Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


5. Fun times

You guys arrive at the studio lucky there's no one there yet so y'all ran inside. When you got in the boys went into a room and started recording so you went and looked around. You found another recording room and you went in there. Grab the mic and started singing "Tell me a lie" when Harry walks in but you don't realize it. When you do he's sitting down looking very pleased. You stop and your whole face turns red. "You sound amazing babe." Harry says walking in where you were. "Really and I thought you were-," "bathroom" he said cutting you off "this isn't a bathroom "well when I heard you I had to stop you should really think about being heard your amazing" Harry says coming closer to you "well.." you say but before you could finish Harry grabs you and wraps you in his arms and kisses you. He leads you back where all the other boys are and you drop your purse and you go to pick it up. "Louis I think Priscilla has a bigger bum then you." Zayn says. "why you looking there?" Harry asked. "I just- i was- I mean" Zayn stuttered. "Dude chill i was just messing with you" Harry says laughing "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!" Louis yelled running out to you and putting his bum by yours. "Harry who's is bigger?" Louis ask "ummm I'm sorry to say but Priscilla's" he says "we agree" says the others "NOOOOO!!!" Louis yells falling to his knees. "it's okay Louis" you say patting his back. "well who wants Nandos?" Niall asked. "I've never been there before" you say. Niall's mouth drops. "We are definitely  going then." he said  pointing and walking out the door. When you were in car. Paul turned on the radio and "Steal My Heart Tonight" came on. And the boys are started singing and dancing you just sat there shaking you head laughing. Then before the chorus  came on Harry goes "Wait! Priscilla sing it. "Wait what?" you said. "please" he begs. "fine." you say and so you sung the chorus. And the other stared at you in awe then they joined in an y'all sung the whole song togther and then at the end Harry goes "Been waiting for a girl like you." and points to you and you go "awwwh" and hug him and kiss him "wish I had someone like that" Niall goes. "You'll find somebody I promise don't give up." you say smiling patting his leg. When you arrive at Nandos there were millions of screaming fans and all the others got out and when you stepped out the crowd hushed. Harry notices and grabs your hand "May I introduce to you my new girlfriend Priscilla Reed." he says loudly and proudly pointing at you then once again the crowd was screaming some were screaming your name one person poke you and so you smiled and waved at them and they started screaming. Man so this is how the boys feel wow. Well you enter Nandos and Niall already has the food. "Here try this." he says shoving a piece of chicken in your face."thanks" you said taking the chicken you took a very small bite and Niall leaned in really close to you waiting for a reaction it was suprisingly really good "this is amazing" you say taking another bite. "YES!!" Niall says throwing a fist into the air. After you got done at Nandos Paul drove all you guys home but Harry wanted to come back to your place so he grab a change of clothes and Paul drove you home. "Bye Paul" Harry says jumping out and ran to your door. "Bye Paul nice meeting you thanks for everything." you say getting out. "No problem love anytime." he says. You smile and close the door and go unlock the your condo and the first thing Harry did was strip down put his swimming suit on and ran and jumped in your pool so you went in put yours on and joined him. "holy shit....it's freezing." you say tip toeing to Harry he swims over by you and wraps you in a hug. "Warm now?" he asked smiling you could hear his heartbeat and feel him breathing and his nice warm body heat. "yes" you said hugging back when he finally let's you go he goes under water and..BOOM! Disappears you're looking everywhere for him but since it's dark it's hard to see when suddenly..BAM! You're under water and you open your eyes and see Harry and smile you swim towards him and he kisses you sending shivers down you spin..so this is how it felt to get kissed under water. Well both of you come up for air and you take off running from him and he reaches for you but misses. Then all of a sudden it gets a bit colder you shiver and turn around to a see Harry smiling and giggling at you "what?" you say Harry comes forward and looks down.."umm babe I think you need this" he says holding up your bathing suit top."OH MY GOSH!" you yell and grab for it. "Relax babe it's just us." he says grabbing you and  pulling by your waist and pulling you in "now you match me he says grabbing your top and throwing it onto a pool chair then he smiles and says "it's not like this is the first time I've seen them" and he pulls you closer and leans down a bit and kisses you and he pulled you in to were's the no space in between you guys and he's holding you so tightly that it's actually turning you on. So you open your mouth letting him French kiss you and then before you know boom..you're  falling  and you land in the water. Both of you come up really fast and your both on your knees "why don't we take this to the bedroom." you say kissing Harry harder and pushing him into the side of the pool "okay." he says pulling you up out of the pool and lifting you up to were you wrap you legs around him and you kissing even harder now and then he presses you against a wall so hard that it turns you on even more cause of his muscles then he opens the bedroom door and closes it with his foot and puts you down on the bed and gets right on top of you. You remove his bottoms and be does the same with you. He lays on top of you kissing you and french kissing you and so much more. Never in your life you thought this would be happening.
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