Waited For A Girl Like You

You're nineteen you are SO ready to move out of your parents house and get out of that nasty old town of yours and move to London! Yes London you've always want to go live there ever since you were little and not just because your favorite boy band well except Niall lives in that area One Direction!!


2. Arrival to London

You wake up to the sound of the intercom say that your stop was next! You were so excited and overjoyed that you can't stop smiling. When the plane finally landed. You got off and had the help of a flight attendant with all your suitcases even though there was only 4. You went through security and then went out and stood outside getting ready to call for a cab when one pulls up right beside, and you thought hmm okay? You just threw your stuff in anyways and climb in and you tell him where your condo is. When you finally get there you pay the cab driver the money and ask him if he would help you with you suitcases and he does willing what a nice man you thought. The first thing you do when you get inside is flop down on the bed and go to sleep considering it was 11:30pm there and you couldn't do any touring anyways plus you were tired. *******the next morning*****  You wake up and brush your teeth, take a shower do your hair and then put on a neon green crop top that's says "Hazza, Nialler, BooBear, Dj Malik and Daddy Dirction" with some white short shorts with a big thick black belt and your favorite pair of black platform heels. Then you did your make-up and off you went. First you went to Milkshake City and had the official 1D milkshake. Then you went to go and see Big Ben. You walked to some places but mostly took a cab. You were going every that's anywhere on you way home you were about a block away from your house and you see a lil shop so you tell the cab driver to drop you off there and you went and looked around and saw the cutest pair of earrings so you bought them as you walked out you thought its not that far away so you decide to walk. Then you phone rings, it's your dad. "Hello." you say. "Hey sweetie, I just wanted to check up on you" he says "Oh I'm doing find dad London is amazing!" you say spinning one time. "I'm sure it it's honey but my boss wants me to get back to work, love you" he says "love you too" you reply. Then you get a text from your friend and your in the middle of answering it when you run into a strong chest and drop your phone. "shit" you mumbled you bend down to pick it up when the other person did with your hair in your face you look up and say "thanks may I have my ph- hey your Harry Styles" your trying not to fangirl "yes I am love and you seem pretty calm about" he said smiling while push your hair behind your ear. "oh believe me in fangirling on the inside see" you say grab his hand and putting it against your chest. "it sure is love" he says smiling "Were you headed too" he ask and you tell him and he offers you a piggyback ride cause your heels were killing your feet it wasn't that far. When he puts you down he smiles and you say bye. "bye love" he says hugging you then your eyes lock and he leans down, yes even in heels your a bit smaller then him and kisses you! At first it was awkward so you just kinda stand there but finally you gave in and let his tongue enter your mouth while you wrap you arms around his neck and his rested on your hips. When he let up you offered him to stay the night and he said yes. When you were getting ready to climb in bed Harry goes "all you wear is boy shorts and a t-shirt to bed?" he asked pleased "yeah..." you say then you climb in bed and look at Harry cause he took his shirt off you couldn't help but stare at his body and he notices smiles and says "should I put my shirt back on?" he ask "NO! I mean if you want to" "nah" he says then he climbs in bed and you lay your head on his chest an he wraps arms around you and he says " I love you babe" "I love you too you" you reply couldn't believe it Harry styles was your boyfriend then you fall asleep while Harry stroke your hair softly and that was the end of a perfect day.
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