Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


8. Let's go to beach

You wake up on Harry's chest. What had happen after the pool was magical. You sneak downstairs to see Zayn,Liam, and Niall on the floor sleeping. You look up to see Louis sleeping upside down on the couch. You smile and shake your head then you see Kevin on the arm. You walked over there and grabbed it and went to the kitchen and grabbed a pot and put it on the stove and put Kevin in the pot but left him hanging out a bit. Then you walked over to the steps and got behind the wall and screamed at the top of your lungs. All 4 of them jumped real fast and you took off upstairs when you get to your door Harry's coming out of it. You push him back in the room. "what was that screa-" "shhh" you say cutting him off. "what" he whispers. You pointed downstairs. Then all you hear is "KEVIN!!!!!!!"  you bust into laughter "oh my gosh what did you do?" Harry says looking at you. Then he got up and went downstairs you followed. "what's wrong Louis?" Harry asked "you've got a very sick sick girlfriend." Louis says "how?"Harry says looking at you. "She  put Kevin in a pot making me think he was being cooked." all of you but Louis bust into laughter "it isn't funny!!" Louis says running into the bathroom. You go knock on the door. "Louis..come on out..I'm sorry Louis....". You waited no responses "we only wanna have a laugh." you sang. He opens the door you look at him. "it's okay he says smiling giving you a hug and walkin away like nothin happened. "uhhh okay?" you thought that's not random at all..ANYWAYS!.."where's Kevin?" you asked. "in the bathroom waiting for you to say sorry." you looked at Harry he was smirking u giggle a lil turned around and went to the bathroom "Kevin..." u say loud to make sure Louis can hear "I'm sorry." Louis came in there picked him up and said "it's alright he says as long as u promise to not do it again." "i promise." u say laughing. A few hours later the boys leave beside Harry. "you wanna go to the beach?" he asked "why I have a pool" you say pointing to it. "so, I wanna go to the beach." he says grabbing you and pushing you against the wall. You smile "okay fine" "yes!" he says throwing a fist in the air you both get your swimsuits on and you were off. When u got there Harry pulled out the towels and picnic basket out of the trunk all u could do was smile. He looked back at you an smiled. "like what you see?" he asked laughing "huh what?.. Oh ya of course" you said he shook his head smiling and you grab for the picnic basket to help and he pulls it away "I got it babe..here u can have your towel." he said smiling. "okay." you say taking your towel he grabs your hands and interweaves his fingers in yours. You swung your arm back in forth while walking. "you know we're gunna run into fans." you say to him "they won't mess with us" he says pointing you look and see Paul he smiled and waves an you wave back "okay." you say you threw your towel down were you where at and took off to the water and let the water hit your feet before you knew you were falling in the water you look and see Harry. You hit him and take off tuning in the water then you went under and swam up behind him came up and jumped on his back. He grab your legs. "hang on." he says he takes off running back to the shore ad you see people taking pictures so you guessed they were fans so you gave them what they wanted you jumped down into the water it was at your hips. Harry looked at you confused you just smiled and pulled him in and kissed him you heard screaming and you giggled he picks you up and you wrap you legs around his waist and you start kissing him but you pushing on his lips hard and you could tell he liked it. Then he puts you down and he grabs your hand and he sees why you started that. "you just love tormenting the fans. Don't you?" he ask with a laugh. "directioners" you correct him. "and yes it's fun" he just smiles and lays out your towels and gestures you to sit down. "What do you want?"  he asked opening the picnic basket. "doesn't matter." you say. "Your-your Harry Styles and your Priscilla Reed." you look up to sees fan "hey sweetheart." you say getting up giving her a hug. "hello love." Harry said in the most adorable way ever. He gave her a hug you took a couple pictures and signed some things. So this is how it feels to be famous an have fans. Paul comes down and gestures her away. But she went even more crazy and he signed some stuff for her too then she left. "she was nice" you say " now u know how we feel sometimes" Harry says with a chuckled "ya" u say with a laugh " so when the fans go nuts and ask you for an autograph how does it make you feel?" u ask Paul. He looks at you "well..good considering I'm only a security guard because no one ever cares about the security guard." he says "awh Paul you're more the. Just a security guard your a babysitter to these boys I'm sure consider you their second farther." you smile lookin at Harry and grabbing his hand "we do" he said getting up. Paul smiles and him and Harry hug. "awwwwhh" you say picking up the blankets  and the picnic. Which Harry takes from you. "hey" you say "I  told you carry the picnic basket." he said "sorry geash" you say laughing. You thought there must have been something in there he didn't want you to see,oh well. He grabs your hand an leads you back to the car. "we're gunna go somewhere special, and I'm not telling u" Harry says basically draggin you now. "okay" you say but inside you dying for him to tell you.
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