Aimee came back from the dead. And she was given a necklace that acted like a new hart for her. With all this wierd and unexplained things happening to her she finds the truth. That the world she lives in is only part of another world and that she plays a big part of that world. Every one wants her dead and to stay that way, but why? What is she in this new world? What part of the role has she taken to turn everyone she loves into something their not?


3. Do I Believe In Dreams

Mum?” I stood only two feet from her. She stood leaning against the bench of the kitchen table. Her back was to me; her hair red hair tied loosely at the end of her hair; it wasn’t neat like it’s always is when she’s just woken up. “Mum?” I whisper. When she doesn’t turn around I walk forward slowly. Taking each step slowly and carefully like I was walking on a narrow beam.

She turns around holding a cup of coffee the steam rising making funny shapes. Smiling she looks down, and so do I. I was stand on broken glass bottle of red wine; it flowed slowly out of the broken bottle like a small stream, staining the white carpet. I went all numb seeing the small cuts all over my feet. “I think you should clean that up” mum says still smiling like her smile was pinned there. “Where’s your brother?” It was a simple question and one I didn’t have an answer too, but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t want to answer. There was something pulling at my stomach, something like a warning. I didn’t want her to know that something was wrong; something was very wrong. I choose my words carefully  “I didn’t see him all day today” when her smile vanishes and I add “Maybe you should call him” She puts her cup behind her and when she looks up I see something fractured across her face, but it was gone before I could pin down on it. I knew somewhere inside me that she wasn’t my mum and just someone who wore her face as a mask. I could tell in the way she moved that it wasn’t her; my mother has never really been so stiff; like a steel pole was taped to her back and was keeping her from slouching.

“I’ve tried” she said pulling out the phone out of her pocket “but he never try’s picking it up” she dials the number handing the phone to me, like I had the power to make him answer the phone. “You tell him, tell him that I’m waiting. That I not like waiting, and the longer it takes him to answer the more will get hurt” she said smiling, there was a secret behind it, I could tell. The phone was ring I couldn’t her it but I could feel it. It went on, but stopped after a while. There was awkward silence that filled the air like perfume, there was no escaping it.

I hand the phone back and said slowly like it was being dragged out of me “Who are you?” she smiles, this time I could see her mask crack a little, but just enough to see blue skin underneath it. “Who are you really?”

“I’m your mother. Who else would I be?” her voice sounded strange, not like my mum’s at all. She walks to me, slow a first but when I turn to go upstairs she fasten her pace and grabbed my arm. Holding to tight, I couldn’t stay calm my heart was speeding up and I was sure I had something to do with her holding me like that. It was burning my arms and I could feel my bones burn, a try and pull away but her grip held. “Tell him” she said her eyes turning a weir dark green. “Tell him I’m waiting”


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