Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


7. Forgive and Forget

You arrive at the hospital and the examine you and your fine and so is the baby. So now your pasting the waiting room while watching  the  news it was already all over it. Finally the doctor came out and said the only thing is is that he had a small concession and a broken arm. Out walked Harry behind him you ran up to him sand hugged him and he hugged you with his good arm. The other 4 boys come walkin in with Paul. You kinda keep away from Zayn and him and Harry dont talk or make eye contact. "you okay?" Niall asked "yes we both are" harry answers. Paul drives you two home and it was silent the whole way there. When you get there finally you say goodbye to the other 4 and Harry grabs your hand and leads you to the door. Before you unlocked you stood there at looked. At Harry.."do you believe me Harry?" he didn't answer all he did was grab you with his free hand pull you in and kissed it was the best of them yet your heart fluttered and got goosebumps but you still stood there kissing the one you loved.*the next morning* "Babe it's time." Harry says you got to help put his clothes on which doesn't bother you a bit since he loves sleeping naked. First you help him slide on his boxers and then his trousers. Then you went for his shirt as you were buttoning it he was lookin at you smile. "what?" you asked "nothing it's just I'm lucky me and you are okay I love you and never wanna lose you." "same here, I mean I promise he kissed me I told him to stop but he wouldn't listen to me that's why he has that bruise on his face it's from me slapping him." you say finishing with his shirt. You look at him cock your head and then go and unbutton 3 buttons and fix his collar. "There we go now you look even sexier." you say kissing him. "you stay here and watch tv, I'm gunna go and make you some breakfast." you say to him turning around and going downstairs.As you walked down the steps. Your hear noises you turn the corner and see Zayn at the counter "W-what are you doing here..h-har-" 
"shhhhh" he says covering your mouth with his hand. "I came here to apologize, I shouldn't have kissed you if I hadn't none of this would of happen..you wouldn't be scuffed up and Harry's arm wouldn't be broken. I'm sorry it's all my fault."  "Zayn" you hear Harry say behind you he started towards him and you stopped him. "Harry, Zayn's has something to say" you say and then you look at Zayn.  "look man I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed Priscilla if I hadn't none of this would have had happen your arm wouldn't be broken and she wouldn't be scuffed up..I'm sorry." you look at Harry and he's just staring at Zayn you look back at Zayn then back at Harry again. Then Harry walked towards Zayn and Zayn straighten up a bit. Harry held out his hand and Zayn took it and they bro hugged. "awwwwhh" you say Harry gives you a sharp look. "What it's so cute when guys forgive each other." you say giggling. Harry reaches for you but you get away but then Zayn grabs you and carries you like a baby and hands you over to Harry. He grabs you with his one good arm and sits down and wraps his legs around you to were you can't get out."bye" Zayn says laughing. "bye" Harry says with a smile. "wait you can't leave me here you gotta help me!!" you say "nahh" he says and walks out the door. You look at Harry. "w-what are you gunna do to me?" you ask nervously. "This" he says flippin  you on your back and he  hovers over you and leans down and kisses you with such passion that you just lay there and let him do what ever he wanted. When he came up all you could say was "wow" and you pulled him back down and started kissing him again. A few moments later you had to go to the bathroom but there's something wrong you're bleeding so you have Harry take you to the hospital..the doctor walks in with the results "Priscilla..I don't know how to tell you this but..you had a miscarriage." you tell the doctor okay but as soon as you get into the car you ball your eyes out. Harry grabs you and pulls you close and comforts you. "its okay babe we always can try again don't worry." you get home and fall asleep in Harry's arms. *few weeks later* Harry's arm is better and you and him are goin for a swim. "dayyyuuummm babe you look good" he says pullin you close. "so do you." you say rubbing hand up and down is muscalr chest. He smiles and picks you up. "Harry what are you doing?!??!?" you yell "this." Then you were in pool before you could say anything else you come up really fast and look around. Harry's running from you leap up real fast and jump on his back. You're laughing and he grab you and flips you around to the front. "babe I think you need a new top." he says giggling you look down . He puts you down to look for it and Harry goes "there it is." and grabs for it when you hear "nice rack" and you flip around real fast. And you scream "Louis!! What are u doing here Harry invited us for a swim" he says and the others walk out Zayn's eyes got really huge and Niall and Liam giggled Harry grabs you really fast and covers you up. "can you boy turn around real fast." Harry says and so they turn around. "Here." he says handing you your top. "can you tie it for me babe." you ask turning around. "of course my bundle of sexiness." he says smiling. "you can turn around now." you say. They turn around "there done."  Harry says you turn around and kiss him "i can't have this!" Louis yells and then all four of them jump in behind you. Getting you two soaked. That night was one of the funniest and best nights you had. 
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