Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


4. Arriving At Paul's House

"IT'S TIME TO GET UP" you hear in a fimilar tone. You look up and Harry is smiling "did you see that video?" he ask "ya I loved it" ya say with a chuckle. "Well you just stay here and talk to Larry here and I'm gunna go and get dress I'll be right out" he says "wait..why don't you just have Paul take us?" you say pointing to Paul who standing at Harry's  door step. "we could do that." he says "Bye Larry." he says and walks away. You dig in your purse for some money. "please love it's fine" Larry says "you sure?" you ask. "yes love now go Harry's wait for ya"  "thanks" you say smiling and you get out. When you walk up to the front step and greet Paul."Looks like you've found a keeper, Harry" he says smiling and shaking your hand. What's your name sweetie?" "Priscilla Reed" Harry answers for you. "Let her talk, Harry" says Paul. "oh it's fine" you say smiling. "well its nice to meet you Priscilla..that's a lovely name by the way" Paul says "why thank you." you and Paul sat outside getting to know one another while waiting for Harry finally Harry comes out. "Ready." he says  grabbing you hand. Paul opens the door for you and you smile "why thank you" you say to him "No problem..a girl with manners at least you say thanks the boys never do" you turn around and look at Harry. "Sorry I start using my manners" he says. "Good boy" you say pulling him in with you. Paul gets in the front and  starts driving. "well you didn't say thank you to me when I opened the car door for you." Harry says looking at you. "well I'm sorry do i need to now" you say leaning over starting to kiss him. "PDA!  PDA!" Paul yells. You couldn't help by laugh. "Im sorry he's dimples and curls and eyes are just to hard to resist I just had to" you say putting your hand on his leg and Harry putting his hand on yours. "it's okay I was just messing with you." Paul says " he does that a lot" Harry explains. You laugh "it's okay." you say with smile. Harry leans over and kisses you passionaly
making you let out a soft whipper "what" he asked confused? "nothing that was amazing."  you say  "oh he says smiling and leans back down to kiss you again. You so glad you moved London! "We're here" Paul said Harry jumped out and smiled you. "what's a matter?" he said looking at you sadly "I don't know if the boys will like me" you say lookin down. "Look..who cares of they don't like you, you're beautiful, you're smart,  you're funny and you are my everything so if they dont like you then they don't know a good person when they see it" Harry says. You look at him wrap him in a hug with tears coming down your face you kissed him "thanks" you say. You walk in door "HARRY!!!" you hear the boys say. Niall comes scanning the corner "heyyyyyy, who's this" he says asked pointing to you. "my girlfriend Priscilla"  Harry says pulling you "Dayyuuuummm" Niall says "what?" you asked "you"re sexy" he said winking at you. "ya and she's mine" Harry said pulling you closer. "Hazza your late" said Liam turning the corner.."woah who's this?" Liam asked "Harry's girlfriend Priscilla" Niall said nudging him and running away. "nice to meet you Priscilla,Harry sure knows how to pick them" Liam said with a smile and walked away. So far so good you thought. Harry lead you to we're Louis was cutting a carrot with Kevin on his shoulder. "Harry, Kevin's been waiting for you." he says turning around dropping his knife when he sees you. "Well who do we have here?" "Priscilla" you said with a smile. "Oh! So your the girl Harry's been texting me about." he smiles and comes towards you an shakes your hand. "Really? You told BooBear about me?" you said smiling. "Yes" Harry says grinning "I love it when the girls call me BooBear." Louis says.."Where's Zayn?" you ask Louis picks up the knife and points outside you see him sitting in a chair by himself. You open the door, "Hi I'm Priscilla, Harrys girlfriend." Zayn looks up at you "hey" he says you grab a chair "umm are you okay?" you say. He shakes his head no "what's wrong?" you asked "Perrie" he says "oh well I don't know how to tell you this...but I mean I always loved all the girls and respected them and never sent any hate towards them cause I mean Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie are all BEAUTIFUL..but I think you deserve better." you say getting up hugging him kissing him on the cheek and then walking inside. "so who's house is this?" you ask while you hear the echo of your heels "Paul's" Niall says entering the kitchen. "oh so are we like going to the studio or something?" Harry nods his head yes. "cool it sounds like fun"
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