Aimee came back from the dead. And she was given a necklace that acted like a new hart for her. With all this wierd and unexplained things happening to her she finds the truth. That the world she lives in is only part of another world and that she plays a big part of that world. Every one wants her dead and to stay that way, but why? What is she in this new world? What part of the role has she taken to turn everyone she loves into something their not?


2. Left In The Dark

He didn’t know where he was going; only that he had to get out of there.  Digging out his phone, he texts Nathan and places it back angrily into his pocket. How could she think that? He was doing it for her. She didn’t know what he had given up to keep her safe; to keep her out of their filthy hands. He was happy when she didn’t ask question, he didn’t like lying to her or to his mother. He didn’t have a choice thought, and if he did have a choice he wouldn’t want anything changed. If she knew, it would put her in more trouble. He needed so badly to protect her, even if it meant lying.

As Nate passed the corner he wasn’t surprised to see Ethan leaning ageist the gate, he looked as he usually did calm and caught up in something. Nathan looked up to meet Nate’s eyes and shook his head. “You should tell her”

“You don’t know her. She’ll be  . . . angry with me” Nate couldn’t believe he called Nathan; he didn’t know anything about her, he hasn’t even met her. “She left again, to go to some party. She even brock her widow to get out without being seen” Nate heard Nathan laugh and stoped in the middle of the foot path to look at him.

“What?” Nathan puts up his hands defencelessly “that’s pretty good, and you’re telling me she can’t look after herself” Nate stated walking again but faster, Nathan caught up easily.

“She doesn’t know anything, that’s enough to kill her. We don’t need to chase her around to make sure she’s not getting into more trouble”

“Looks to me, wherever she goes she’s trouble. She should stay at the instretute, that way we could keep an eye out on her and she won’t be able to sneak out” They turn around the corner and stopped at an old building. The vines hid the building from humans view and kept them from seeing it for what it really was. Using one hand to push open the door Nate said “then you don’t know her” Nathan laughed once again but this time with something behind the laugh something that made Nate’s guts twist, he turned to look at his best friend.

                                                                         * * *

What happen today? It was too much to think about and I saw to tied to think. But I wasn’t too tied to investigate my brother’s room, I opened his bedroom door. It didn’t make a sound, unlike mine it was fixed when dad was here . . . I slowly open the door waiting for Nate to jump in front of me, like he always did whenever I tried to sneak in to his room (which was often) but he didn’t. The room was a red colour and was sceurisly clean, it was cleaner then mine.  I tiptoe further into the room, aiming for his desk piled with papers, but the ticks caught my eyes and I snitch them up. Ripping them in half I throw them in the bin, I know that was going overboard but I was too angry to debate about it. Walking over to the desk I pick through the pails of paper to I see a letter, hand written.


Dear Nate Jones

Sorry to ask of you so often, but this is important. Meet me at stone well at nine-thirty five, don’t show up late. This is the only chance you can meet up with me, if you still want it then show up.. Make sure no one follows you; we don’t want things to get bad.


What does this mean? Was he sell or buying some drugs? I didn’t know what this was about, whatever this means it didn’t sound promising. I look through his papers and find nothing but assessment task sheets, which were long overdue. The letter didn’t prove anything, why was he going to NT? I look through his draw and none of them would open, I tried picking them but I didn’t know how, I was starting to regret my disigine about Stayce teaching me how to pick a lock, it never thought I would need it.

Footsteps were coming, I hide under the bed. The door opens, not his door mine. My door closes and another door opens; Nate’s door. My heart thumps, Nate’s boots walk across the floor, he’s feet cover with mud. What was he doing? Paper ratals and Nate starts walking out, then stops at the door. Did he know? No, he went out through the door. I wait until I’m sure he won’t come back in before I crawl out from under the bed and sit on the chair next to his desk.

Was it really wrong to look into your brother’s stuff, even if you were worried about him? Kylie would have said I was over reacting; the thought of Kylie hit me . . . What was she doing? Was she still looking for me? Did the effects of my necklace wear off yet? Will she always be chasing me? I couldn’t stand it if she wasn’t my friend anymore, we had been friend for as long as I can remember and you don’t forget your first friend like it was nothing.

“What are you doing in here, sweetie?” I look up; mum was leaning against the door holding her hot chocolate drink that she drinks concededly.

