraps you in a big hug "oh that's fine I understand so how's London?" she ask "good real good" you say smiling at Harry and he tickles you "stop" you whisper "hey is someone there with you?" she ask "uuh"  you start..Harry takes the phone "hello love?" he says "well  Priscilla already had a boyfriend" way to go for her!" she giggles "what's your name?" Harry asked "Jamie" she replays "and  yours?" she continues "Harry" he answers "haha there's a lot of  Harry's in London I'm guessing, I just love Harry styles."  she says. "oh really, why thank you." he replies you look at him oh goody she's gunna be all up in your grill "No way there's like no way it's not true you're not him." she says "will a pic prove it?" he answers "yes" she replies "okay but no Internet please." he said point at you and telling you to come here "okay." she answers in a stern voice. She gunnna fan girl your think you in his shirt and underwear and he's in nothing but boxers and jeans. He takes the picture of you two and sends it to her. "believe me now?"  he asked then you grab the phone real quick. Harry looks at you confused you hold up your pointer finger telling him to wait. Then all you hear is her screaming. Harry laughs "well I gotta go Jamie, call you later" you say. OMFG OMFG, your dating Harry Styles" *click* you hang up. Harry laughed lifted you up and put you on the counter and he put his hands on you legs. "So what do you wanna do today babe?.. I'm free." i dont know it doesn't matter." you reply. "Let's go and tour the town more" he says "just go and slip some shorts on that shirt looks good on you" he says smiling. "Okay" you say. So that's exactly what you do. Then you guys head our and Harry calls Paul and you guys go exploring. When you get back home you're exhausted so you go straight to bed Harry decides to go home which is abnormal cause he hasn't been at his house since you guys wee together which has been a week. Hopefully it wasn't because of the fight you guys had. * 3 days later*  you and Harry are fine he just wanted to go home and tide things up but problem is you've missed your period so you bought a pregnancy test and you waiting. When the timer goes of you take a deep breathe walk over there and pick it up... positive... .how are gunna tell Harry what's everyone going to think of you cry and put your hand on your stomach "i love you." you say rubbing your stomach looking at it. There's a knock at your door you throw the test in the trash and clear your face. You open it it's Zayn....what's he doing here? You thought you let him in. "Remember when you told me I deserve better?" he asked "Yes" you said "well I broke up with Perrie she was just using me for my fame and money anyways so she could get
more popular." "I'm  sooooo sorry Zayn !" you say hugging him "it's fine thanks for everything" he says smiling "you're welcome" you say with a smile he walks closer to you. Looks deeply in your eyes. Grabs you by your waist. "Zayn what are you doing I'm dating Harry." you say "shhhh" he says putting finger to your lips he smiles in the most sexiest way ever and he leans down and kisses you. You wanna stop but it feels good. Then you realize you have Harry's baby in you stomach. You shove him off of you and you slap him and tell him to leave. When he left you sat there and cried. An 1hr passed so you decided to call Harry it rings but no answer. Then your phone rings its Harry. "H-h-Harry...I'm pregnant." you say. "oh my gosh really!!" you hear Zayn's voice you drop the phone. Then you hear him yell it to Harry. Then you hear Harry yelling at Zayn to get out of his house. Then you were disconnected. Oh no you thought what if.. He kissed you though. About 30-45 mins past there was a knock on your door and then it open and slammed you knew it was him. "PRISCILLA" you hear him yell. You creep around the corner and he grab you by your wrist and pushes you against by your arms against the wall. "Harry you're hurting me!" you scream. "wanna explain what happened between you and Zayn?" he asked. "I swear Harry I love you he kissed me I promise don't you believe me?"  "you know what I don't know if I should" he said you wiggle from his grasp and go running out the front door with Harry right behind you. You have tears in your eyes as you're running a fan stops you. "omg you're Priscilla,Harry's girlfriend"  she said "I gotta go I'm sorry." you say talking off running "wait whats wrong!" you hear her yell then you hear a scream but t was a fangirl scream Harry you thought you ran faster. You crossed the street you stood on the road not knowing were to go when suddenly you see a headlights from one of those big red busses you hear them honking. You can't move it's like you're frozen "Priscilla!" you hear Harry yell then all of a sudden you're on your back your hear a scream from Harry and what seems to be the bus hitting a lamp post you get up. You see Harry laying on the road. "Harry!" you  yell crawling towards him. "I'm sorry Priscilla I didn't mean to hurt you" he says. Your cryin you look up see the people get off the bus and the driver on the phone calling for a ambulance. You look back down. Harry's eyes are shut. "Harry...Harry! Wake up please wake up" you say cryin put his head in your lap. The ambulance arrives and puts Harry in the back you beg and pleaded to go with. They seen you were pretty scuffed up so the allowed it. While a nurse clean up your cuts you asked the other one. "is he gunna be okay?"  "Hes gunna be just fine." he says but that's they say before your granddad passed. You grab his hand and started crying. "this is all my faut I'm soo sorry." "what exactly happened?" said the male nurse "we had got into a fight and then I took off and ran into the street and then the red bus came as I couldn't move i was frozen.. And he pushed me out of the way." "why we're you guys fighting?" he asked staring at your bruise from Harry's strong hand "I don't wanna talk about it." you say still holding Harry's hand.."okay" he asked "oh no" you said. " what?" the male nurse asked "I'm pregnant we he pushed me out of the way i landed on my side! " "okay we'll get you checked out at the hospital. You shook you head letting him know okay..you looked at Harry and started cryin again when suddenly his hand tighten around yours you looked up real fast. His eyes were open and he was lookin at you. You began to cry and hugged him softly so you wouldn't hurt him he hugged you back you kissed him in the forehead and said "I'm so sorry it's all my fault." he has a breathing mask on and went to take it off but the nurse wouldn't let him he  shook his head no and pointed to himself it wasn't his either. 
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