“Nothing, why?” I ask to quickly but mum seam to miss it. Looking around mum walks into Nate’s bedroom like this room held so many memories. She sits on the bed and looks at the piles of work on the table.

“I use to sit at this very table and study” she points at the table I was sitting at. “I just sat there thought, thinking about other things other than what problems were in front of me” she said quietly. Why was she saying this, what brought this up, usually she would talk about something cheerful. “I think that’s what Nate does with all his time, thinking about other things and not with what is important right now” when I didn’t say anything she went on. “What do you think he thinks about?” she asks me, clearly not expecting me to answer. I just shake my head.

“Who knows” She says, just sits there staring at the pile of work, and looks like she’s about to cry. I had to get out of here; I couldn’t stay and think about Nate, it gives me headaches. I get up and head for the door, I heard mum call my name but I didn’t want to hear anything about Nate; I wanted to find him.

I grabbed what I could find first, a black leather jacket, with a small hole on the elbow. Shoving it on, I go through the window and climb over the gate. The street was silent and cold, the brezzes stung my face as I walked, heading anywhere as long as it wasn’t home and familiar. The street lights kept going on and off, frightening me even more; it wasn’t like the dark unfamiliar roads didn’t scare me enough. I pull the jacket titer to me, hoping it could block all the fear, but that didn’t help.

I turned on the next bend and stoped when I was a man in all black with a knife. Everything in me froze in place, I didn’t eve move when he saw me. He started to run for me, I didn’t move because I couldn’t. With each step he took closer he grows taller and muscular. When he’s within reaching distance something comes slamming into him. Pushing he into the cold pavement, the boy on top of him turns him around, he punished him; again and again; until the man no longer moves. I couldn’t move I couldn’t feel anything, I was looking at the man’s misshapen face; pools of blood covered him and the pavement. I wanted to cry out, but I couldn’t get sound to come.

The boy gets off the man and looks at his hands for a moment, they’re stained with red; the man’s blood. He properly had a wife and children, and this boy was there covered in his blood. The boy’s jacket was like my brother’s, I look at his face; the lights blocking of it off, but I didn’t miss his green eyes. “Nate?” I berley get out. The boy, Nate looks at me. Then at the body, then back at my shocked face, horror painted his face in all different shades. I could feel the fear and tears swelling inside of me like boiling water.

Nate steps away from the body, held his hands at his side, as if not sure what to do with it. I hold up my hand to him, “don’t” I choke out. His face reddens.

“Aimee” I could hear the panic in his innocent voice, but he wasn’t; I saw what he just did to the man, he maybe even killed him. “Aimee, you can’t tell mum” I shook my head, how could he say that his sweet talk wasn’t going to work on me; not this time. “Aimee, you don’t understand, please” he was pleading now. “Aimee, you don’t understand what you just saw” What!

“I just saw my brother” I put my hands on my chest “beat up someone. He wasn’t going to hurt me! ‘Don’t tell mum!’ This isn’t you breaking my dolls by accident and me forgiving you, this is a lot worse; and you don’t want me to tell!” I point to the- where’s the body? It was there before. I look at Nate accusingly.  “What happened to it?”

“Like I said; you don’t understand” he said it like it wasn’t a big deal! And what bodies just disappear like that? Yes I just came back from the dead, but I wasn’t ready for people to die in front of me.

“What happen to him?” I scream at him.                                                 

“Go home Aimee, just go” he says walking away. I run up to him and push him; turning around he looks into my eyes as if he could see through me.

“Nate! What happen to my brother! The one that was always there for me!” I grab onto his jacket force him to look at me “Where’s Nate?”

“I can’t tell you” he shakes his head.

“Then tell me! Just tell me” I let go of him “Are you . . . are you in trouble? Is it drugs?”

Nate just laughs “if only it was that simple” What could he be in that’s wost then drugs! I look at the foot path where a body should have laid; blood stains the floor. “I got to go Aimee” he turns around and starts walking into the darkness, where the street lights don’t reach.

“Wait!” but he doesn’t. I don’t follow him, I know when this happens you’re supposed to give space, but for some reason I felt that would be the ingredient for disaster. What was I meant to do? I can’t tell mum, there’s no point telling her. She wouldn’t believe me. Standing in the middle of Red Street I realise there was no one I could go to for help. Not even my best friend.

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